K-Song Review: Seesaw By BTS’ Suga

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Trivia 轉: Seesaw’ is a solo song by Suga or Min Yoon-gi of BTS. A song from BTS‘ repackaged album Love Yourself 結 Answer, it was released on August 24, 2018. ‘Seesaw’ is written and produced by Suga and Slow Rabbit. This song has been on the top of my playlist since 2018 and the reason is in the essence of the song.

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The song begins with the click of the play button on a cassette player and is a metaphorical play on the word ‘see-saw’, which can be interpreted as the relationship between two individuals who are sick and tired of each other and are waiting for one of them to end it.

In the first verse, Suga describes the typical beginning of relationships with the usual ups and downs. Slowly, he moves forward to how two people drift away when fights and arguments continue to an extent where the two individuals get sick and tired of each other. It becomes an endless and vicious cycle of fights and emotional exhaustion, which Suga calls as the ‘시소게임’ or ‘see-saw game.’ He further questions that if there isn’t any ‘love’ left, why should they hold on to this relationship any longer.

The main chorus is where things are taken up a notch. It begins with ‘Alright 반복된 시소게임, 이제서야 끝을 내보려 해, Alright 지겨운 시소게임, 누군간 여기서 내려야 돼 할 순 없지만’ which translates to ‘Alright, a repeating seesaw game; it’s about time we put an end to it; all right, this boring seesaw game; somebody has to get off of it.’ Eventually, someone must get off this see-saw, although they are not able to. Even though there is a contraction, he knows that this must end someday. The lines scream of someone begging to end an emotionless and tiring relationship.

In the second and third verses, Suga confesses that he knows one of them is bound to get hurt in this relationship. None of them want to take the blame or the burden of abandoning the relationship, and the battle continues. They were looking for a ‘parallel’ which will now be a dream, and the situation they are in today is not the ‘parallel’ they wished for. This verse also highlights a typical problem in relationships where individuals on the verge of breaking up pretend to care for each other and drag on the relationship, further damaging what is left of it. At the end of the verse, he leaves with another question, that is, if they don’t love each other and have nothing between them, then why are they still holding on to this relationship which is dangerous for them.

The song reaches its climax at the bridge, where Suga describes he is walking on the see-saw where the other person is not there anymore, just like in the beginning when he was all alone. And now, he will get off from the see-saw with no one on it. The song continues with the chorus part and ends with the outro, repeating the bridge part.

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This song is not only a gem because of the use of metaphors and lyrical wordplay, but it also shows how Suga is not only a rapper but also a capable vocalist, proving his calibre as a genius and all-rounder artist, producer, and composer. This is a song for the people who are going through a rough time because of relationships and breakups. So, if anyone is not in a good place right now, this song is for you.

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