TXT Event: Our Summer with MOA in Mumbai

Jasmine Khan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

On 28th May 2022, the Indian Fanbase of the K-Pop Group Tomorrow by Together (TXT), TXT India Fanbase and the India-Korea based verified Korean album and merch store The Hallyu Store organised the offline TXT Event: Our Summer with MOA in Mumbai. The event took place at Wasabi 15, where exciting games, giveaways, and much more awaited for the fans of the group. Hallyuism was invited as a media partner to cover this event, and here’s an excerpt from the organisers themselves about their experience of organising this event. Take a look:

Navsheen (The Hallyustore)

As an organiser it was truly a thrilling experience. even though the event was planned around a month ago I was nervous until the very moment, I was supposed to host the event with one of my friend but due to some reasons he couldn’t make it that day and the more upsetting aspect was there were no mics available from the restaurant’s end and I had to end up doing the hosting without any mic but it was all fun because MOAs around me didn’t made me feel a need of it (mic). My favourite time of the event was when I performed on the Dolphin song SOOBIN and ARIN of OH MY GIRL. It was my first time hearing people cheer for me and also not forgetting the games session it was so fun everyone was so excited about answering and so I was excited to ask more questions.

Naaz (The Hallyustore)

We always wanted to do a MOA meet up in Mumbai and we are so happy that we got a chance to become one of the organisers of the MOA meet up in Mumbai. Not gonna lie it was a roller coaster ride, but I enjoyed the ride, from planning out the event till making in happen in real, the best part of our event was when everyone turned their torches and sang MOA Diary, it was so eye pleasing, so wonderful to see people jamming over it. We are glad that the MOAs at the event enjoyed and made the best out of the event.

Sufia (TXT India Fanbase)

This meet up was like a dream come true moment for me. Since it’s been more than 3 years for me with TXT, MOAs and as an admin of this fanbase, it felt so very special for me when I got to see the faces of MOAs in real life. Due to the pandemic we were unable to host any such event but we did many online one. Although they were equally fun but MOAs gathering in person and cheering for TXT together just holds a special place in my heart. There were lot many difficulties and issues that arised while we were planning for this event, I was indeed very nervous and scared whether we would be able to pull it of or not. But we did pull it of and it was so worth it, I would also like to personally thank The Hallyustore for helping us organize this because without them this event wouldn’t have been possible.

Lastly I want to thank all the MOAs who came to our event and those who have been supporting us always, we are looking forward to host many more such events in different cities as we keep growing together.

Event Highlights

Apart from jamming to TXT’s song, the event also highlight dress-up games, quizzes, food and drinks followed by prizes and giveaways that included official TXT merch. All the attendees also received several other merch and photocards during this event. The event garnered a high enthusiasm and hype throughout the event as there were several amazing performances prepared by MOAs including TXT’s debut song ‘Crown’ and the latest smash hit “Good Boy Gone Bad” from their latest minisode: Thursday’s Child. All in all, it was an amazing event conducted and organised by the entire team and the efforts to organise an offline event in India is highly commendable as more and more cities are now picking up on it and organising events where fans are looking for such opportunities to come where they enjoy and have fun together! We are looking forward to more such events in the future. Best wishes to the organising team.

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