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Born Again, a KBS2 drama, features Jang Ki-yong, Jin Se-yeon, and Lee Soo-hyuk in the lead roles. The drama goes back and forth between 1980 and the present day, giving us a background on the intertwined lives of the three individuals Gong Ji-chul, played by Jang Ki-yong, Jung Ha-eun, played by Jin Se-yun, and Cha Hyung-bin, played by Lee Soo-hyuk in 1980. In present day, they cross paths again, reincarnated as Cheon Jong-bum, Jung Sa-bin, and Kim Soo-hyuk respectively.

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This drama portrays a sad love story of the three characters, whose lives are twisted in a painful way. It does an impeccable job in keeping the viewers engaged as the secrets unfold and the glimpses of the past lives and the connection of the characters with their present lives are revealed. The female lead , Jung Sa-bin, is crucial to the storyline because her role adds to the conflicts that occur in the minds of the audience. On one hand, her heart beats for Kim Soo-hyuk, while on the other hand, she feels empathic towards Cheon Jong-bum, despite being aware of the dark past of this character. Her empathy might be misunderstood by many, as it acts as a hindrance and also as the main reason behind a tragic event that occurred in their past lives.

The character of Kim Soo-hyuk is not the character that comes with a clean slate either. With the revelations of his past, his relation with Jung Sa-bin falls into ruins in the present times. With Jung Sa-bin, walking on the eggshells, a parallel can be drawn with a book called Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, which is also highlighted in the drama and serves as a connection to her present life. With unexpected twists and turns, as an audience, I was hooked to the drama till the very end.

Jang Ki-yong rightly justified his role as Gong Ji-chul as a dark and suspicious character, and Lee Soo-hyuk portrayed his characters perfectly as Cha Hyung-bin and Kim Soo-hyuk. However, Jin Se-yeon’s role in this drama as Jung Ha-eun and Jung Sa-bin may not be perceived as admirable because of several drawbacks in her back story and a weak character development. The antagonists of this drama are portrayed as creepy psychopaths, who destroy lives for selfish desires in the name of love and courage. One of the main catalysts and antagonists of this story is Gong Ji-chul’s father, Gong In-woo, played by Jung In-gum, who pushes situations further to the edge making lives irksome for the trio. Another antagonist in the drama, Baek Sang-ah, played by Lee Seo-el, reveals her real self once she knows who her real father is.

While Jung Sa-bin is caught in the tug of war between Kim Soo-hyuk and Cheon Jong-bum, the second half of the drama does justice in making her emotions and actions clear for the audience. Both the characters of Jang Ki-yong and Lee Soo-hyuk in the drama have their own way of protecting Jin Se-yeon’s characters in the past as well as present. This drama ends on an entirely different note that the audience will not see coming, with some relationships being distorted while some being mended. If you are a fan of stories revolving around the theme of reincarnation and fate, then you should definitely watch this drama. Watch the teaser of the drama here:

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