Richa Singh (Delhi) and Anisha Nath (Kolkata, West Bengal)

Dehradun Regional Round of the K-Pop India Contest was held online on Korean Cultural Centre’s Youtube Channel on 8th October at 7 p.m. IST. Here is an excerpt from the statement of the winners of Dance and Vocal categories and the Regional Round Organiser regarding their experience of this event.

Dance Category

 Pullock Regon (Winner)

 Hello, I am Pullock Regon, Winner of K-pop Contest India 2021 Regional Round Dehradun in Dance Category. First of all the constant love for K-POP, was the reason for my 4th time Participating in K-Pop Contest India. Through all the aspects of going solo, I was mesmerized there was lots of competition, as all the participants were amazing, I really feel happy to secure the position among all the talented participants.

What inspired me to take part in this competition, I was into Kpop Since 2011, It was the time I first started my love for K-POP, I did some cover on SHINee & Super Junior and wanted to showcase myself. I wanted to perform on such a stage where I could interact with everyone and cherish the moments. Bringing Hallyu was the best decision and enjoying those momentous moments with everyone is such a joy. Thank you once again Korean Culture Centre Of India.

Darklight (First Runner-up)

Hello! We are DarkLight, we are the 1st Runner up of the K-Pop Contest India 2021 regional round in Dance category from Dehradun. It was fun and brought our members a lot closer to each other and made memories that we’ll not forget. We got to know more about ourselves as a group and we realize K-POP was what connected each of us. What inspired us was obviously our love for K-POP itself which is why we came together and participated to show our admiration for K-POP culture. We wanted to use this opportunity to perform as a group to show our love and passion like all amazing K-POP idols and we are grateful for it.

The Swans (Second Runner-up)

Hello! We are the swans! Our group has 5 members Age range – 16 to 21 and We are the 2nd runner-up of the K-Pop Contest India 2021 Regional Round Dance Category from Dehradun. We spent a lot of time being together learned many new things, stuff’s about K-POP. Previous contestants’ dance performances also helped us to explore more about dance and K-POP. We got to know more about each other’s dance styles. We really enjoyed each other’s company. I hope we’ll get more opportunities like this we would love to take part!

One thing that inspired us that is our love and passion for dance! Also K-POP, we all love K-POP culture a lot, that’s why we are here together! We are really grateful that we got this beautiful opportunity to show our love and talent through this competition. We are really thankful!

Vocal Category

Priyanka Rawat (Winner)

Hello, I am Priyanka Rawat  Winner of K-pop Contest India 2021 Regional Round Dehradun in the vocal category. It’s my first time participating in this contest. To be honest I’m really impressed that how good all the co-participants were, I got to learn a lot from all of them and I’m so glad that I somehow managed to make it to the final round it means a lot. 

I’m really into music since my childhood  I liked to sing, dance and rap as a hobby. But as soon as I got to know about k-pop it turned into a passion, I am a BTS army since 2017  and I would say they inspired me the most, our relation is more than just a stan. I learned to love myself, speak for myself face myself because of them so the credit goes to  BTS . And I really want to thank KCCI India for these amazing platforms and our regional round organisers for all their efforts.

Diksha Gurung (First Runner-up)

Hello, I’m Diksha Gurung, 1st runner up of the Vocal category from Dehradun regional round. It was really exciting. I had the enthusiasm to give my 100%. All my co-participants were so amazing and talented. I honestly felt under pressure seeing one better than the other singers. I feel honoured to compete amongst such talented people. Watching them perform, gave me an adrenaline rush. It was surreal. I always wanted a platform to channel out my strong urge to showcase my talent. K-pop and Korean cultural have become a major part of my life. My best decision. This contest is a place where I can interact with people who think like me, feel like me and I won’t be judged. It’s always so amazing to celebrate Korean music and language. This contest is everything. Thank you Korean Cultural Centre India for this opportunity.

 Passang Dolma (Second Runner-up)

Hello, I am Passang Dolma, 3rd runner up of K-pop contest India 2021 regional round Dehradun in the Vocal category. This is my third time participating in the K-pop contest India and so far it’s been a great experience. It was amazing competing with so many amazing K-Poppers. One thing I learned from my experience is that it doesn’t matter where we come from, the situations, or the distance, in the end, we all resonate with K-pop and it leads to more love and respect towards the Hallyu culture which brings us together. 

K-Pop artists were the real inspiration for me to use this opportunity. Accurately, it was the charisma, and how they perform. I wanted to use this platform to perform ‘ K-pop ‘ on stage. I wanted to do the thing I love the most, K-Pop music so that people can realize that it’s not just a ‘hobby’ or ‘fangirling ‘ it’s something I am very passionate about. I count it as a small step towards what I want to accomplish one day.

Regional Organiser

Dehradun Korean Culture Fanclub

Hello, I’m Vaishali Garbyal, Regional Organiser of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, and Admin of Dehradun Korean Culture Fanclub Page. From planning to execute in any way possible in 2019 with our 1st K-Pop Contest Regional Round and working with Different Team Members to Participants was an awe-inspiring and different experience. Now We’ve completed our 3rd K-Pop Contest Dehradun Regional Round and are Ready for Finale Round. Thank You all for supporting and being with us since 2019.

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