Echo by Armaan Malik and Eric Nam with KSHMR

Jubby Kumar (Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh), Riya Choudhary (New Delhi), Smriti Lakra (Guna, Madhya Pradesh)

From topping Indian charts with K-pop songs to interacting with K-pop idols on live streams, from spamming VH1 India to sending questions to radio stations, Hallyu fans in India have always shown their immense love and support for K-pop. Since a long time, the K-pop fans in India have been looking forward to a collaboration between an Indian and a Korean musician that could be remembered as a cultural reset. Much to their delight and anticipation, this expectation was fulfilled when popular Indian singer, record-producer, and performer Armaan Malik, American–Korean singer, song-writer, and television host Nam Beom-jin famously known as Eric Nam and Indian-American producer and DJ, Niles Hollowell-Dhar, also known as KSHMR joined together to bring the first ever K-Pop and Indian Pop collaboration song called Echo, celebrating the AAPI Heritage month. The month of May celebrates and recognises the contribution and influence of the Asian American and Pacific Islanders in the history, culture and achievements of the United States.

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In the present day, the youth across the country are enthusiastically consuming the Korean content. The K-Pop wave in India now has thousands competing for the K-Pop India Contest which is organized by the Korean Culture Centre India every year. The Hallyu fans in India are playing their streaming game hard, smashing records is just a part of it. Nowadays, fans are more active on social networking platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They are showing their keen interest and love by making K-pop song covers, dance covers, K-beauty challenges, and much more.

Not much long before, when fans of Armaan Malik and Eric Nam were delighted to see an interaction between both during an Instagram Live and they started speculating a possible collaboration in the future. Echo co-written by Armaan Malik, Eric Nam and KSHMR is an EDM with some parts falling in the K-Pop, ballad (Eric’s part) and Indian pop genre, and was released on 21st May 2021. It highlights the feeling of love, longing and indecisiveness in a relationship. In Echo, a glimpse of diverse music styles of India, Korea and America can be seen. The song was produced and released by KSHMR’s own record label Dharma Worldwide.

Who could have thought that EDM, Indian POP and K-pop can be blended together?

Well KSHMR has done miracles!!!

He has meticulously blended these genres and produced something unique, a one of a kind music which is the result of the amalgamation of these three music industries. Listening to Echo, while you are lost in the smooth and angelic vocals of Armaan Malik and Eric Nam, you will enjoy the elements of EDM too which will make you swoon. These  three multi-lingual artists through their song “Echo” have connected the hearts of the people of different countries, and continents, proving that  love and music know no boundaries. Together Armaan Malik, Eric Nam and DJ KSHMR have represented Asia and the Asian music at a global level.

Echo is truly a global collaboration in which Armaan Malik recorded his parts at his home studio in Mumbai, Eric added his vocals from Korea and KSHMR pieced it all together in LA. The song performed well all around the world, marking 2 million views on YouTube in the first 24 hours of release and recently crossed 10 million views in 10 days. The song was also advertised on Times New Square by YouTube Music. Twitter also released custom hashtags – #LikeAnEcho #एक्को  #에코 to commemorate the single. Armaan Malik hinted the collaboration on Twitter using the word “AEKOCHE” which was later revealed to be the combination of the initials of the 3 artists and the song’s title.

Tell me what we’re fighting for

And is it really worth the battles?

We’ve been going back and forth

Like an echo echo, echo echo


This collaboration was highly anticipated as Armaan Malik had constantly shown interest in K-pop since a long time. He regularly listens to K-pop songs and is a big fan of Shinhwa, EXO and BTS. Even last year, Armaan Malik covered Chen’s (EXO) Beautiful Goodbye and BTS’ Dynamite on his Instagram account. Echo being the first Indian-Korean collaboration, opened the doors of future collaboration from diverse cultures and perspectives. For us fans, it’s a pleasure to have Armaan represent India on an international scale. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for artists and fans after this echoing collab. As the song says, We have been going back and forth.. Like an echo echo.. echo echo, we are also going back and forth with this song.

Upon asking Armaan Malik, how he felt regarding the whole experience of collaborating with Eric Nam and KSHMR, he stated that it was an awesome experience, and it was great vibe working along these artists. When he was informed that the K-Pop fans are well-receiving this international collaboration, he reverted with thanking and appreciating all the love.

Video Credits: Armaan Malik

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