K-Interview : Lucknowi Nawab in Korea!

Suhasini Singh, Pune, Maharashtra Im Sua also known as the Lucknowi Nawab in Korea is a Youtuber of Indian origin who is currently working in a South Korean company as a Digital Marketer. She started her YouTube channel to tell people about her experience as an Indian in South Korea. Her videos are very interesting and it helps her viewers explore more…

K-Interview: Grace K. Shim

Nikhat Parveen, New Delhi Literature from all over the world is exciting. Over the last three or four years, books from Korean authors have attracted a loyal following. The much-talked-about Hallyu wave has contributed, of course. India is one of the hotspots of K-Wave whether it’s culture or entertainment and now is of Literature too….

K-Interview with YouTuber and Creator: Jenna

Nikhat Parveen, Khushi Vaid (New Delhi), and Jasmine Khan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh Please introduce yourself to our Indian audience and what you do? I am working in Korea to understand and introduce the cultures of India and Korea by producing content that contains the culture, education, and lifestyle of India and Korea. As Korea and…

Places to visit other than Seoul

Anika Chopra, New Delhi To all the Korean drama fans out there, a trip to South Korea is a must on our bucket lists for sure. For most people, their first stop in Korea will be Seoul. In fact, there’s a lot more to South Korea than just the capital city Seoul. An opportunity to…

Street of Youth – Itaewon

Khushi Vaid, New Delhi Wandering the streets of Itaewon, you’d never guess that Korea is one of the most culturally homogenous countries in the world. Itaewon, located south of Namsan Mountain in the heart of Seoul, is home to the majority of immigrants in Korea, making it a unique blending pot of cultures and religions…

7 Reasons to Visit Seoul

Pratyusha Dash, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh From swoon-worthy scenery, to kimchilicious food, 7 reasons why Seoul should be your next travel destination! A blast from the past on the streets of the present Along with the modern streets bustling with futuristic innovations, there are many historical gems that you can easily find all around Seoul….

K-Fashion: Casual Blazers, A Key to Elegance

Sanchita Bathija, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh As we see the increasing popularity of the Hallyu wave, people are getting inspired from K- pop to K-dramas and of course K- fashion. If we talk about K-Fashion in particular; the uniqueness of Korean fashion is a sort of oversized, comfortable, cute, aesthetic, sometimes relaxed and rocking, or baggy…

8 Fascinating Facts About South Korean Culture

Rupali Teresa Kujur, Ranchi, Jharkhand Are you still confused about the South Korean culture you love so much or have explored it recently? Never mind; let me familiarize some spellbinding idiosyncrasies of Korean culture. Here we are presenting 8 fascinating facts about South Korean culture: 1. Ondol System Ondol, also known as goodle (구들), is a sub-floor heating structure designed to fight against…

Seoul Lantern Festival 2021

Ekta Aggarwal, New Delhi: The Seoul Lantern Festival (서울빛초롱축제) held yearly for the past thirteen years is a vivid celebration of lights in South Korea and is one of the most famous celebrations across Seoul. It is one festival celebrated in Seoul that you should see to encounter the astonishing sights! The festival is organized by Seoul Tourism Organization and is sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government.

The Tradition and History of Korean Pottery

Khushi Sharma, New Delhi: “What amount of art would be needed to produce an artless art?” In regard to the answer, Korean ceramics are the perfect example for marking effortlessness. By just looking at the piece of pottery one can feel the essentials it carries in its intentions. Korea- “the land of morning calm” possesses a long history of clay and its beauty. Living through different dynasties the interplay of clay, glaze, and temperature became eternal. Thus, eternity is not only a part of Korean culture instead it imparts a lot about the culture within.