Popular Beverages of South Korea

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Korean culture, music, and cuisine have attracted many people around the globe. But when it comes to the South Korean beverages i.e. the Korean drinks, people have limited knowledge. A lot of people only know Soju and Maekju because of K-dramas. So here is a list of some refreshing beverages that are popular among South Korean people.

Misu – 미

Misu is a South Korean beverage made from Misu-garu (미숫가루), a cereal powder, it is also known as “the meal replacement of Korea” due to its high protein content. It helps in maintaining body shape and losing weight. Misu-garu is full of nutrients and is very refreshing. It is preferred by people of all ages in Korea and of course by the protein shake lovers.

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It is a mix of various grains, beans, protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals. It contains 64% Barley, 18% Soybean, 18% Glutinous brown rice. It is healthy and has a low-calorie level, no sugar, and is caffeine-free. It is taken with either cold or hot milk.

Milkis – 밀키스

Produced by a beverage company Lotte Chilsung, Milkis is a soft drink, popular among teenagers and students. It tastes sweet and creamy because it has a combination of carbonated water and milk. It was first produced in 1989 with a catchphrase Saranghaeyo, Milkis! or 사랑해요, 밀키스! which means ‘I love you Milkis! and became a soaring hit since then.

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Milkis is rich in calcium, vitamins A, C, and D, and comes in 11 different flavors like strawberry, orange, banana, apple, grape, lemon, melon, mango, peach, pineapple, and the original. Apart from Korea, it is also popular in Russia, U.S, and Hongkong.

Hwachae – 화채

Hwachae is the term used for non-alcoholic Korean punches. Hwachae is a refreshment that is very popular and in demand for coping with the heat. It is made from various kinds of fruits, edible flowers that are soaked in honeyed water, honeyed magnolia berry juice, or sweet carbonated drinks.

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The most popular Hwachae is the one which is prepared using the watermelon, it is called Subak Hwachae or 수박화채. These are really popular and help to keep you refreshed.

Sikhye – 식혜

Sikhye is a very popular traditional Korean rice wine beverage which is also served as a dessert. Sikhye is also called Dansul or 단술 or Gamju or 감주 meaning sweet wine. It is made up of fermented barley malt and rice but it is fermented long enough not to make it an alcoholic drink. It has a “malty” or slight barley flavor. It is a soft drink that is sweet and pine nuts are added for extra flavors.

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It is rich in enzymes and is known to facilitate digestion. It is traditionally consumed during festivals like New Year or Korean Harvest Festival.

Banana Flavored Milk – 바나나맛 우유

Released for the first time in 1974 by Binggrae, Banana Flavored Milk is very popular among people of all age groups and is loved by all. It comes in a jar shaped plastic bottle which is said to be inspired by the traditional Korean jars. This banana milk was introduced because the Korean government wanted to encourage Korean citizens to drink more milk. It contains 80% milk and just a hint of banana.

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The price starts from $1 and now it comes in different flavors too. Binggrae sold KRW 150 billion worth of banana milk in 2019 alone and since 1974 around 8,00,000 bottles of Banana flavored milk are sold every day. Binggrae now exports Banana milk to 13 nations including China, Canada, etc.

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