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Susmita Sanyal, Kolkata, West Bengal

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K-pop idols are known for their smooth moves and visuals on stage, but fans, who truly admire these idols, know that there’s a lot more than meets the eye. In reality, these K-idols are much more than their stage personas. It is their real-life image that is equally appreciable and needs discussion. To be honest, every passionate fan must have fallen in love with her/his idol once due to their kindness and good nature. These idols can teach us a lot! Let’s take a look at some habits that we can learn from our idols and include them in our lives.

Show kindness and love

Idols often face tough times because of their hectic schedules, comebacks, and rehearsals, yet they never forget to show kindness, respect, and love to those around them. They remain cheerful and spread positivity. We should also learn to keep our calm and show kindness and love towards others.

Never give up’ attitude

The K-idols in the music industry face stiff competition. At times, some groups remain underrated years after their debut. It can be taxing for them and their fans, but in the end, their ‘never give up’ attitude helps them polish their skills further and survive the competition. Take for example, SF9, who debuted in 2016 but won their first-ever music show trophy on January 16, 2020, on M Countdown. Similarly, we must not think about giving up when faced with challenges. Just think of the idols you stan and make them proud by following their footsteps.

Always give it your best

In the music industry, the groups have to multitask all the time despite their tight schedule. Many idols also take up other projects apart from their group-related activities, but they always put their 100% in it. They are never lax in their approach, and this shows their love and dedication to their craft. We can also learn to love our craft and do our best to achieve success.

Understand the difference between professional and persona

It is worth noting that the idols never let their personal life hinder their professional life. The two are always kept separate. They may face minor tiffs between themselves, but they never let it affect their work. They always try to stay positive and spread love. Following them, we should also try to keep our professional and personal lives separate and spread positivity.

Support each other

In an industry, where there are so many groups sharing their love for their craft by producing beautiful melodies, it is heartwarming to note the seniors support their juniors instead of seeing them as competition. There are many idols and groups that go out of their way to comfort others. For example, EXO‘s Kim Jun-myeong, better known as Suho, once mentioned BTS and TWICE during his speech and thanked them for popularising K-pop around the world. Similarly, we should also learn to appreciate others’ hard work and dedication and support them.

These are just a few things that we can learn from our idols and adopt in our day-to-day life. Who are your role models, and what have you learned from them? Tell us in the comments section.

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