Insadong Street View: A Must Visit Place For Tourists

Tahoora Charfare, Pune Maharashtra

Located in the heart of Seoul is a must visit destination for tourists called Insadong. It is the traditional, vibrant, artistic and cultural hub of South Korea. Insadong has several art galleries, restaurants, streets, outdoor stages, food stalls, crafts, artefacts, souvenir shops, and also the popular traditional Korean Hanbok shops. Hanbok is the traditional Korean outfit, a clothing worn since the Joseon Era. Insadong is easily accessible so as to reach Insadong, people usually take subway trains as it’s a very convenient means for saving money and time. Other options like buses, cabs and private rentals are also available.

While you are at Insadong, you can see the vibrant and artistic surroundings in the neighborhood with bustling streets, shops all packed with tourists and people moving around wearing traditional Korean Hanbok. You too can get to live your Korean dream of wearing a Hanbok! All you have to do is pay a small fee to rent a Hanbok at the Insadong Tourists Information Centre, and you can choose from a variety of varying sizes and vibrant colours, designs, pastels with intricate embroidery designs and patterns.

Another attraction of Insadong are the streets packed with Tea Rooms and Tea Museums, where you can savor all kinds of teas coming from various regions and areas of Korea. The teas range from fruit teas like plum tea, apple tea to herb teas like chamomile, holy basil and many more. One of the famous tea rooms is The Shin Old Tea House which is located slightly far down the alley, away from the busy streets. It has a very calm and peaceful atmosphere with a traditional Korean seating area and floor seating arrangements to enjoy your tea in a Korean way.

Everyone loves to explore and eat different kinds of food. Even if you aren’t a foodie, Insadong will surely make you one, as it has some of the most delicious street food shops in Seoul. Dumplings, sausages, fish cakes, hotdogs, corn dogs, variety of breads with all kinds of stuffing, pancakes, traditional Korean sugar candies and also the famous Rice Cakes or Tteokbokki! The list just goes on and on. The Ssamzie-gil Market is also another landmark and tourist attraction. It comprises of around seventy shops offering all kinds of clothing, souvenirs, furniture, accessories, ceramics, and many traditional Korean artefacts. Ssamzie-gil Plaza is a one stop go for everything to eat and do, everything you need is here.

Insadong is a hidden gem, Seoul’s artistic neighborhood has the most charming streets. They are called traditional streets as they offer the ancient architecture of the Joseon Era, creating a mixture of historic and modern atmosphere. It’s a wonderful place to spend quality time with your friends and family. Take a look at this video to take a walk-through at Insadong street:

Video Credits: Expedia

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  1. Anushka Gupta says:

    This street is really busy and beautiful 😍😍….. hopefully I’ll see it in person someday.❤️❤️

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      Yeah the traditional element just makes me want to be there…

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    Through this article provides details picturesque of the street and nearby famous souvenirs…
    Thank you Ms Tahoora for your dedicated efforts and providing us the minor details of Korean cities and Culture.

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      Thank you for such kind words ☺️

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    2. Tahoora dii, i loved reading this one. Thankyou for writing this. I will visit Insadong once i visit South Korea💜🌻

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      Do share your experience with us.

  5. Just like when the neighborhoods of “In” and “Sa” came together to create “Insadong,” modern living has merged with a more traditional way of life. It’s bursting at the seams with art, history and culture, and it has everything from sprawling street markets to luxurious air-conditioned museums. Thank you for writing all the single details about this street, it was such a pleasure to read.

    1. tahooracharfare says:

      It was a pleasure to write this article.

  6. kylemyoxin78 says:

    The article in itself is so beautifully written that one has to visit Insadong. Seoul within itself has so many visiting places that the list is never-ending.

    1. tahooracharfare says:

      Yes, Seoul has so many other places as well with beauty of its own.

  7. shwets007 says:

    The way this article makes me want to just run away to Insadong and try everything out!

    1. Anonymous says:

      Insadong really is a beautiful place.

  8. Anonymous says:

    As a korea enthusiast, i am amazed that till now I wasn’t aware of Insadong, to be honest i heard of many shopping centrals for example Myeongdong , but never knew of inshadong. Thanks Tahoora Di for writing this informative article.

    1. tahooracharfare says:

      Well we know now…So let’s keep it on our must visit places list☺️

  9. As a korea enthusiast, i am amazed that till now I wasn’t aware of Insadong, to be honest i heard of many shopping centrals for example Myeongdong , but never knew of inshadong. Thanks Tahoora Di for writing this informative article.

  10. inza says:

    The video adds to everything I imagined while reading the article. Good one!

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