BTS Anniversary Event at Kolkata by Korean Culture India Fan Club

Anisha Nath and Suparna Mitra (Kolkata, West Bengal)

Korean Culture India Fan Club organised the BTS 9th Anniversary event on the 12th of June, just a day before their debut day or anniversary day which is the 13th of June at Bite That Spoon Cafe (BTS Cafe) in Kolkata. It’s a BTS-themed cafe in Kolkata, West Bengal. During this whole event, we didn’t use any plastic materials to decorate to avoid any plastic waste. There was a quiz competition, ARMYS shared their own stories, Freebies distribution (One A4 Size Poster, 3 photocards, One sticker, One Bookmark), Group Photocards to the quiz winners, cake cutting and yummy K-food, cold drinks and sweet dessert (Buldak noodles Veg/Non-Veg, Drink: Dionysus (Kokum spritzer), Dessert: Darssan with ice cream) and last but not the least, full of enjoyment.

Organiser Experience

Ms. Suparna: It was my first time organizing a BTS event. I was very much nervous and excited at the same time. When I was given this responsibility I was very much overwhelmed. I have put all my love for BTS and my friends to make this event successful. Along with that as it was the first BTS event I have attended, specifically, I was feeling more like an attendee rather than an organiser. I was happy for getting freebies, share my story as an ARMY and meet my new friends. All over it was a wonderful memory that I made with others. Thanks to Korean Culture India Fan Club and Hallyuism for giving me this opportunity to discover my new ability and these beautiful moments.

Ms. Anisha: It was one of the best experiences of my life. Meeting the ARMYS made me very emotional that day. First I would like to thank KCIFC and Hallyuism for trusting me and giving me this opportunity to hold this recent on behalf of them. That day was one of the best days of my life. I did not have any experience to organise an event but still with the help of Ms. Suparna, the event was a success. I met so many ARMYs that day, shared so many beautiful moments with them, they also shared their stories with us. Everything went smoothly though I was a little bit nervous which did not affect me much because more than nervous I was excited. I enjoyed myself a lot with everyone.

Fans Experience 

Ms. Tirna, one of our attendees, had heartfelt words after the event “I have always been an introvert who never had a lot of friends. I also had a very unique taste in music, for which I have been made fun of sometimes. And I always felt that I had to change myself to suit the trend. Listening to BTS of course was life-changing, but I also started becoming more comfortable with myself. So when I was able to meet all of my fellow ARMY’S it was a moment of happiness for me. I will be forever grateful to BTS and to all of you that I can be a crazy fangirl without being judged.”

Highlight of the Event 

At first, all of the attendees introduced themselves and we distributed the Freebies to them. After that, we started with the quiz and as expected everybody knew all the answers to the quiz, I guess we need to prepare more hard quiz questions for next time. It was a bit hard for us to choose the winners but we had to do at last and there were two winners and those two winners received extra photo cards from us.

Then we moved on to the next part of the event which was sharing our own stories as an Army, while this was going on we were served the drinks. Next, we did the Super Tuna Dance with the ARMYs.

After this, the most important part was cutting the cake for the 9th Anniversary of BTS and lastly, we were served the spicy Buldak ramyeon and a dessert. Everything went really well, the attendees liked the freebies, they enjoyed it and our first event was a success.

We hope to organise many more such events in the future! Tell us your thoughts about attending one in the comments!

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  1. anishanath says:

    It was such a fun day with everyone , looking forward more events in the future.

  2. I really wish to attend these kinds of events again😭♥️ This sounds so fun🥺💜

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really enjoyed a lot thanks to Hallyuism and KCIFC to arrange thz beautiful event looking forward to the future events 🤗💜

  4. khiroda06 says:

    Events like this are so fun but only if i could attend them 😭

  5. I wish I could attend 😭

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