K-Beauty On Powered by Limese

Anushree Taparia, Seema, Smiti Iyer (New Delhi)

From Innisfree at Khan Market to Belle Vous at Safdarjung, Delhi brings to you another store; K-Beauty On powered by Limese where you can buy K-Beauty products of your own choice. Located at Greater Kailash-1, the store is beautifully adorned with colorful flowers on the shelves towards the left and three mirrors beside the shelf towards the right.

Hallyuism team members visited the store in person, and here are the details about the store and available K-beauty products:

While entering the store, one can see the official logo of Limese at the center and various beauty products on rectangular and semi-circular shelves on both sides of the store. Right beside us, there was a small black stand with sheet masks of different brands for example Klairs, Innisfree, etc. After exploring the store, we also enquired with the in charge of the store about various beauty products and their benefits.


This is one of the most popular Korean skincare brands in India. The key product of this brand is Dear Klairs Vitamin-C serum, along with this they have Dear Klairs Vitamin-E mask which is supposed to be used in combination with Vitamin C serum. Apart from that they also have toners, moisturizers, cleansing oils, scrubs, mists, under-eye cream, and BB cream. Most of these products are suitable for all skin types.


This is the second most popular Korean brand in India that Limese Offline store have. Key products of the COSRX brand are snail mucin essence and snail cream. The main ingredient used for this brand is snail that helps people to achieve glass clear skin. They also have night cream, blemish creams, moisturizers specifically for oily skin, face wash for acne-prone skin.


This Korean brand has products such as Nacific Fresh Herb Origin toner, serum, cream which is for dry skin and Nacific Real Floral Air Cream Rose and toner that helps in oily skin.


This brand’s serums are really good for anti-aging skincare.

Too cool for school

This brand’s entire range is based on eggs. The egg is the key ingredient used in this brand. They also have a pumpkin sleeping pack.


Klavuu is another leading Korean beauty brand we have in India. Pearl is the essential ingredient in this brand and the supreme product of this brand is a body spray for people who tend to have body acne. They also have face wash, cleansing water, and cleansing oil which is helpful in increasing the collagen and reducing fine lines anti-aging.


SNP Peptaronic- This Peptaronic range basically has 6 types of peptides & helaronic acid, hence the name is Peptaronic, this is good for dryness and anti-aging.

SNP Vitaronic– As the name goes by, it has vitamins & helaronic acid. This is for people who have dull skin and want an instant glow.

SNP prep Cicaronic- This range is really good for people who tend to have acne-prone skin and irritations, redness on their skin. Centella Asiatica is a great ingredient for sensitive skin. With these, they also have Dr. Oracle and Clay masks. 

One Thing

This is the Korean brand that has been newly launched in India. It is named one thing as they focus on only one star ingredient at a time in their products. It has a range of moisturizers, toners, soothing creams, essence, etc.

Some By Mi– AHA-BHA-PHA 30 day miracle series helps to cure acne problems.

Dr Ceuracle- Their 3-in-1 shampoo provides the benefits of shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask in one product. 

MOART- It has lipsticks in 12 beautiful shades.

Products for Men

To keep it simple for men, they have products that provide the benefits of 4 to 5 products, such as toner, lotion, essence, eye cream, and moisturizer, in one product. They come for normal to dry, combination to oily skin, the brand Swagger that caters to all skin types.

Apart from these, one can also find Eclair LED therapy mask at the store. After their online success, their offline store gives the opportunity to personally explore and buy the Korean skincare brands that are handpicked especially for the Indian subcontinent, all under one roof.

So, what are you waiting for! If you’re in Delhi, shop for your skincare at K-Beauty On powered by Limese.

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  1. Anushka Gupta says:

    I’ll have to visit it once I come to Delhi.

  2. I’m definitely gonna recommend this store to all my friends in Delhi.

  3. Korean Skincare is like a dream come true, i really wanna visit the store to experience all of it in person💗💫

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is another shop that ,I really wanna visit but sadly I don’t live Delhi,it’s ok I still have to buy online but whenever I will visit Delhi I will surely visit the shop❤️❤️❣️

  5. anishanath says:

    This is another shop that ,I really wanna visit but sadly I don’t live Delhi,it’s ok I still have to buy online but whenever I will visit Delhi I will surely visit the shop❤️❤️❣️

    ,the anonymous one is also me,I forgot that I didn’t log in in WordPress in my new phone

  6. Anonymous says:

    First of all such a detailed article about the store, secondly the photos show how beautiful the store is!

    1. shwets007 says:

      First of all such a detailed article about the store, secondly the photos show how beautiful the store is! Would like to visit the store soon

  7. Woww it’s like k-beauty heaven in india!😍😍

  8. rupalikujur says:

    Happy to know that Korean businesses are expanding their market here in India. Another step towards contribution to Hallyu in India✨. Hoping to visit the store whenever I go to Delhi :))

  9. I really want to visit Limese store now🥰

  10. Wow! It’s so good to see the evolution of Korean beauty products in India through the opening of Offline stores! Will definitely visit this Limese Offline store

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    Wow 🎉 the store looks amazing 😍 will visit it soon!!

  12. Skincare is very important to maintain healthy Skin . It’s really nice to see that LIMESE has now an official store in our capital. Going to visit soon . Thanks for this article. It was well explained about the products .

  13. dailymadhu14 says:

    I wanna get the Nacific products from Limese🥺….I got some products from this brand and it was really good!! Sadly I used everything pretty quick…😓 But keeping this aside by reading the article now I wish to buy more of their stuffs from other mentioned brands too!!

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