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Much-loved boy band MONSTA X returned with their album FANTASIA X on May 26, 2020. The eighth mini-album, which consists of seven powerful tracks, explores the themes of empowerment and perseverance. With FANTASIA X, the members wish to create a place ruled by powerful emotions and help people realise their worth.

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Monbebes, the fans of the group, were curious about the comeback as the mini-album came after one of the key members – vocalist and visual Lee Ho-seok, popularly known as Wonho, departed from the group. But when the teasers were dropped, the fans were left speechless as the ‘New MONSTA X’ appeared to be more powerful and fearless than ever before. Following their trademark energetic style, the members deliver tracks high on energy and enthusiasm.

MONSTA X, that debuted in 2015 with an extended play Trespass, currently consists of members Sohn Hyun-woo, popular as Shownu; Lee Min-hyuk, Yoo Ki-hyun, Chae Hyung-won, Lee Joo-heon, popular as Joohoney; and Im Chang-kyun, known by his stage name I.M, who are known for their musical talent, writing skills, and visuals. For FANTASIA X, rappers Lee Joo-heon and Im Chang-kyun have worked on the Korean lyrics.

Let’s take a look at the seven tracks in the album.


Fantasia‘ is the title track in the album that emphasises the need to be confident, desire to seek perfection, and how nothing can stop them from achieving their goals. The music video is rich in striking black and gold colour theme, which MONSTA X has tried for the first time. And it works wonders! I’ll give brownie points to the cinematography. The choreography goes well with the beats and adds energy to the song. The vocalists and the rappers are great in their respective parts, and the main vocalist Yoo Ki-hyun hits the high notes with perfection.

Video Credits: starshipTV


Flow‘ is the second track and is composed by rapper Joo-heon and 9F. In this ballad, Joo-heon compares the life of a celebrity with that of a swan. Just like a swan continues to swims gracefully in a stream that has mud settled on its bed, they, too, continue to smile amidst hardships and struggles. The lyrics are truly captivating, and the vocals elevate the song to another level.

Video Credits: MONSTA X


Zone‘ is the third track in the album. Composed by Chang-kyun along with Yoon-seok and Wooki, this song talks about the growth of the boys. They point out their confidence in their zone and how they are here to showcase their talent that plays at another level. ‘Zone’ is a song heavy on EDM. I would definitely recommend this song to the fans of this style.

Video Credits: MONSTA X


Chaotic‘ is the fourth track, which talks about the hardships and chaos that surround them, but Monbebes, their fans, are the answer to their questions and that they mean everything to them. They continue by saying that they may lose everything but will gain back much more with their fans. A hard-hitting song, the rappers spit fire in this one. I will recommend this song to everyone.

Video Credits: MONSTA X

Beautiful Night

The fifth track, ‘Beautiful Night‘ is as beautiful as its name. A soft, melodious composition, in this song, the members of MONSTA X ask their fans to be by their side forever. They compare their fans to the beautiful stars that brighten the night sky and wish to protect them – ‘My everything is yours, I want to protect you, forever together forever.

Video Credits: MONSTA X

 It Ain’t Over

It Ain’t Over‘ reiterates the theme of perseverance and talks about fighting till the end and not giving up. Even when they are engulfed in darkness, they refuse to be extinguished just yet. This song holds a special place in the hearts of Monbebes as we never give up on any member of MONSTA X, even Lee Ho-seok who is supposed to debut as a soloist soon.

Video Credits: MONSTA X

Stand Up

The last track ‘Stand Up‘ is all about having embers of hope. Dedicated to Monbebes, it talks about gathering strength and standing up together when hit by hard times because it is after the darkness that happiness finds its way. It is the time when all the scars are healed, and love and happiness return.

Video Credits: MONSTA X

In the album FANTASIA X, MONSTA X have poured their feelings, emotions, pains, and hardships that they have undergone recently. Now, they assure us that they are stronger than ever and in their top form. They cannot be stopped now. They also urge their fans to be by their side forever because, with them, they can achieve anything. What do you think of FANTASIA X? Pen your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Thank you for following up with Monsta X!! They are an an amazing set of talented and caring guys. Nothing but all the positivity and good vibes to all seven of these boys

    1. Jubby says:

      Thank you for the feedback 😍

  2. ash29 says:

    Love how you incorporated Wonho as well. It’s really hard to choose a single track as my favourite in this album. Every comeback they keep getting stronger and stronger. Theyre one of my inspirations in life to get back up in life regardless of how beat down you might be.

    1. Jubbyb says:

      Yes i agree they get stronger with each comeback. And yeah wonho is my bias how can I forget him.

  3. ash29 says:

    Theyre my inspiration in life to always get back up regardless of how hard things might get. Theyve proved it time and again and their comebacks are living proofs as they keep getting stronger each time.

  4. Ashley Kumar says:

    Nicely done πŸ‘

    1. Jubby says:

      Thank you Ashley 😁

  5. Mehak says:

    Zone is my favourite track from the album .. πŸ”₯

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      You have a good choice 😁

  6. Manvi Rajput says:

    Loved the article!

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  7. Zoe says:

    This is the best so great ❀️ totally loved it #LoveYouMonstaX

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      Thanks for the feedback Zoe πŸ’•

  8. Smriti. L says:

    Well explained.. πŸ‘Œ

    1. jasminek134 says:

      I loved the Fantasia song! Thanks for this album recommendation! I will listen to more songs of Monsta X now after this, well explained.

      1. Jubby says:

        Thanks for feedback Jasmine I am glad that you like MonstaX’s song 😁

      2. Smriti. L says:

        I also love FANTASIA!!

    2. Jubby says:

      Thank you ☺️

    3. Jubby says:

      Thanks smriti 😊

  9. naindosaram says:

    Love the way you have written it! A really good review ❀

    1. Zuby Kumar says:

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