K-Pop India Contest 2021: Hyderabad Regional Round Winners

Aanchal Tekriwal (Godda, Jharkhand) and Kaamaakshi Bhat (Zirakpur, Punjab) 

Hyderabad Regional Round of the K-Pop India Contest 2021 was conducted online on 19th October 2021 at 5:00 p.m. IST on the YouTube page of Korean Cultural Centre India by the regional round organizer KFanzz Entertainment. Here’s an excerpt from the statements of the winner of the Dance and Vocal categories about their overall experience of this Contest.

Dance Category

Shyam Sukumaran (Winner)

Hi! my name is Shyam, and I am the winner of Dance category from Hyderabad region. My overall experience was good this year. KFanzzEntertainment organised everything very well and has been very supportive but I wish if KCCI was bit more supportive and responsive to the contestants when they are facing issues. I hope that will change in future. It’s just K-Pop itself that motivated me to participate this year and do my best, showcase my talent. K-pop is well known for the perfection of the performances which attracts millions of people worldwide and there has been a lot of idols who were not dancers and became very good later. So these factors always inspired me to do my best and I wanted to showcase my talents in front of the people who has similar interests and the audience who loves K-pop.

Laya Khaspa (Runner Up)

Hello, I am Laya Khaspa, from Hyderabad. I am the first runner-up in K-pop Contest, in the Regional round of Hyderabad. It was an honour to participate in an event with many like-minded people, everyone’s determination to succeed in the following rounds was truly amazing. I felt immense exuberance along the whole way, from the selection of the songs to recording them and waiting for what’s next. Win or not, this whole experience was definitely worth it. Also, the selection process in the regional round was really appreciated. It was an enthralling experience to have the live comments given by the judges, it made knowing my strengths and shortcomings easy and it definitely helped me for my future endeavours.

I have been following K-Pop since 2015 and have been highly influenced by their choreographies, their dancing styles and their music. When I found out that there is a competition held by KCCI, I thought, I should definitely give it a try. I have always wanted to meet more people like me, who liked their music, their dance and their whole K-pop culture and this competition is just the place for that. So, I took my chances and I am happy that I did.

Vocal Category

Sai Madhav Rella (Winner)

I am Sai Madhav Rella (Maddy), from Hyderabad, winner in vocalist category from Hyderabad region. It is a good experience for me to participate in this contest as this is my first K-Pop contest, thoroughly enjoyed. I thank KCCI for conducting this amazing contest and KFanzz Entertainment. It would have been even great if the show was conducted offline.

I started listening to K-Pop music very recently from June 2021, I was listening to Butter by BTS on Instagram on a random video and I got hooked to it and all I wanted to do was listen to more K-Pop songs. It all started there and started to practice more and more songs in this Genre. BTS is my inspiration and I am so emotionally connected to them, When I heard about this contest I wanted to participate and enjoy the moments by showing my talent. My ultimate goal is to meet and collab with BTS someday!

Sweeya Prabhala (Runner Up)

Hello everyone Sweeya Prabhala here, and I’m the runner-up from Hyderabad region in the Vocal category. First off thank you KCCI for creating an amazing opportunity to showcase our passion and love towards K-pop and KFanzzEntertainment for organizing everything in a beautiful way. It was great to be part of the contest as this is my first time taking part in a K-pop contest. It was super fun singing my favourite songs and was so happy to get feedback from judges who worked with renowned K-pop bands. I guess it would have been even more fun if we could have performed offline.

For me, it all started with K-Dramas. I fell in love with the ballet-style OSTs and wanted to explore more of Korean music and that’s how I ended up with K-pop. Blackpink, BTS, GFriend are one of my favourite bands among many. These artists really helped me look at music in a different light and I must say I fell in love with music all over again and now have many more goals to achieve and to collab with these artists and make my music soon!!

Regional Round Organiser

KFanzz Entertainment

Firstly, we would like the thank KCCI for giving us an opportunity to organize this year’s regional round and also honoured to collaborate with Honorary Consulate General of Korea, Hyderabad. Overall, it was a great experience working on this project. We focused on our past experience and feedback from our audience and came up with a concept of making our Judges react to the participants videos and giving their suggestions and feedback on every participant’s performance. Thus, we also received a huge positive & great response from participants as well audiences with the new concept of reaction. Ever since start, we had always wanted to create something unique & different from others, thus this opportunity gave us a great start to begin with, for which we are grateful.

We KFanzz Entertainment always wants to serve our fanzz with new concepts for more audiences to connect and participate in our events. Lastly, we are very proud of our winners representing Hyderabad for the final & we wish a huge Goodluck to them & all other participants for the Final.

You can watch the Hyderabad Regional Round here:

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