[INTERVIEW] Neesha: From Ms. Nalla to Mrs. Hwang

Neesha, a Mumbaikar who married a South Korean! She is an extrovert while her husband is quite the opposite. While Neesha is into corporate legal, her husband works in the field of international trade and hospitality. Read our short interview with her and get to know how she met her husband and how has been her experience living in South Korea although she is in Australia at the moment!

Q. It would be great if you can share how you met your husband.

Neesha: We met in India when my husband came to work there, But we were in total different parts of the country. I was in Mumbai and he worked in Andhra Pradesh. His company had some legal issues and one of his friend recommended that they talk to me as I was quiet good at Korean and was from legal background. So, at first, we just talked via app and then slowly our relationship got deeper.

Q. So, how did you learn Korean?

Neesha: I didn’t do any proper language course from any university but learnt it all by myself. I used to hang out with some of my Korean friends who helped me in learning the language. Initially, I used to watch a lot of Korean dramas with subtitles which definitely helped me but after I moved to Korea, I was able to watch the dramas without subtitles. I feel blessed that my husband’s family helped me a lot too. Apart from that, I read books and spoke in Korean as much as possible. I worked hard on expanding my vocabulary and eventually became fluent in the language.

Neesha and the BT 21 characters in one frame

Q. For how long did you live in South Korea before coming to Australia and how was your experience?

Neesha: I lived for 2 years in South Korea and my experience was totally amazing. All the people always treated me very well and were kind to me. I enjoyed travelling to different parts of Korea and also enjoyed visiting various theme cafes and other places for entertainment. I am in Australia physically but mentally I haven’t left Korea yet and would definitely want to stay there in future.

Q. Any major cultural difference(s) between India and South Korea that surprised you a lot?

Neesha: Not really. In fact, many cultural things are quiet similar between Indian and Korea so it was quiet interesting to see and experience different things from their point of view.

Q. Which are some of your favorite Korean dishes? Can you cook any Korean food, if so, what would those be?

Neesha: I like tteokbokki and bibimbap. I am a vegetarian so I am unable to eat a lot of Korean food. I started eating egg and fried chicken after moving to Korea because I felt my husband was avoiding eating meat and other Korean food because of me. I can cook doenjang jjigae, tteokbokki and egg rolls.

Q. Does your husband like Indian food? If so, what is it that he enjoys the most?

Neesha: Yes, he likes Indian food. His favorite dish would be chicken biryani. Other curries with rice or naan.

Q. What are some of your favorite Korean artists (K-Pop groups, actors etc)?

Neesha: I am not much of a K-Pop fan but I like some groups BTS, EXO, Red Velvet and Mamamo. Apart from that, I really enjoy songs by IU, Crush, Punch, Taeyeon, Jay Park and 10cm. Since I am a huge K-Drama fan, I truly like Hyun Bin,  Song Joong-ki,  Lee Jung-suk and Jung Hae-in.

Q. Which Indian movies has your husband watched?

Neesha: He has watched 3 idiots, Dangal, Aandha Dhundh, Koi Mil gaya and knows about actors such as Aamir Khan, Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan.

Q. Please tell us about your YouTube channel. What kind of videos you post?

Neesha: I have a YouTube channel called Hubbyland‘ but I am not an active YouTuber. I make videos when I have time about tnternational couples, lifestyle or vlogs. I try to write blog sometimes with comic illustrations (done by my friend).

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Thank you Neesha, for talking to us and telling us about your journey. Good day!

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