K-Drama Review: Graceful Family

Anisha Nath, Kolkata, West Bengal

Woman can do anything beyond their limits. In the South Korean drama Graceful Family directed by Han Chul-soo, you will see how much a woman can do to win the game of life. The roles of the actors fit them very well making this drama binge worthy. Due to their best acting skills and a very good storyline; this drama attracted a lot of viewers starring Im Soo-hyang playing the character of Mo Seok-hee, Lee Jang-woo playing the character of Heo Yoon-deo, and Bae Jong-ok playing the character of Han Je-gook. The character of Im Soo-hyang and Bae Jong-ok was the main reason why I watched it twice and I will not hesitate to watch it again.

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This drama was a hit in 2019. Its first episode was aired on August 21, 2019 and it ended on October 17, 2019 comprising 16 episodes that are approximately one hour each. The drama contains a lot of melodrama and suspense; and falls into the categories of crime and mystery genre. This drama was so popular that it was sold to international broadcasters and was broadcasted internationally in Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillipines, Taiwan, HongKong, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, North and South America. Also, this drama was the highest rated drama in MBN network history.

Plot and Characters

The drama starts with the TOP team which is a very powerful legal team that manages all kinds of illegal and crime affairs of the MC Group company which is filled with corruption and crimes. The leader of the team is Han Je-gook played by Bae Jong-ok. As the director of the company and head of the TOP team, she holds all the responsibilities of the company and is only concerned about the company. She mercilessly weilds the power that the TOP has given to her to protect it. She had a past where she used to be a judge working for justice and against corruption.

Then takes place the entry of the real queen that is, Mo Seok-hee played by Im Soo-hyang who returns from USA after 15 years. She is the only daughter of the MC Group and is a tough and arrogant girl from outside but a very kind and soft hearted person from inside. She was forcefully sent to America by Han Je-gook after her mother was murdered. She returned to Seoul after knowing that her grandfather was severely ill. Her grandfather loved her very much thats why he made Mo Seok-hee the major share holder and the sole heiress of the MC Group. When she returned she was not welcomed very well, no one liked her in the family except her elder step brother. She comes back to find the person who killed her mother and take over the company rightfully. Han Je-gook never got any idea about how much ability Mo Seok-hee holds initially but later she understands about Mo Seok-hee’s abilities.

Facing an accident, Mo Seok-hee meets Heo Yoon-deo played by Lee Jang-woo, who is a lawyer without any client. He used to solve the problems of his neighbourhood and stayed with his adoptive father who had a restaurant. He is a man who lives for justice and love for people. Later he joined the TOP and was made the personal secretary and lawyer of Mo Seok-hee. As days pass by they come to know about a lot of things about the MC Group, the family members and the company. They work together and eventually fall in love.

Reasons you should watch this drama

After a series of mysteries getting solved, this drama makes up for a thrilling ride. This drama has a lot of plot twists and gripping situations which are interesting as well as funny. The OSTs of this drama are very heart warming as well as very energetic that suit the different mood of the drama. I would definitely recommend you to watch this drama if you haven’t yet and I am sure you won’t stop binge watching it. Enjoy this OST!

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