Wonho Soaring High with Wenees

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No man is born without blame, yet judges the other without a shame!

This happened in the case of Lee Ho-seok, better known as, Wonho, the former member of MONSTA X, now a soloist. He was accused and judged, yet he has set an example that right believing and right-thinking can do miracles. From debuting as a member of the K-pop boy band MONSTA X to his departure from the group and debuting as a  soloist, Wonho has worked hard to achieve his dreams again and again. Even though it’s been a roller-coaster ride into his journey, the seasons have now changed and it’s a new beginning From Zero which he has started with an Open Mind.

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Wonho has always kept his life open as a book before the fans and you got to read it to understand him and his music. Now that Wonho is a soloist, he is on a new musical journey and he wants his fans, fondly called Wenees, that stands for We Are New Endings or We Need, to be its part and his might. The bond between Wonho and Wenees is special as the Wenees have always outpoured their love and support towards Wonho, which he acknowledges in the song Flash as the lyrics express:

Will I ever forget you? I miss you

You held me like a hero

When I was unknown, tired and collapsing, flash

You were warm, flash

The fans call Wonho “Bunny” lovingly due to his adorable face and personality. However, his muscular built and demeanor declare otherwise as he has recently been dubbed as “Captain Korea” by Men’s Health Korea and graced the cover of the March 2021 edition of this magazine.

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Wonho has always spoiled his fans with random Vlives, pictures, heartfelt letters. He even dedicated a song Weneed to the fans in his new album Love Synonym part 2 #Right For Us, as the heartfelt lyrics showcase Wonho’s sincerity towards his fans.

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Even in the darkest times

You were the one pulling me through

My all and everything, oh oh

And every piece of you will light up my universe

 (Lyrics from Weneed – Wonho)

Recently, Wonho launched his personal YouTube channel named Ohhoho to share glimpses of his life with Wenees. Watching the videos on the channel, I can proudly say that he is much more than just a “Muscle man.”

The on-screen Wonho has a sensuous, seductive, powerful, and captivating aura; and sometimes he may appear intimidating as well because of his muscular physique but the off-screen Wonho is a sensitive, mature, hardworking, and a caring soul with a warm heart i.e a suave man.

Highlighting his musical ventures, his debut song Open Mind marked a sharp escalation in Wonho’s new life as a soloist. Wonho’s songs have always been a reflection of his life as they not only showcase his journey and growth as an artist but also as a human being. The new Wonho seems to be in control of his daunting life by being more focused, fierce, and breaking all stereotypes.

Wonho has carried the same momentum and energy in his latest song Lose that released on 26th February 2021 and it seems that he is going to continue with his rebellious nature; fighting with all his might to break the chains as he no longer wants to be the prisoner but wants to break free. Lose, co-written by Wonho and Kim Hyung-soo better known as Brother Su, is a dark upbeat, and addictive song which makes the listeners swoon as they hear wonho’s angelic vocals. Lose expresses the inner turmoil and the vulnerable side of Wonho along with the song Weneed.

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Wonho has explored different genres in his album Love Synonym #2: Right for Us while showcasing his abilities as songwriter and producer as he co-wrote 5 out of 8 tracks of the album Weneed, Flash, Best Shot, Outro: And, along with the titled track Lose. The album carries the spirit of freedom and hope. The album topped the Hanteo chart in Korea, Spotify, and iTunes charts around the globe. With his roaring success and unbound talent, I wish Wonho huge achievements and best wishes for his future, as he continues to make memories with Wenees alongside him.

Have you heard any song from Wonho’s latest album Love Synonym #2: Right for Us? Tell us your favourite songs in the comment section?

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  1. Thank you for this lovely article!! My favorite song from the album is LOSE, but i also love WENEED. The entire album is wonderful.

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      Thank you so much. I love those songs too.

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    Woah.. Wonho is indeed an amazing human and the way this article shows us many things about wonho is amazing!! Keep writing more like this!! Loved it.

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  3. OtakuMadre says:

    Such a wonderful article! Thank you for wanting to tell the world how wonderful and talented this man is!! My favorite song is “WENEED”! I can’t wait to sing it with him when we gunnery get to see him perform live and in person! 💕

    1. Jubby Kumar says:

      I hope you enjoyed Wonho’s live performance of Weneed. Actually I feel great that I am his fan and I think more and more people should know about wonho and about his music and also that he’s a great human being .

  4. OtakuMadre says:

    Such a wonderful article! Thank you for wanting to tell the world how wonderful and talented this man is!! My favorite song is “WENEED”! I can’t wait to sing it with him when we finally get to see him perform live and in person! 💕

  5. Jennifer says:

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    Para mi es un honor ser fan de WONHO, es una persona muy cálida, y amable pero sobre todo, no ha habido un solo artista que sea tan cercano como lo es él con nosotras, por eso lo queremos y lo apoyamos incondicionalmente

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