K-Talent of India: Meet Girl Crush

Jasmine Khan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

Girl Crush is a girl group formed and based in India that loves dancing and is getting more recognition after becoming the K-Pop India Contest 2021 Delhi Winners, and now are gaining more popularity with their amazing dance covers. Their love for the K-Pop and dance has brought all the members of the group together. The girl group was formed in 2016 and ever since they have been dancing and performing together. They have also competed in the K-Pop India Contest organised every year by Korean Cultural Centre India and have secured several prizes each year. Let’s take a look at what they have to say about their journey in interaction with Hallyuism India.

Chhavi Ahlawat

I’ve always dreamt of being a member of a girl group like the K-Pop idols. Girl Crush gave me the opportunity to be that!. My inspiration has been Lisa of BlackPink and BTS of course! Being an individual dancer, this journey has been tough. You just have to keep going without stopping. The only motivation you have is yourself or your K-Pop idols. K-Pop is growing so much in India! And I expect young kids to learn about Korean culture more in the future! I always believe in

Bring the Pain On” along with “We Are Bulletproof”


As a K-Pop enthusiast for several years, I feel like I found my own space and identity within Girl Crush. We bonded on similar interests and experienced growth together. As everybody needs support from someone or the other to pursue one’s dreams, I found mine at the age of 20 from the girls of Girl Crush.


K-Pop got me back to my long lost passion and my first love – Dancing. The hard work and burning passion of the K-Pop idols work as inspiration and motivation for me. Girl Crush is like a family to me, we go through a lot of ups and downs and support each other and work hard to grow more and more every day. I feel very blessed and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful group and the opportunities that come along.


Being a part of this K-wave had always been special to me, but the turning point was definitely when I met Girl Crush. Being a part of a group that has the same dreams as you, the same talent as you and people with such amazing personalities makes it feel like home.


First of all, I’m very thankful to all of my members. Everyone here individually is way too much great and talented. I feel glad to be a part of this family. I joined Girl Crush’s journey through the 2021 audition and made a way to continue my dream as a member of being a K-Pop coverist. Being a K-Pop fan and able to cover K-Pop dance with your friends, actually, it is beyond happiness. I would like to continue my happy journey in this way with my friends. We can do this, we can make everything possible, we struggle, we rise, and we achieve our goals all together with unity.

Nikki/Anushka Kala

Dancing with a group of amazing, talented and focused girls is a kind of happiness that I cannot explain easily. I’m finally being able to participate in the offline covers and events with my girls this year and I honestly can’t wait to just have fun and create wonderful memories together.

“To Infinity and Beyond Girl Crush!”


K-Pop has shaped a lot of who I am today. I cannot even imagine how life would be if I hadn’t discovered K-Pop at the young age of 10. Bopping to 2NE1 and Girls’ Generation; crazy fangirling over EXO and BTS; I have been a part of this fandom for half of my life and I would gladly say K-Pop has saved me. Joining Girl Crush was one of the best decisions of my life. These girls have given me so much and I’m forever grateful for them. Being one of the first members who joined this group I’ve seen how much we have grown and improved as dancers as well as individuals from the beginning. We started off in 2016 when not a lot of people in India knew what K-pop was as compared to now. Seeing so many new kpop dance crews being formed these days, participating in K-Pop contests and all makes me so proud and happy. I can’t wait to make more beautiful memories with my girls and just have fun! Girl Crush is my second home❤️


I am overwhelmed with how Girl Crush has come so far, and now our activities even motivate younger coverist all over India.

“Be what you want to be, just dance if you want to 🎶


I have always loved dancing and singing and when I discovered K-pop back in 2012 I was amazed to know that there is a platform which mixes dance and singing together for a performance. I was friends with the members of Girl Crush from before and each member made me feel accepted and comfortable, and by the year 2020, I knew I had to be a part of this group. Being with Girl Crush has been the most fun I have ever had, there are ups and downs, but I have learnt to grow patience towards my girls because the result is always fantastic. I LOVE performing with my girls and every moment is so amazing. And at this point, we are all sisters and we always look out for each other, never could have ever been more thankful for it in my life.

I have seen many budding K-talents here in Delhi and there’s going to be so much in future for them to learn and experience, I’m just glad that this platform has grown over the years; back in 2017 there were barely 10 K-Cover Artists collectively overall and now I’ve seen how much the talent has come out. Also, huge thanks to the K-culture because it encourages kids to sing and dance as something they love and as something they can showcase online without any hesitation because the platform is so huge and accepted nowadays!!! Can’t wait to see more talented kids coming up over the years and bringing out the heat and competition.

Anam Tana

It’s almost 3 years with Girl Crush. I can say that. I am more active and also inclusive when I am with them. We go out dining, after every collective cover. We do lots of fun activities like viewing picturesque places altogether, making reels and dressing ourselves pretty. I feel really cute when I am with them. I feel nice and protected with them. As for now, I am a bit busy with my studies. I know that it all goes hand in hand. While accepting the reality. There would be a story which can hurt and another which can make you smile. So, yeah it goes all well, fine and balanced for me. Not everyone can be perfect at some point. Whilst, we need to make a comfortable bridge of understanding each other.

I joined Girl Crush because we all at the same time shared the same desires and fun intentions. It all began, during the phase of Covid. at First, I had to go through an audition, which was online based and was apparently selected. We all had to take our responsibilities. As we, which I mean Vio and Toshita, who were also selected along with me. In the same year and month. We were asked to prioritise our duties, not a rocket science thing but to upload covers from time to time. Basically, whenever, we are free from our personal work and also exams as well as classes.

My K-pop journey goes back to Gee Gee and Lee Hyori. Gee Gee is a song by Girl’s Generation. And Lee Hyori, who, I admired like an angel from heaven. Whom, I don’t want to share with anyone else. She is such an absolute boss. But guess what, I have already dedicated myself to opening up myself and sharing this with all amazing readers. Let’s start with me, I and myself. I always wanted to be in a local girl group, like this, the present one, who actually does know about K-pop rather than being an interesting typical dancer. It is quite fun to just dance but as for me, I could relate and could grow more attachment towards the ones, who knows about K-Pop instead of adoring lives within the four walls of active participation. I wanted to go beyond that. Back then, the music enthusiast and the young society weren’t aware of K-pop. For an instance. The VH1 channel and many other 2 to 3 music channels. Well, luck and applauds to many K-pop artists who made it to vh1 and 9xo also zoom. Furthermore, I am not biased in a particular set-up system of music and song. It’s culturally important to admire your own language songs and plus also to acknowledge of all sort of around the world “music and songs”. I do not want to react even today or even in past thinking “what actual music societies or the actual listeners should look like. “

I wanted to understand why particular music or an oriented language is gaining the leadership position by itself and own self. I ask myself. I talked to my friends regarding their music tastes and preferences And, I guess I found the answer. By this time, I can say that I have no proper selection of music and songs. All thanks to BTS, who actually made me understand and realise that it takes time to fly equally higher. I can go and listen to any songs in any particular language. Like, from Vietnam pop songs/traditional to Chinese pop songs/traditional, to Thai and many more. Moreover, I have started to love my own local songs too. As for me, BTS is the one, who made me feel like an actual on-ground person, who can love all around world music and believe the fact that it’s the place of respective hearts and passions. It should be equally enjoyed without excluding or alienating the hardworking hearts and passions. This entire woke culture is growing collectively and consciously fun. I hope for more inclusivity with care and respect. Thanks for listening to my bedtime stories.


"Even the word dancing gives me chills, dancing has always been a therapy for me” During the quarantine, I happened to come across the video of artist Chungha’s – Gotta go performance on Instagram. Although there are other K-pop artists who do inspire me but this choreography inspired me so much that I eventually learnt and practised it for 3 months and finally thought of shooting and I did it (on 17 May 2020) and that’s how my K-coverist journey started (◠‿◕) As, I joined Girl Crush through an audition in 2021. A piece of each of them has built me to be a better version of myself. Being part of this passionate, talented, reputed group will remain a huge blessing for me <3 And the msg for the upcoming future K – talent

“We are here today, so that you can be here tomorrow”


I joined Girl Crush back in 2018, I was the first member to be recruited besides The Original 5 members, Dancing has been a part of my life literally my whole existence and K-pop was something I really enjoyed not just dancing to it, But also singing as well and by joining Girlcrush I get to discover more about K-pop and its culture not to forget them delicious Foods>_< Also I get to know these amazing girls full of talents each unique in their own beautiful way. They’re like my sisters from another mother. I’m glad to be a part of this journey with my girls and grow more & more together towards every success. As for now, K-pop has a huge impact in India compared to before. We get to hear BTS and Blackpink songs in many shops and malls. It is really heart warming the way we all enjoy K-pop, I would loveeeeee to have a BTS or any possible K-pop idol concert here in India.

”What if it doesn’t come true? ahh, What if it does”


I love the rising popularity of kpop in India and how more people are acknowledging K-culture and K-pop. K idols have been my biggest inspiration since I got into K-pop. I’ve learnt to not give up on my dreams and keep on trying until I reach my goal. I’m very grateful to have such an amazing team which is like my second home. I wish to spend more time and grow more with them.

On behalf of our entire Hallyuism Team, we would like to extend our best wishes to Girl Crush and cheer for them to take the Hallyu wave higher in India and all over the world with their amazing teamwork, hard work and passion!

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