BTS Anniversary Event at Delhi by Korean Culture India Fan Club

Smiti Iyer, New Delhi

On Sunday,12th June, Korean Culture India Fan Club organized BTS’s 9th Anniversary Event at Cultured Heartbrew Café, New Delhi, from 12 pm to 2 pm. There were in total 38 attendees who came to attend the event. The event has started with everyone giving their introduction and their experience in being in the fandom, receiving photo cards as freebies, playing quizzes, provision tasty food depending on different food preferences, singing performances and flashmobs till the end of the event. The organiser and the fan have shared their experiences at the end of the event with Hallyuism. Take a look.

Organiser Experience

Ms. Prerna: I would like to thank every fan who was a part of this event in Delhi. The reason our team works harder for organising such events is because of the never-ending support towards BTS and the Korean culture. Initially, we thought as the event falls around the exams of many students, we will be expecting less number of people, yet many fans were able to join us during the event ultimately and the response of the fans was also really positive and loving. We really wish to organise more such events for the fans in the future. Again, we are thankful to everyone who came and graced our occasion with their presence.

Ms. Smiti: It was my first time organizing an event with KCIFC. Before that, I have only been going to events organized by many ARMYS. Being an introvert, I did not realize that I’ll have the courage to coordinate things and ensure that everyone must get what we have prepared for them and enjoy all the activities and food provided to them. We had a lot of fun coordinating the event and conducting the quiz, singing and dancing to the songs along with ARMYS who have attended the event. This experience was overall amazing and enjoyable for me.

Ms. Ekta: It was the first time I took part in an event as part of the organising team, so I was very delighted and grateful. The event was a blast. We got to share the stories with the attending ARMYs of how they joined the fandom and we danced and sing along. We had a lot of fun coordinating the event. I always have self-doubts about organizing any event but this was a great experience and I learned a lot of things.

Fans’ Experience 

Annie Bhardwaj: This was my first BTS event and I was very excited to attend it. It lived up to my expectations, from singing and dancing crazily on BTS songs to sharing our heartfelt stories about how we became ARMYs. Made some new Chingus (‘friends’ in Korean) with whom I can share my BTS craziness and love and in this event everyone ‘got jams’, u know what I mean. Let’s love and support our boys forever and meet someday in Korea too!!

Highlight of the Event 

  1. Fan’s reaction to getting their gifts after winning the quiz.
  2. Heart-touching experiences shared by few fans.
  3. Two people give one answer each for a question and hence get prizes for the same.
  4. Dancing on Super Tuna and That That.
  5. Ms. Prerna shares her experience of a baby army on the school bus.
  6. The eldest attendee and the youngest attendee cut the cake together during the event.
  7. Freebies and snacks were shared with the attendees.

We hope to organise many more such events in the future! Tell us your thoughts about attending one in the comments!

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  1. anishanath says:

    It must be really fun and exciting, nice to see so many many armys💜

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    It sounds so awesome😭😭 hope one day i can surely attend events like this 😭✨

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    Mummy will be proud 💜💜💜💜

  4. It’s always fun attending such events with ARMYS. Hope more like this happens in future as well

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