K-Drama Review: Strong Woman Do Bong-soon

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K-drama Strong Woman Do Bong-soon is an extraordinary tale of a girl, Do Bong-soon, who is born with a superpower that is passed down to her genetically, but she must keep it a secret. This show is a commendable take on gender roles. As the roles are reversed, Do Bong-soon finds herself take up the job of a bodyguard, assigned to protect the CEO of a gaming company against an unknown threat, while simultaneously struggling to protect her loved ones from another danger that is lurking in the town.

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The lead stars of this drama are Park Bo-young, who plays the role of Do Bong-soon, the girl with the superpower; Park Hyung-sik, who portrays Ah Min-hyuk, the CEO of a gaming company who is also Do Bong-soon’s boss; and Ji-soo, who plays Guk-doo, a detective in the police department and the childhood friend of Do Bong-soon. This JTBC drama started airing on February 24, 2017, and successfully completed its 16 episodes on April 15, 2017.

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Do Bong-soon, the female lead, is a young girl who is born with special abilities. She possesses extraordinary strength which is passed down only to the women in her family. However, there is a cost that comes with this power. Despite having this special power, she wants to lead a normal life and pursue her dream of becoming a successful game developer. She aspires to create a game where the main character is as strong as her and fights the evil. In this drama, Park Bo-young’s amazing acting skills will definitely win your heart and leave you mesmerised.

Ah Min-hyuk, one of the male leads of the story, is a charming CEO of a big gaming company, who gets fascinated by Do Bong-soon’s fighting skills and appoints her as his bodyguard, as his life is in constant danger. But he cannot resist himself from falling in love with her. He is not only a hopeless romantic who is charmed by Bong-soon’s aegyos (cuteness) but also admires her strength and helps her control and manage her powers for the greater good. Park Hyung-sik’s incredible acting skills as Ah Min-hyuk also offers comic relief in several situations that will surely make you fall in love with his character.

Guk-doo, played by Kim Ji-soo, is an ideal detective who is passionate about his work and fights against crime to help people get justice. The second male lead, he is a friend of Bong-soon who lives near her neighbourhood. Do Bong-soon has a crush on him since childhood, and soon, he also develops feelings for her, which leads to an interesting love triangle. It only becomes more and more interesting as the events of the drama unfold.

One of the important characters of this drama is a creepy and dangerous villain, Kim Jang-hyun, played by Jang Mi-kwan, who kidnaps and tortures young and beautiful girls who look timid and weak. The entire police department is after him as he continues looking for his next target, and eventually, Bong-soon captures his attention. Jang Mi-kwan has played this negative role so well that you will really despise his character. Moreover, the ensemble cast of this drama has done an amazing job. Even though they have limited screen time, they are sure to leave an impact on you.

The chemistry between the Park-Park pair in this drama is awesome, and their lovey-dovey moments could make your heart flutter. The cuteness of this couple will bring a smile that will never leave your face.

The OSTs and the background music in this drama are melodious, beautifully composed, and sung by talented artists and K-pop idols. This drama has a total of 8 OSTs – ‘You’re My Garden’ by Jung Eun-ji, ‘Heartbeat’ by Suran, ‘How Would It Be’ by Standing Egg, ‘Pit-A-Pat’ by Kim Chung-ha, ‘Double Trouble Couple’ by Mamamoo, ‘I Fall in Love’ by Vromance featuring Obroject, ‘Super Power Girl’ by Every Single Day, and ‘Because of You’ by Park Hyung-sik, which is also one of my favourite OSTs.

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The overall chemistry among the three leads is what makes this show a must-watch. You will get to see Park Hyung-sik’s cute embodiment of a jealous and possessive boyfriend who is also an eccentric CEO, Kim Ji-soo as a protective friend who has his morality and ethics in check, and Park Bo-young as a loveable but a determined 21st-century girl, who will shatter the stereotype that pretty girls are mere damsels in distress, as she not only fights for herself but also protects others. This drama is a perfect blend of romance, suspense, comedy, thriller, and action that you won’t regret watching at all. This drama is also available on Netflix. Have you seen Strong Woman Do Bong-soon yet? If yes, share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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