K-Album Review: GOT7’s Flight Log: Turbulence

Shraddha Gupta, New Delhi

GOT7, is a seven-member group with Jay B, Mark, Jin-young, Jackson, Young-jaeBamBam and Yugyeom. The group released their 2nd full album, which was also the second instalment for their Flight Log Trilogy, under JYP Entertainment on September 27, 2016. This album showcases 13 songs and is a complete package with a wonderful mixture of songs where each track conveys different feelings and has its own colour. All the members actively took part in the production of this album. GOT7 never fails to surprise and you won’t regret giving it a shot, now that their anticipated comeback is just around the corner.


This track features the leader Jay B, pen name Defsoul as the lyricist along Earattack. The song tells its listeners to ‘turn the engine on and put on your seatbelt,’ this is a journey to the skyway. The moon is going to shine upon us like a spotlight and, as stars would chase the darkness away and starlight, be their guide. It talks of countless hurdles and difficulties, but they want to reach the top. It has upbeat music and immediately uplifts the mood. 


The title track for this album is totally a gem and an unbeatable track when it comes to its powerful music and choreography. The powerful vibe of the song and the lyrics make it impossible to stop the feet to dance to its tune. It talks about the feeling that ‘I am a winner and I am going to hard carry you today’ perfectly conveys to the listeners the feeling of confidence. The track hits with the bold intro and finishes off smoothly and totally blows your mind. This track successfully carries the album and a bop.

Video Credits: JYP Entertainment


A fun song in which fellow member Wang Jackson took part in writing lyrics. The quirky lyrics and funky tune add to its colour. It tells you to ‘forget your worries, be free and party all night like there is no tomorrow. Even if you are sweaty and tired don’t stop and move to its tune.’ The song successfully makes its listeners move their bodies and really is a stress buster. The song itself reflects Jackson’s energy and is a total mood-maker.

Prove It

A song written by Defsoul flows with the feeling of the longing of a lover who wants to prove themselves to their loved one about how much they cherish them and want their company. The melody is the cherry on the top of the track and narrates a story. This track perfectly balances the mood of the album.


This album would have been a NO JAM without this track on board. The song pulls you in its vibe and makes you forget about your worries, take a break and enjoy your life. ‘A party without you would be no fun and everything starts with you.’ With quirky lyrics, a fun melody this dance track is a successful addition to the album, all thanks to Yugyeom, BamBam, Mark and Jackson along with Frants for writing this piece.


This song warns the ‘bad guy’ their lover chose over them to never hurt them while also questioning their loved one’s choice. The song was written which included Ars aka fellow member Young-jae, the track comes without any warning. It has a different vibe and colour. 


I want you to find me and save me!

As Jin-young writes this track, it is a mayday call from a character he plays to save him. Although he puts on a mask and smiles like nothing is wrong, internally he is exhausted and wants to break free but is unable to do so. He is sinking and calls for help to pull him out of the danger.

My Home

The fellow member Mark and ear attack, attack your ears with their unique combination of sweet melody and comforting lyrics as they call their loved ones or listeners ‘their only home, their comfort zone.’ Overall, it is a sweet song with a cute message. 

Who’s that

Through this track, the main character wants their loved ones to stop comparing them to others and read their hints about wanting to be with them. It is a fun song you will never skip from your playlist.


A song where the main character wants to hold hands with their loved ones. They are scared to confess their true feelings, but are reluctant to move away from them. It conveys the feeling of puppy love and will remind you of a sweet story from your teen years. BamBam and Mark never disappoint with their creativity and it shows in this track.


Again, Ars strikes with his master writing skills with this soulful song. The song narrates the story of a loved one who left their lover. Although he is hurt and it pains him so much, he just wants his loved one to be happy. This song brings out your emotional side and don’t blame him for the tears rolling down your cheeks.

Video Credits: JYP Entertainment


‘I dream of you and I together and it seems so real that I don’t want this dream to be over.’ Defsoul and BamBam successfully sprinkle their creative writing skills into this. A dreamlike feeling it gives, it is truly an amazing song with upbeat music, meaningful lyrics, storylike flow, this song is a wholesome one.


Last track on the list, but it is equally amazing. 

Will you be by my side, my side

Can I hold your hand? Don’t be shy

They seek permission to hold the hand of their loved ones along with a sweet melody. The track hits the ears like spring after winter. It is a song that freshens the mood and has an amazing live performance by the members. Mark, the eldest member of the group, participated in writing the lyrics as well as composition. A simple yet sweet song, the loveliness of the track is mesmerising.

Here’s the link to their album’s Spotify, do check out all the tracks! And let us know your favourite ones in the comments.

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  1. Really love the album! Well written 👏

  2. My favorite tracks are Boom x3, Prove It, Mayday, and My Home with the most skippable tracks being No Jam and Who’s That due to how generic they sound in comparison to everything else on the album.

    1. anishanath says:

      After reading this article I found out this album is a full package of some wonderful songs, I am surely gonna listen to all the songs. The article was very well detailed.

  3. anishanath says:

    After reading this article I found out this album is a full package of some wonderful songs, I am surely gonna listen to all the songs. The article was very well detailed.

  4. Love the review😍 it’s written so well👏♥️

  5. Hard Carry is one of my fav GOT7 track from this album. Now going to listen to all songsss.

  6. mehaksharma2803 says:

    One of the best GOT7 albums 🙈❤️

  7. Smriti. L says:

    This Album is so good 👏🙌❤️

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