5 Reasons To Watch ‘Itaewon Class’

Silvia Sultana, Kolkata

“From now onwards, Itaewon will be our turf!”- Jo Yi-seo

An evocative story of an underdog’s revenge recipe set in the backdrop of a society where the ‘strong prey on the weak’ – JTBC’s ‘Itaewon Class’ is definitely not your ordinary tale of vengeance.

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The central element of this story is rooted around the eccentric character of Park Sae-ro-yi, an ex-convict whose stubbornness and unhindered determination leads him to touch the zenith of success under the sphere of a super-competitive food-beverage industry in South Korea. This drama is based on a webtoon of the same name and is currently one of the most-watched Korean dramas that Netflix has released in early 2020 – and for good reasons.

If you have not yet watched or are currently indecisive about watching this show, I’ll give you top 5 reasons that might help you to decide!

‘The Storyline’

The characters’ personalities are set in vivid and diverse tones that reverberate within the inspirational depiction of courage, as they step into the obnoxious corporate world together. Also, the infusion of a complex love triangle stirs up a story that is addictive with its own hues of intense events. The rise of ‘Itaewon Class Co.’ that results from the resolution of Park Sae-ro-yi’s desire to avenge his father’s death is an example of motivation, determination, and belief in oneself. The storyline is powerful in the way it deals with the three main protagonists: Park Sae-ro-yi, Jo Yi-seo, and Oh Soo-ah, all of whom are relentless and iron-willed on their road to fulfill their goals.

‘Fresh Cast’

Itaewon Class is the first K-drama of Kim Da-mi in a central role. The actress brilliantly executed the hypercompetent but sociopathic character of Jo Yi-seo who gives up her university life to pursue something extraordinary – turning ‘DanBam’ into a popular pub in the hipster area of Itaewon. Ryu Kyung-soo as Choi Seung-kwon, also had his first breakthrough in this drama where he delivered quite a convincing acting. Special mention for Ahn Bo-hyun for playing the tough role of Jang Geun-won – Sae-ro-yi’s arch-enemy.

‘Societal Taboos’

‘Itaewon Class’ walks on the sling rope of societal prohibitions, carefully enough to balance and not fall towards controversial limits. This drama touches the unconventional issues of LGBTQ community, racism, and sociopath outcasts, and subtly lines out true acceptance within them.

‘Strong Female Characters’

Female lead characters Jo Yi-seo, Oh Soo-ah (played by Kwon Nara) and Ma Hyeon-yi (played by Lee Joo-young) are powerful, passionate, and vocal about their opinions. They are not reluctant to choose the most demanding path on their way to touch their personal ambitions.

‘Park Seo-joon’

Honestly, with Park Seo-joon present in a drama, there’s always a high chance of it being remarkable. Impressive actor as he has always been – his solid acting skills of portraying an ‘underdog’ in this drama are especially noteworthy. Unlike all the roles he has played, this drama had some intense scenes where he doesn’t disappoint even a bit!

Do give it a try and let me know in the comments below!

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    Way to go, Sillyyy!!! Good job!💜

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    I really want to watch this drama!

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    Park Seo Joon amazes ud everytime.. loved this kdrama!!

  4. I absolutely loved this drama and even got my brother to watch it. He’s not a kdrama fan but loved this one!

  5. anshikaxox says:

    The message highlighted by this drama is so positive! It gives out such vibes of determination and dedication

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    One of my favourite 😍
    Park Seo Joon

  7. Like!! Great article post.Really thank you! Really Cool.

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