K-Interview: Lo-fi Hip hop Artist BB

Riya Choudhary and Nikhat Parveen, New Delhi

BB (비비) is an Indie, Lo-fi, Hip hop artist, Beatmaker and Rapper, who debuted with the song Reaction in the Year 2016. So far, until his debut, he has explored and created different genres of music, that are subtle and have soothing rhythms which set the tempo for the listeners. His recent release Morning Cafe has left an amiable remark on his fans. His voice is very smooth and mellow timbre, light and bright, which is often enhanced by many of his stylistic choices that have lured over 20, 311 monthly listeners on Spotify. 

Not only solo projects, but BB has also collaborated with artists like Geuneul, Soul Chan, Tanic and Wills. He has created amazing tracks like 3 A.M Text, Flamingo, Melting Me. As a Lo-fi Hip hop artist, BB has a voice with qualities of various vocal transition points, such as breaks and lifts. With so many skills and talents, he remains a humble personality. Thankfully, we got the opportunity to have an interview with him about his journey. Read below his experience of working and making songs as well as about his journey.

When or how did you realize that a career in the music field is the path for you? What was your inspiration behind the same? 

BB: When I was a school boy, I just casually used to enjoy listening to music from my favorite singers, just like other kids. One day, my close friend asked me to join New Entertainment. I was there for a short while and got trained to be a singer – during that time, I saw the whole procedure of releasing albums, and then studied making a song by myself. The very first song I made was Hip hop. It was kind of weird but amazing feeling when people said that my song is good and then I gained confidence from it. From then on, I was so into song-writing that I started to make my own songs.

How would you describe your current music style and how does it differ from your initial music style when you started your career?

BB: Currently, my music style pursues the trendy R&B. I am always trying to write memorable lyrics and trying hard to show my own color through them. Basically, I am making the signature music and genre that can pop in your mind when you hear the name BB.  My initial music was more of like the Trap genre and I used to express myself with Rap. After multiple attempts, I turned to the melodic music and vocals because I think those are representing me better.

As an artist, what brings you a sense of independence while making music? The creative freedom to make music or the fact that you have so much more to explore and discover the way you perceive your music; has there ever been a moment where you felt you have hit a creative block? How did you overcome that?

BB: Most of my music comes from my experiences. Not many experiences but just a few, special, unforgetting emotions, scenery, and people at that moment. I remember those things when making a melody and writing lyrics. When I hit the creative wall, I just go out to have new experiences with different people. Again, it doesn’t need to get many. Just one memorable scene, one emotion is enough to write numerous songs.    

Video Credits: BB

As we got to know, your name BB refers to ‘Big Break’ and is a big part of your identity today. How do you resonate with this identity? 

BB: My older sister studying abroad recommended me that name, so I have used it since 2016. I like its meaning of the decisive moments/great chance. And I also like how it sounds. Well, it is not a good name for algorithm though (because it is relatively too common), but I don’t care much about it because I really like the name BB and am satisfied with it.

Please share a walkthrough of your music-making process from ideation to execution. Is the process different every time you work on a different song?

BB: It might be slightly different song by song but mostly similar. First, I make a melody on the favorite chords of piano or guitar sounds. Then I complete it with the beats and lyrics. Sometimes I sing with the help of a guide version done by my close co-worker or sometimes I just edit a demo version and release it.

Coming to your song, first of all, a big congratulations on your recent comeback. Your recent release “Bad Thoughts” is very mellow in emotions. Please share the story behind this song? 

BB: Thank you so much for your congratulations. I love the mood of the new single Bad Thoughts, so even when I was making it, I was very satisfied with it. Out of all my songs, I personally like the ones with slightly dark and sensuous moods such as Never Wake up and Desert flower. I am glad that Bad Thoughts sounds also like that. The song is about one-sided imaginary thoughts between a man and woman who just met.

Video Credits: BB

We know you take an active part in writing your own songs. You have written some amazing tracks such as Melting Me, Morning Cafe, and Flamingo. These songs have received immense love from your fans. We would like to know what kind of thoughts as a songwriter goes into your mind and drives such emotions to shape into words?

BB: Thanks for saying those ‘amazing tracks.’ When writing Melting me, Morning Cafe, and Flamingo, I was so into the specific sceneries from my experience and trying my best to vividly recreate those memories in my mind. I prefer to write lyrics to convey my emotions as easily as possible. But I feel difficult to create imaginary emotions that I haven’t experienced and it’s hard to express. So, I am rather soaked into my own memory when writing a song. 

Talking about Flamingo, this song sounds and feels very different from your other releases. We would love to know how did this song come into existence? What was the inspiration behind this song?

BB: As for Flamingo, I wanted to make something different. First, Geuneul did the overall producing of the song and then I joined later. I put my vocal as a guide on the track with Geuneul’s voice, and he liked it as well, so we completed making it very fast. The ‘Flamingo’ in the lyrics is a metaphor for new shoes. Personally, I would like to write more of these kinds of funky music like Dua Lipa or some electric music with vocals like Zedd. Hope I will show them sooner.

How was your music transition process as a musician when you gradually started inclining more towards the Lo-fi genre of music as compared to the Hip-Hop genre when you initially debuted? How would you describe that sort of experience when you have completely rediscovered your music style?

BB: One day I realized that there is a limitation of expressing my feelings and experiences only by Rap. So I thought “there should be melody or emotional vocals in my song.” From that on, I started to make a melodic hook while still using rap as a verse. Then gradually changed even the verse to a melody as well. In the journey to find my own style like that, I met the Lo-fi genre. And I was so into its ambiance and sound, that I made a song called Actually I. I was so content with it and so were my friends. And then I started working on Lo-fi music from there.

Video Credits: BB

From being an Indie Lo-fi Hip hop artist, you make songs with soft beats that also have elements of Jazz and Hip hop embedded in them. Can we say your music style reflects your personality? How do your real-life experiences and emotions influence your music or songwriting process?

BB: Absolutely! My life and surroundings indeed get reflected a lot. Actually, for the past few years, I felt lonely and desolated when working alone. But I like those emotions because tranquil peace and small happiness in that mood can be expressed in my music – which is, for example, the common but huge happiness when we can feel while taking a walk with a loved one rather than from an extravagant party with tons of people.

You have already made music in different genres, Lo-fi, Hip hop, R&B that gives listeners calm and relaxed vibes while listening to your songs. What other genre of music style you would like to gift your fans with?

BB: Although I will keep sticking to the current style, I would also like to try emotional electronic music like Zedd or Chainsmokers. Currently, I am practicing it actually. I personally wish to try making those styles the most. I also want to try Avril Lavigne’s 90’s Funky Rock style music. I try my best to show these two genres soon. Please look forward to them. 

We, fans, draw huge inspiration from our idols. We get motivated and influenced by their hard work, music, and messages. Is there anyone, who has been your inspiration? How do they inspire you or motivate you and in what ways?

BB: It changes always; my recent favorite and inspiration is Keshi’s music. The music is so cool especially expressing the elevated feelings. I can’t get out of it recently. Particularly the song Blue is my favorite. Recently, I got inspired by a specific part of that song. 

Looking at your journey, you have been growing so much in your career since your debut, and you are still making the kind of music that a lot of people find comfort in. You are also the inspiration to many who see themselves in you. What message would you like to give to people who are or want to pursue a career in music? What is one piece of advice you would like to give them?

BB: I can give a simple and clear answer for this question – whatever people say, ‘doing the music that you want to do the most is the key. If not, (not only for the music) it is hard to do anything for a long time.

As more and more people in India are discovering and enjoying the Hallyu Wave, there are many people who have come across your music and songs. Do you have a message for your Indian fans?

BB: Thanks always to the fans in India who are interested in me and my music. I still can’t believe that the fans in India like me. Thank you very much for your interest in the Hallyu wave. I will make more good songs to show you good content. You are a huge support to me all the time. Thank you and love you!

Our team members, at Hallyuism, got a wonderful opportunity to have a face-to-face interaction with you and ask questions to you directly through the Summer Camp event organized by KHigh. Could you share how was that experience for you as you got to interact and directly communicate with your fans? Is there any memorable moment from that experience, you would like to share?

BB: It was a special time for me as well. I can’t forget it forever. Thanks to KHIGH for preparing a great time with the fans. I was very sorry for my poor English though, but luckily, KHIGH prepared the translator for me (Thanks to Nandini). Time had passed so quickly. It was interesting to see my fans face-to-face but actually, I was so nervous.

All were so cute and I remember everyone. I often watched the recorded video of the event. If I will have another chance, I will be less nervous and enjoy the moments more with comfortable mind. Thank you all again.

From the entire team of Hallyuism, we would like to thank BB for taking out your valuable time for this interview! Best Wishes!

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    MBG, I am so freaking proud of you! There is NOTHING you cannot do. Love the article and the girl behind it.💜💜💜💜

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