K-Pop India Contest 2021: Aizawl Regional Round Winners

Khiroda Singh Khuntia (Rourkela, Odisha) and Shalini Roy (Kolkata, West Bengal)

Aizawl Regional Round of the K-Pop India Contest 2020 was conducted online on 1st October 2021 at 8:00 p.m. IST on the YouTube page of Korean Culture Centre India. Here is an excerpt from the statements of the winners of the Dance and Vocal categories and the Regional Round organiser, Mizoram Kpop Fanclub regarding their experience of this event.

Vocal Category

Rian Marak (Winner)

I’m Rian Marak, I’m from Tura, Meghalaya. I am the winner of K-Pop Contest Mizoram Regionals in Vocal Category 2021. Honestly, I didn’t prepare myself way before the date of submission of our videos for online rounds. My mother had asked me to choose a song that would best suit my voice and would push me through the round. The organizers had been ever-friendly as I have worked with them before for a Kpop related event ( I was a participant then too). I took it slow and steady, no rush no stress. As for the final round, I felt pressured because we were asked to submit the videos very early and I had participated in other competitions too for which I had to be away from home. But I was glad I could do it in time and the organizer was also going easy with me so, overall it has been a good experience.

I have been participating in Kpop Contest for three years now but I always ended up being in the top 3 but never landed the 1st place. This year, it’s not that I didn’t expect myself to be the winner but I had faith in myself as I have been working hard every year and I gave the best of my best this year and believed that I would definitely get what I deserved for my hard work. I am glad that I didn’t give up and if I fail I will keep on trying again and again. A very big thanks to whoever has been supporting me so far, they all have my heart.

My motivator was my mom, is still my mom and will forever remain my mom. She has motivated me and pushed me to do what I love and what I do best. She has always supported me unconditionally and she always has my back. Whoever I am today and wherever I am today is solely because of my mom. As for inspiration, there are lots of people who inspire me, my biggest inspirations are Jessi and Jennie. Both phenomenal Korean singer/rapper, regardless of all the rules and regulations all the hate and criticisms they have received, have always stood strong and never let anything move or shake them. Jessi is an inspiration to a lot of youth who are bound by the ancient rules of society and are not free to dream and do what they love. Jessi has taught many youths to break free from the chains of oppressing social norms. I aspire to be a successful artist like them. They are the OGs!

Ms. Dechen Lepcha (First Runner-up)

Greetings to all! This is Dechen Lepcha, 1st runner up from vocal category, Mizoram. The K-Pop contest had been a great and enthralling thing that happened to me. As I had always loved kpop (and still do), this contest really helped me express my fondness towards K-Pop music. It was my first time taking part in this contest and indeed was a great experience. 

Before I had thought of participating but it never really happened. However, seeing many people thriving and showing their talent got me motivated to participate. This coupled with the fact that I’ve always been a huge Kpop fan–dedicated Army and Blink her! I thought I should give it a try and make my idols proud. Hehe^^ Singing has also always been a passion of mine. From Faouzia to Tiffany, I’m known to be serenading my heart out every day in my house! So naturally, I was drawn to competing for sure this year, and I certainly don’t regret it!

Ms. Lalhmingsangi (2nd Runner-up)

Hello everyone, This is Lalhmingsangi 2nd runner up from the vocal category Mizoram.

I really love kpop so I always pay attention to K-Pop contests, also I participate several times too. This year is very special for me and I also try harder than in the previous years, can’t believe that I could make it into the top 3 it was a  great experience for me. My dream is to become a K-Pop star, I love singing and dancing. Kpop contest is a platform that brings out the best of me, and it’s like a path to my dreams. I’m really happy that K-Pop contest was held every year, and I hope in the future too. I don’t regret participating, and I won’t stop till my dreams come true.

Dance Category

SPADES (Winner)

Greetings Everyone, This is SPADES and 1st place from Dance Category MIZORAM. First of all, we SPADES have so much fun regarding our dance crew and many things have happened in this contest. We laugh we struggle and sometimes we almost gave up. As our group members work so hard and practice every day for the regional round. One of our members have no experience in dance competition hence he try his best, and even us a lot of things have happened but we didn’t give up and we came this far. We also give regards to our family or whoever supports us and even God’s Grace we became 1st place from the Dance Category (Mizoram), we have gained and obtained more experienced and learned through this contest, thanks to KCCI for giving us this opportunity.

GADGETS (First Runner-up)

Hello everyone, This is Sangpuii and Zodingi from GADGETS , We are officially a four-member crew, initially we prepared for this contest along with team members, but because of the covid 19 situation, only two of us can perform together in the K-Pop India contest 2021, and secured the 2nd position in Aizawl regional round in Dance category. We worked hard and practiced a lot but it don’t turn out exactly how we had imagined. We were asked to submit the video very early as unexpected, so we cannot prepare as much as we want. Seeing other participants’ entries made us nervous but luckily we get through the online round and 2nd position in the regional round, we cannot win at the regional round but it was still a memorable experienced, we are very thankful to KCCI for giving us the opportunity this year to compete in the regional, we got to learn a lot through this competition and gained more confidence, we are excited to participate in it🥰.

Daisylalruatzeli (2nd Runner-up)

Hi, I’m Daisylalruatzeli from Champhai Mizoram, 2nd runnerup in the Dance category in Mizoram Regionals. Me participating in the kpop contest has always been a huge thing for me. I started participating from a young age and will always continue to do so. The culture greatly impresses me but overall I would say music, dance and entertainment are what make me indulge completely in the kpop world. And by  participating in this kind ok conquest makes me feel like am in Korean entertaining the Koreans I know  crazy right but the feeling is so amazing and I love what am doing, it makes me happy 

BTS would be that one group no let’s say people who greatly inspired and motivate me to dance and not give up on my dreams. They give me strength, confidence, and of course the ability to love myself and not be so insecure about everything. They are like an angel on earth. Dancing has always given me happiness and I won’t give up on my dreams to go to Korea and meet my favorite Kpop idol.

You can watch the Aizawl Regional Round here:

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