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Rimjhim Thakur, Delhi

On February 13, 2017, the global K-pop boy group BTS released their second full-length studio album You Never Walk Alone, which was an extension of their previous album Wings. This album is considered as one of their greatest albums as it contains their most successful, chart-topping songs such as Blood Sweat & Tears, Not Today, and Spring Day. These songs are still ranking high on the Melon charts in South Korea. Let us review each of their songs in detail.

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The album starts with a solo track Intro: Boy Meets Evil by the BTS member Jung Ho-seok, known by his stage name J-Hope. This song portrays a really dark and different style as compared to their previous songs accompanied by a powerful choreography by J-Hope. This song captures the hesitation and dilemma that a person experiences while choosing different paths.

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Blood, Sweat & Tears is the second track in the album, which had already gained a lot of recognition for being the title track of the group’s former album, Wings. This song talks about falling into adulthood and feeling guilty about fulfilling unhealthy desires and sins. The music video of this song is a masterpiece in itself as it explores concepts and storyline from mythology and philosophy, along with captivating choreography routine of the members that captures the hearts of the audience. You can watch the MV of Blood, Sweat & Tears here:

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This album has shown the unique and distinguished styles of each member through seven solo tracks, starting with Begin by the youngest member, Jeon Jung-kook, better known as Jungkook, who speaks about his affection and gratitude towards his elder members and the way they have raised him through the years to be a successful artist. Lie, the solo composition of Park Ji-min, better known as Jimin, is the fourth track in the album, which has a really deep meaning and talks about the lies that we embed in our minds, judging ourselves and also talks about the feeling of being trapped within our own lies. The next song, Stigma, by Kim Tae-hyung, also known as V, talks about the regrets of doing something sinful. This track belongs to the neo-soul genre and contains jazz beats that showcase a different side of the artist.

First Love, which is a song by the rapper, Min Yoon-gi, also known as Suga, has a bit sad tone as its instrumental consists of violins and piano. The lyrics of this song are very emotional. This song contains the reference of a piano which represents the passion of the artist towards music, and how his passion stayed within him even when the times were hard. Reflection, by the leader of the group, Kim Nam-joon or RM, is a melodious song having personal and relatable lyrics. It is about struggling with one’s identity and learning to love ourselves. Talking about ourselves, we often forget to thank the ones who are responsible for our existence that is our mothers. MAMA is a heartfelt letter by J-hope to his mother highlighting her sacrifices and guidance to the rapper. He expresses his gratitude through the lyrics. The last solo track Awake is sung by the eldest member of the group, vocalist Kim Seok-jin, known by his stage name Jin. This song elaborates on the journey of the members as they go through difficult times. Jin talks about fighting with the negativity around oneself and striving for a high aim.

The next few tracks in this album have a cheerful, pop beat, such as Lost, a unit song by the vocal line of the group comprising of Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook. This track talks about the dilemma that an individual faces when she/he is on the verge of entering adulthood and the feeling of frustration and anxiousness that comes along with it. The line from the song, ‘to lose your path is the way to find your pathgives a positive message to the listeners. BTS Cypher 4, a powerful rap song by the rappers RM, Suga, and J-hope, is a diss track to various negative elements in the society. Another track Am I Wrong is satirical in nature as it raises various social and political issues regarding the wrongdoings of the people in power and highlights the struggles of the common people.

21st Century Girls is an extremely motivational and inspirational song as it talks about the empowerment of females around the world. It talks about how each one of them is perfect in their own way, and that they don’t need validation from other people. Outro: Wings is another upbeat track that gives inspiration to people to spread their wings, be free-spirited, and do what they really want to in their lives without being controlled by someone else. Not Today is still one of their greatest hits. This track in the album throws light on the ignored youth of the society and how their opinions are considered irrelevant. This song motivates young people to fight back for their rights and voice their opinions.

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The album ends with 2!3! and Spring Day that create a healing effect with extremely personal lyrics and a sweet message. Spring Day is a ballad that has a deep meaning to it. It talks about the feelings that arise when our heart longs for someone who is close and precious to us and how we make efforts to reach out to them. The last track A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone is a comforting song that gives hope to the people about being content with their lives and encouraging them that they are not alone as the world is cheering for them.

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In my opinion, You Never Walk Alone is one of the best albums of BTS as it conveys a deep and meaningful message to their fans around the world through these songs. Have you heard any song from this album? Let us know your favourite tracks in the comment section.

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