K-Pop MVs Screening Glimpses of Nature

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K-Pop MVs are astoundingly known for their peculiar shooting; capturing every detail as much as possible. They try presenting minute details regarding colour, contrast, lightening, depth and composition. Regardless of the budget, they try to capture every complexity of the scene, resulting in pleasant aesthetics and vibrance. It is said that our emotions are connected to music while at the same time connected to the nature. To celebrate this imperishable bond here are some K-pop songs that celebrate nature of South Korea.

 Bon Voyage by YooA

Starting off with Bon Voyage by YooA, who is a member of Oh My Girl and made her solo debut in 2020 with her first EP Bon Voyage. This song is translated from the Korean word sup-ui ai or child of the forest. Every aspect of this album from song to music video were connected to nature, the concepts were airy and felt like a fantasy. Exceptional shots from the beauty of Jeju Island are showcased throughout the music video. The country’s most beautiful road surrounded by cedar tree felt magical. The landscapes takes us on a ride of nature and its fantasy brings us to the world where nature and music meet. After bumping into a wolf at the starting of the video, the scene proceeds to a lush greenland where we see YooA singing and dancing freely in a sunflower field, the forest, and at beaches. Green Forest and large landscapes signify the freedom and beauty that nature brings to us.

Video Credits: OH MY GIRL

 Spring Day by BTS

The next track we have on our list is Spring Day by BTS. This track is part of the album You Never Walk Alone. The song ambiguously features many places of South Korea, making it an impeccable idyllic beauty such as Hwaseong, Yangju, and Gangneung. The music video starts off with member V, standing in frosty railway station, all bundled up to fight freezing winter. The train station sign read Iryeong, connecting to the Iryeong Station in Yangju, Gyeonggi. It’s located in the outskirts of Seoul and gives a vintage feel with rustic look, making it a traditional and perfect photoshoot spot. This place is perfect for day out. Jumunjin Beach located in Gangneung, Gangwon-do, is the second most scenic spot in the video, portraying some scenes of Jimin.

Video Credits: HYBE LABELS

The azure sea and the iconic bus stop attracts many people around the world making it a summer time vacation spot. This peaceful space is enough to chase away all your fatigue, while the lush pine forest provides with the shade from the prickly sun. The last location which is seen in the latter part of the MV is Sihwaho Lake located in Gyeonggi Province. This tourist attraction is surrounded by cities of Ansan, Siheung & Hwaseong and it is actually a paradise for migratory birds during winter. This is the last place where boys are finally together. They run towards the middle of the land and the members then watch the beautiful scene in front of them as the sun sets down behind the tree marking the end of winters and embark of a spring day.

Picture Credits: iBigHit

 Seoul by RM 

Seoul is a charming Lo-fi aesthetic song co-produced by the duo Honne with BTS’ RM. In the music video we’ll be able to perceive the city Seoul through the eyes of  RM. The lyrics of the track describes the bittersweet relationship that he has with the city. The vibe of the song feels familiar and remote at the same time. Seoul as the capital plays a vital role in every aspect of Korea and the MV also features some mundane everyday scenes of the bustling city, along with the familiar landmarks like the Han RiverCheonggyecheon stream and Seonyudo island. This song is full of RM’s metaphorical lyrics referring Seoul to sound like soul; a city with which he has a love-hate relationship with, for how expensive and modern it is to live there yet how it is also his home and a part of himself now.

Video Credits: HYBE LABELS


The song we have now is Lmm by Hwa Sa from MAMAMOO. “The track is much more than a song” and the music video justifies this statement. Personal touch of the artist in the song is showcased by the location as if the island has a story to tell. Island resort Kosmos is situated off the east coast of South Korea. Simplicity and breathy emptiness of the song are captured visually by the huge lush sceneries. Kosmos is situated in Ulleungdo island which is known as the ‘mystery land’ of Korea. Rich biodiversity, fascinating rock formations, cedar wood forest, juniper trees will catch the attention of your eye. Haegnam coastal walking path is the best way to capture the nature with the beautiful sunset by your side on this land of mystery. Cool air escaping through the rock openings while Bognae waterfall brings the fresh water to you. This land is one of the best of what mother nature has for us.

Video Credits: MAMAMOO

Remember by Apink

Apink’s Remember serves as a double attack with it being the perfect summer song that boasts the sparkling waters to the green buckwheat flower fields. The music video starts off with the scenic view of the pristine blue sky with members on a white yatch. The scene constantly switches between the ocean, the fields and beach which elevate the vibes of the video. As a contrast to all the blue, few scenes also show members dancing in front of a fountain with greenery all around them. The famous windmills of Jeju and the diamond bridge of Busan too make an appearance. Remember MV feels like an ode to the nature and beauty of Korea.

Video Credits: 1theK

From Home by NCT U

The beautiful scenes of the beach, the forest and the field make a fitting background for this heavenly song. The music video is shot like warm memories of the members which were videotaped. The locations of the music video constantly switch between the three backgrounds and with each switch, the number of members in a particular location increases, showing the importance of each location. The lyrics of the song refer to the elements of nature with lines like “Rainbow is a promise that you and I will meet again from the first snow until the midnight summer.” The music video closes off with the sky painted in shades of dusky orange and as the sun sets while the members document this moment.

Video Credits: SMTOWN

So, which of these MVs captured your attention with the glimpses of beautiful Korea? Tell us your favourite K-Pop songs that capture the aesthetics and beauty of nature in the comments.

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