K-Drama Review: Hospital Playlist

Gauran Sharma, Delhi

Hospital Playlist, a medical drama is one of the best coming-of-age dramas that has realistically portrayed the lives of doctors while retaining the charm of each character’s personality. I have recently finished watching it. It aired from March 12 to May 28, 2020.

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Written by Lee Woo-jung and directed by Shin Won-ho – a duo who has given us masterpieces such as Prison Playbook and the Reply anthology series, their recent collaboration narrates the story of a group of doctors who’ve been friends since their college days and now work together at Yulje Medical Center.

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The five friends, namely, Lee Ik-joon, Chae Song-hwa, Ahn Jung-won, Kim Joon-wan, and Yang Seok-hyung were brought together by unwanted circumstances and despite having contrasting personalities, share a strong bond. The show, unlike most medical dramas, depicts the normal lives of doctors and patients and has a sense of realism when it comes to the lives of medical practitioners. And the characters are quite relatable and lovable.

Lee Ik-jun, played by Jo Jung-suk, is an assistant professor of general surgery and is the best at what he does. He is outgoing and charming. Being an extrovert, he looks out for his friends and colleagues at work. On the other hand, we have Chae Song-hwa, played by Jeon Mi-do, an associate professor of neurosurgery, who is a perfectionist. She works very hard at the hospital and is kind and considerate of others. She loves to study and also likes to have fun and spend time with her friends. Strong and determined, she acts as a pillar of strength. Next, we have Yoo Yeon-seok portray the character of Ahn Jung-won, an assistant professor at pediatric surgery, who looks after the children. He has a sensitive personality and is emotional when it comes to his patients. Jung Kyung-ho‘s character, Kim Joon-wan, is the chief professor of cardiothoracic surgery. An arrogant person with a tsundere-like personality, he is often rude to others but never means any harm. On the contrary, he has a big heart. Last, we have Yang Seok-hyung, played by Kim Dae-myung, an assistant professor of obstetrics and gynaecology, who is an introvert, but he is himself when he’s with his squad. A mama’s boy, he’s always chastised by his friends for being so.

The show kicks off when a secret gets revealed that marks a turning point in the lives of the characters, and the group decides to reform the college band that they had formed during their college days, years ago. The band plays a song at the end of every episode which, in some way, corresponds to their current circumstances, whether it is a conflict of heart or mind. The way the songs fit perfectly gives a new perspective to the show, and since the songs are from their college days, it helps them reminisce about their past, making the viewers nostalgic.

The show, despite having a simple storyline, has strong characters who make the viewers root for them. Furthermore, the actors add to the charm of the storyline as they play the characters with such ease. Fans of director Shin Won-ho will witness similarity in the way the story progresses. Though the build-up is slow, it is also wholesome; there’s never a dull moment. The OSTs also work in their favour. Overall, it’s an engaging drama. It is loved by the fans to an extent that there’s a special episode that will air next week. And if you thought that was all, the team is set to return with another season in 2021!

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Have you watched Hospital Playlist? If yes, share your thoughts with us. If you’re yet to start the series, you can find it on Netflix.

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