K-Pop Contest 2021: Patna Regional Round Winners

Riya Choudhary (New Delhi), and Ayushi Saxena (Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh)

Patna Regional Round of the K-Pop India Contest 2021 was conducted online on 23rd October 2021 at 7:00 p.m. IST on the YouTube channel of Korean Cultural Centre India. Here is an excerpt from the statements of the winners of the Dance and Vocal categories and the Regional Round organiser, Patna King Sejong Institute, regarding their experience of this event.

Dance Category

Purva & Kritika (Winners)

Hello! We are twin sisters Purwa and Kritika. We are the winner of the dance category from the Patna Region. We feel that there was a tough competition. All the contestants were so talented and competing with them was so fun. From taking part in this competition we learned so many things. For us, this was the greatest experience we had till now. This competition is a great platform to showcase our talents to everyone.

We get inspired to take part in this competition as we all are K-Pop fans. We get motivated by the dance category winner of last year’s K-Pop Cover Contest winner Xoe Pachuau. We get motivated by our Idols. We also get motivated for the next round by our achievement in this competition.

Sonam Gyaltsen Lepcha (First  Runner-up)

Hello and warm greetings to everyone. I am Sonam Gyaltsen Lepcha, and I am the 1st runner-up of the dance category from the Patna region. It was a great competition this year. Everyone gave great performances. It’s my first time participating in a kpop India contest. I met amazing artists. I had a great time performing and I am very thankful to KCCI for giving us great opportunities. 

My family, teachers, and friends motivated me to take part in the contest. I am also inspired by many of the kpop idols that I follow. I am very thankful to all my KCCI, family, friends, and teachers who supported me and helped me reach this position.

Sunishu Gogoi (Second Runner-up)

Hi, I’m Sunishu Gogoi. I am the 2nd Runner up of the Dance Category from the Patna Region. I had a great experience during the contest, the competition was high, there were so many talented performers in both categories. It was fun and I had a great time. Most of us are Kpop fans here, and when we are getting such a great opportunity from the contest, I felt I should take part and take it as an experience. There is nothing in particular that motivated or inspired me but I have a friend who is also a participant in the contest, he has motivated and supported me throughout the contest.

Vocal Category

Tanishka Kaushiki (Winner)

Namaste, I am Tanishka Kaushiki, in the vocal category of the K-Pop Contest 2021 Patna Region. Whenever it comes to music, I have a lot to give. K-pop contests helped me do that. This is my 2nd time participating in the contest and with so much experience, I can definitely say that this contest encourages unwithering talent and constant hard work. It changed my life. I met many amazing artists. It made me a performer and I shall always be grateful for that.

My family, friends, and my own experience motivated me to take part in the contest. I was also inspired by the journey of K-pop idols. I will be participating in more musical events in the future because I believe that ” Music lies in the soul of the Universe”.

Anuraag Bhattacharya (First Runner-up)

Hello, I’m Anuraag Bhattacharya. I’m the 1st runner-up of the vocal category from Patna region. Participating in the K-pop India contest was a new and unique experience for me. I got to meet many new and amazing artists who are really talented for sure. I enjoyed performing in this contest which also gave me an opportunity to explore my limits and progress and improve my skills along the journey. I’m thankful that I was a part of this contest and I’m looking forward to more such opportunities in the future. Thank you for organizing this event and giving artists like us an opportunity to perform on a virtual stage. It was a very fun experience for me and I totally loved it. Thank you.

Parvati Roy (Second Runner-up)

Warm greetings! I’m Dr. Parvati Roy, the 2nd runner-up in the vocal category of this year’s K-Pop India Contest 2021 regional round. The whole journey throughout this contest was really joyous & delightful. I was really in awe to see so many hardworking & talented contestants. Huge respect for them. I’m thankful to all the organisers of this contest for making things run smoothly. Over the years, there has been quite a significant increase in the number of Indian kpop fans & enthusiasts which gives me immense pleasure & hope for the future. 

My love for Korean culture & language motivated me to join this contest. My family & friends also encouraged me to participate in this contest. Thank you.

Regional Round Organizer

King Sejong Institute Patna: Eun Kyeong Jeong & Mideum Youn

It was a meaningful time to confirm the participant’s interest and love towards K-pop as K-pop 2021 was held. It was a very meaningful time with a stage where each person’s dreams and hopes could unfold. The participant’s passion for K-pop was truly amazing. Despite their busy schedules, the passion they showed to participate in the contest was very touching. I hope that various cultural exchanges will be held to inspire not only participants but also everyone watching the contest and help India and Korea become one. And more talented Indian youngsters will join to perform through the stage of K-Pop in the coming days.

Kculture Bihar: Ms.Mohini

K-pop contest is the most celebrated annual event amongst all, bringing all the fandoms and K-culture enthusiasts together to appreciate and celebrate one of the greatest and biggest parts of Korean culture; K-Pop. Hello! I am Mohini, admin of kculture.bihar and as regional representatives and hosts, despite all the difficulties and challenges, we are always honored and happy to see so many people coming together under one diaspora. It’s wonderful to see the healthy competition and the sense of togetherness between participants and audiences. It is an experience like no other! Because of my everlasting love for K-culture, I may be biased.. but K-Pop contest season is, in a word; euphoric!

You can watch Patna Regional Round here:

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