K-Drama Review: Hi! School: Love On

Aqsa Khan, New Delhi

Hi! School: Love On is a Korean teen fantasy-drama about an angel who turns into a mortal human and finds herself in a love-triangle. This high-school K-drama was released in 2015. This drama stars Kim Sae-ron as Lee Seul-bi, Infinite member’s Nam Woo-hyun as Shin Woo-hyun, and Lee Sung-yeol as Sung-yeol.

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Sneak-peak of Characters

Nam Woo-hyun as Shin Woo-hyun, is an 18-year-old high school student who is popular, good looking but is failing academically. Kim Sae-ron as Lee Seul-bi, is a nameless, angel who accidentally becomes a human. Lee Sung-yeol as Hwang Sung-yeol,  is an 18-year-old high school student who is a loner but a topper at school. Jung Jae-soon as Gong Mal-sook, is Woo-hyun’s paternal grandmother, who raised him as he was abandoned by his mother played by Choi Su-rin as Ahn Ji-hye. She is also a high school Civics teacher,  and stepmother of Sung-yeol. Cho Yeon-woo plays the role of Hwang Woo-jin, a policeman and father of Sung-yeol.


Lee Seul-bi is a young angel who guides the soul of the deceased after death and is guided by a black book that contains names of the soul to be taken. She loves K-dramas and watches over people in her free time. One such day she goes to take the soul of a high school student but meets with an accident involving Shin Woo-hyun and as a consequence turns into a human. Shin Woo-hyun feels responsible for the accident of Lee Seul-bi, and upon the insistence of his grandmother, asks her to stay at their home. 

While being a human, Lee Seul-bi tries to understand humanity and gets enrolled in the same school where Woo-hyun and Sung-yeol are studying. The three become friends, however, as the events unfold, both male leads end up falling in love with her. Later, Woo-hyun discovers that Seul-bi is an angel and she will disappear once her secret is out, so he tries to prevent this secret from getting out in public. Preventing Seul-bi’s secret does not come easy for Woo-hyun, as he faces several hurdles created by Sung-yeol who finds out that his stepmother is actually Woohyun’s biological mother. More problems are added to it by another angel, who wants to take Seul-bi with him. 

Why you should watch this?

This drama comprises of 16 episodes and is a must-watch for all those who enjoy watching high school dramas. The story tells an exciting high school life as everyone’s desires are followed by deep secrets. The drama is also high on emotions along with heart-touching OSTs that have deeper meaning. This was my first K-drama that eventually got me interested in K-Pop as well. If you haven’t seen this drama yet, then I would definitely recommend you to watch this one.

You can watch this drama on KBS World‘s YouTube Channel. Here is the first episode, to get you started!

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