K-Fashion: Basic Styling Trends

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The interest in Korean fashion and styling has increased in the recent times amongs millenials and Gen Zs in many countries. Seoul is swiftly becoming one of the fashion capitals globally. Popularity of K-Fashion is increasing day by day due to the increased popularity and widespread reach of Korean media, K-Dramas and K-Pop around the world. Here, we are covering some basic Korean styling trends. Take a look!

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Street Fashion

Street fashion has started to become popular lately. It’s common to see this style on the streets of South Korea. Some common street styled clothes in Korea are cargo pants with oversized T-shirts, bucket hats, loose hoodies and high waisted solid joggers. This look gives you the baggy, cute yet comfortable look. 

Ankle Pants

Another type of fashion getting popular in Korea is wearing ankle pants. Ankle pants can be worn by any gender and, like the name suggests, reveal your ankles. They are really comfortable to wear in mid-warm season like in spring and autumn. Ankle pants go with loose and tight tops and they go with any kind of footwear too. They can give off a very casual look or a semi-formal kind of look.

Modern Hanbok

The Modern Hanbok is a new look of the Korean traditional dress, Hanbok. Hanboks are commonly worn at a traditional occasions and weddings. An old styled Hanbok is quite heavy and not suitable for daily wear. But the Modern Hanbok is designed in a way that it can be worn casually and frequently without any difficulty. Although it still has its traditional design, but it is light in weight and has a more subtle appearance. 


In summers, skirts are a signature style in Korea. Tennis skirts or pleated skirts are often worn in Seoul during summers. Korean girls who are in their late teens and early 20s, usually follow this style. It gives off the cute, school girl, pastel look. These skirts go well with shoes, heels and flats and can be worn with any kind of top giving a very comfortable look as well.

Buttoned-up Dresses

Next up is buttoned-up dresses. They are very common among dressing attire in Korea and can give you the formal look and the casual look. It highlights the S-line, therefore, it gives a very elegant vibe. In summers, you can wear buttoned-up dresses without any underneath or spaghetti top. But in winters, it goes with a blouse or T-shirt. They look pretty with high heels, formal shoes and boots and with simple handbags or long strap bags, these dresses make you look complete.

Ribbed Shirts

Ribbed shirts refer to knitted tops or shirts which are made of ribbed fabric. They are knit in a vertical sequence row and is a very common attire in South Korean fashion. This style of ribbed shirts can be worn in different ways. These tops go with shorts and jeans and are comfortable in both summers and winters.

Crop Tops

Crop tops are loved by Korean females. They look very cute with high waisted jeans, mom jeans and pants, and if you wear it with joggers, it gives you the street styled look. For footwear, you can put on sneakers or sports shoes.

Sleeve’s Puff

Another trend that is gliding through Korea is sleeve’s puff design. Ribbed shirts also contain puff sleeves. These kind of sleeves look really graceful and comfortable. Some puffed sleeves are loose from the wrist, some are loose from shoulder and are skinny in between.

Shirt Tops

Shirt tops are also getting popularity as it gives a tomboy, brave, and bold look. There are many designs in shirt tops, like retro plaid shirts, double layered plaid shirts, plaid shirts with underneath white t-shirts or black turtle neck top, plane shirts, asymmetrical shirts, boyfriend shirts. These shirts go immensely well with jeans, ankle pants, formal pants, shorts and skirts. For footwear, you can wear sneakers, boots, and heels.

These kind of South Korean fashion is spreading all over the world as it defines comfort, style and personality. You can try these trends and give yourself a fresh look! Tell us what is your favourite Korean style trend in the comments!

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