Korean Makeup Routine: Breaking the Stereotype

  Nehal Tambe, Mumbai, Maharashtra  

The makeup and cosmetic industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Makeup is a form of art with diverse and unique interpretations and perceptions to it that differs from person to person. There is no limitation to creativity and exploration. However, there are some makeup trends that have been stereotyped to being fit or constrained to a particular race or skin type. One of them is the ‘Korean Makeup Routine.’

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The Korean makeup routine mainly focuses on the applications of beauty products in such a way that it helps in achieving a natural-looking, minimal appearance. However, it is often assumed that this Korean way of applying makeup is limited to only fair skin tones or for Asians, but I do not agree with this. For a very long time, I actively indulged myself in the makeup and fashion trends, and my interest increased when I was introduced to the Korean Wave, where the Korean makeup routine used by the characters in the K-dramas made me curious. Earlier I was aware that having fuller and overlining lips were a common trend across the world, but Korean makeup emphasises on a natural-looking tinted lip. As an Indian, I was used to having underlined or well-defined eyes using a kajal or an eyeliner, but after being inspired by the Korean makeup routine, I switched to applying a thin eyeliner just above the eyelid, and it gave me a natural and prettier look for my big eyes. The little touch of shimmer, right below the eyes called ‘aegyo sal‘ looked cute and pretty on special occasions. For the base, I just use my concealer that goes along with a BB cream that has a light coverage. I have started to accept my flawed skin and be less critical about it. Now, I focus more on having a healthy skin rather than trying to hide my flaws under layers of foundation. Lastly, a flush of colour on my cheeks and a slight use of lip tint on my lips along with a little mascara work well and add to my overall appearance, and this is how I get done with my makeup.

The best part about this experience of adopting the Korean makeup routine is that it is never about the products, but about the way they are being used. People assume that the Korean makeup routine can be followed only by using the Korean beauty and cosmetic products, but I will tell you from my experience that more than half of the products that I used were not even Korean products. So, you do not need to focus on the products, but on the methods, if you wish to try this routine. You can do it with your existing collection of makeup that will help you in getting a better result. Most people avoid using Korean makeup products due to the misconception that they look good only on ‘fair skin’, or they think that they are too ‘light’ for their preference. However, as we know, makeup is an art, and the Korean beauty routine is your playground. So, do not hesitate to get out of your comfort zone.

Why should one go by the rules or have limitations? Even if you do not want to stick to it for everyday use, it is still something worth a try, for fun or for a change. After adopting this makeup routine, I received compliments that I had never received before. I would like to advise all the makeup enthusiasts to open their hearts to this new technique of makeup. Lastly, I will again put forward my thoughts against the stereotype that this whole experience is not only for someone who has milky white skin, like most Koreans do, but it is equally nourishing and healthy for anyone with any skin colour. You just need to adjust your preferences as per your level and have fun.

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  1. riyarcworld says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ll look forward to use some k-beauty products now. The best thing about k-products is they are made using natural ingredients.

    1. naindosaram says:

      Thanks you so much dear. It encourages me to keep writing more..

      1. Sonali says:

        Great said , and I’m looking forward to your Korean makeup tutorial .

  2. Vasanthi says:

    Thank you for explaining K-beauty so well. It was helpful!

    1. naindosaram says:

      Thanks dear

  3. hallyufan135 says:

    It’s really helpful. Thanks for sharing your experience and tips. ❤️❤️

    1. sonia s says:

      This was a piece yeah ❤❤❤
      M eager to try that under eye thingy n start njoying the neutral makeup that you introduced me to from this article 😍

  4. naindosaram says:

    Thank you . Really enjoyed doing

  5. Garima says:

    Thank you for explaining it so well. ❤️

  6. priyasha wase says:

    Finally someone says that we can use Korean beauty techniques for all skin shades!! Keep going girl..looking forward to more such updates from you❤

  7. Sumeeran says:

    Great point of view. Well Written.

  8. Monica says:

    Finally someone mentioned all of the real sides of it.. looking forward for more of it…!!!❤️

  9. I want to transition into more natural beauty products, thanks for sharing!!
    Here’s my makeup routine 🌿⬇️

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