Korean Dost: Friends of India

Suparna Mitra and Riya Choudhary, Delhi

Nowadays, citizens of every nation, especially the youth, are quite interested in Korean culture and entertainment. Youths in India are no exception. They are interested in the culture of the land and enjoy their music, dramas, and cuisine. But at the same time, Koreans are equally curious about India, and this is evident from various social media platforms where there is an exchange of thoughts and ideas between the citizens of the two nations.

Picture Credits: Official Korean Dost

We’re also interested to know what they think of our land, culture, cuisine, and entertainment world. One of the best ways to get the answers to these questions is through YouTube. There are a lot of YouTubers who make videos about our country. Korean Dost is one of them.

The Korean Dost channel on YouTube was started by Min and Hoon, two South Korean boys, who were curious about our country. They started by reacting to movie trailers and songs and soon dived into the world of delicious Indian cuisine and classical dance forms. Last year in December, they came to India on a mini trip and explored the capital city, Delhi. They even spent Min’s 27th birthday in India with their subscribers.

Video Credits: Korean Dost

Once they returned to South Korea, they shared their videos covering their adventures in India. Right from devouring tasty Indian cuisine to visiting the Taj Mahal and riding Ducati bikes in a showroom, they explored everything. They also bought traditional Indian clothes like kurta-pajama and jackets for themselves.

Their love for the country is visible in the videos that capture them flocking to Indian restaurants and markets not only in India but also in other places such as Japan and San Francisco.

Min and Hoon are extremely energetic and charming. Their charm lies in their down-to-earth nature. People of all age groups can enjoy their videos and be happy. Their politeness and enthusiasm is something that cannot be missed. They are genuine in their reaction videos and enjoy watching the plethora of content suggested to them by their subscribers. Though Hoon is no longer a part of the channel due to personal reasons, Min handles it by himself at the moment. At times, he is joined by another Korean YouTuber, Eric, also known as Nobita, who is a good friend of the duo and runs his channel called Korean Chingu Eric.

In the videos, one can see the love Min has for everything Indian. We don’t think there is any topic that does not interest Min. He is not only curious about Indian philosophy, arts, gods, and goddesses but also food, epics, share market, among others. He had even made a video on chess or chaturanga, which has its roots in India and explained its journey to the form that is known today. He also showed the Chinese and Korean versions of chess called xiangqi and janggi, respectively. A civil engineer by profession, he is a multi-talented guy. At times, we are stunned to see his love, respect, and inquisitiveness about our country.

Video Credits: Korean Dost

The journey of Korean Dost began not more than a year ago, and the channel has already reached 500k subscribers. The credit for this achievement goes to their hard work and love towards India. We are always mesmerized to see their effort and enthusiasm. We hope they will grow more in the future. Have you watched videos by Korean Dost? Which one intrigued you the most? Tell us more in the comments sections.

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