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Misha Bharti, Delhi

This is the drama where it all started for me. This is the one that filled my monotonous life with so many bright colors. My journey into the world of K-dramas began with one of the most popular and renowned Korean dramas, ‘My Love from the Star’. I cannot forget my first experience of watching this drama that truly touched my heart, and now, I am on an unstoppable journey of binge-watching K-dramas. This drama is a blend of emotions, love, friendship, fantasy, jealousy, and serenity.

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My Love from the Star is a romance, sci-fi, and fantasy-genre drama that aired on SBS from December 2013 to February 2014 and starred the award-winning heartthrob Kim Soo-hyun and the talented and beautiful Jun Ji-hyun. This drama also marked the comeback of this famous actress on small screen after 14 years. The whole experience of watching this drama was rejuvenating for me and made me realise that this world is a better and happy place to be in. With this, I was not only introduced to just a drama but a whole new culture, people, language, and cuisine, that I hopelessly fell in love with only to explore more.

I still cannot forget the first time I saw the protagonist Do Min-joon, played by Kim Soo-hyun, and Cheon Song-yi, played by Jun Ji-hyun, in this drama. In fact, I ended up adoring each and every character in this drama. The rest of the cast which includes Park Hae-jin, Yoo In-na, and Ahn Jae-hyun have done a phenomenal job in making this drama a success. What’s more, you ask? This drama will also gift you with glimpses of the beautiful Bae Suzy.

The strong acting skills and the chemistry of the lead pair, Kim Soo-hyun and Jun Ji-hyun, will bind you in their charm and will compel you to binge-watch this drama. The visuals of the two in this show are truly unmatched, that still makes my eyes glittery with tears of happiness. Overall, this drama is sure to leave a long-lasting impression in your heart.

The plot of the story is mainly about love sparkled between a famous actress, Cheon Song-yi, and an alien, Do Min-joon, who possesses special abilities to teleport, freeze time, and has powerful senses which is 7 times better than that of the people on Earth. The story begins with Do Min-joon, who comes from another planet to Earth during the Joseon dynasty, and ends up living on Earth for 400 years, as he misses his chance to go back to his planet while saving a girl from that period. Since then, he continuously has to change his appearance and profession to hide the fact that he does not age and die like other humans on Earth.

In present times, he works as a professor, who does not interfere in the lives of others. While being a loner mostly, he only has one true, old friend Jang Young-mok, played by Kim Chang-wan. He gets another chance of returning to his planet when a meteor shower is about to take place for the first time in 400 years in the next three months. However, fate has something else in store for him as he meets Cheon Song-yi, the famous actress, who is coincidently his neighbour in the same building.

With only three months in hand before he can return to his planet, he does his best to avoid getting involved with Cheon Song-yi and tries too hard to avert the ignited love in his heart but cannot help himself from falling in love with her. Unable to stay apart from her, he wants to spend every moment with her, but the approaching separation intensifies his pain. As the story progresses, his situation becomes troublesome as he mysteriously starts losing his powers and becomes severely ill. With a heavy heart, Cheon Song-yi convinces Do Min-joon that he must return to his planet and they bid their goodbyes in the hopes to reunite again.

However, the anticipation of the viewers will only increase further to find out whether Do Min-joon returns to Earth or not? Well, you need to watch this drama to find out if he returns to his beloved Cheon Song-yi or if their love turns out to be an unrequited love. This amazing K-drama is available on Viu and Netflix.

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