K-Pop India Contest 2022: Hyderabad Regional Round Winners

Anisha Nath (Kolkata, West Bengal)

Hyderabad Regional Round of the K-Pop India Contest 2022 was conducted online on 11th June at 5:00 p.m. IST on the YouTube page Korean Cultural Centre India by the Regional Round organiser KFanzz Entertainment. Here’s an excerpt from the statements of the winners of the Dance and Vocal categories about their overall experience of this contest and few words from the organiser about their experience.

Dance Category

TH7 (Winner, Popularity Choice Award winner)

Hello we are TH7, we are the winners of the dance category from Hyderabad and we have won the Popularity Choice Award as well. We were so thrilled and happy to know that we won. We can’t express it enough through the words. Talking about the contest this year all the participants have done so well and it was really crazy to see a lot of entries from different regions which shows how much K-Pop had grown here in India. Also Hyderabad Organisers were very helpful and kind, they conducted the event so well. All of our members are really into K-Pop. This contest is also a platform for us to show our love towards K-pop and also our passion towards dancing. Some of our members had participated in the contest individually last year but we were looking for something that is to win and that’s when we came together and made TH7. We were really shocked when we won the Popularity Choice Award also, we didn’t really expect to win this award. We are so happy and thankful to everyone who supported us and voted for us, we will do our best in the finals. Please look forward to our performance.

Ch.Aparna (1 st Runner Up)

Hello this is Ch.Aparna and I am the First runner up of the dance category. I feel great and I am really happy to have won 2nd place in the K-Pop India Contest Hyderabad Regional round. It was an amazing experience. I loved how the judges reacted and gave suggestions about our performances, I learnt a lot. I want to thank K-Fanzz Entertainment for organising this regional round and also Mr. Jong for judging and providing suggestions. I have always loved dancing since childhood and few years back I got into K-Pop. I was amazed by the choreographies and loved the K-Pop songs. They were really great and I wanted to try dancing to them. K-Pop India Contest was something where I could challenge myself and see how much I have improved over the years and so I decided to participate in the contest . It was so much fun to be a part of the K-Pop India Contest, thank you.

V Ramya Shri and V Yasha Shri (2nd Runner Up)

Hi, our name is V Ramya Shri and V Yasha Shri and we are the Second Runner Up of the dance category. We are happy that we became the second runner up, and we have performed and participated in various dance competitions as a classical dancer but it was our first time participating in the K-Pop India Contest. It is like a new experience, the judges were good and they also pointed out our mistakes which we worked on later and improved ourselves. During the pandemic we got to know about K-Pop, K-Drama and K-Beauty and many more things about Korea. When we first listened to the K-Pop songs, it was very interesting and enthusiastic. BTS, Stray Kidz, Blackpink and many more groups inspired us very much as they have good concepts, music, dance and choreography. Thank you Korean Culture Centre India for giving us the platform to showcase our talent and love for Korea.

Vocal Category

Nivrutha Deevanapalli( Winner, Popularity Choice Award Winner)

Hello my name is Nivrutha Deevanapalli and I am the winner of the Hyderabad Regional Round in and I also won the Popularity Choice Award from the Vocal Category. I was so surprised and excited that I have been declared as the winner of the Hyderabad Regional Round contest. I almost teared up. My passion for singing and love towards K-pop is what inspired me to participate in K-Pop India Contest. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my feelings and share it with everyone.

Jahnavi Ganesh Aiyer( 1 st Runner Up)

My name is Jahnavi Ganesh Aiyer and I am the first Runner-up for the Vocal Category of Hyderabad Regional Round for K-Pop India Contest 2022. To be honest, I was not very happy with my submission and didn’t expect to be at the position of the first runner-up. I had not realised that the results were announced that I had placed second till I checked my mail. That was when I realised that somehow I managed to bag a prize. For me, the first K-Pop related contest I attended was the K-Pop cover contest held by KFanzz and I won the vocals category in 2020, so having bagged a prize where the Regionals were conducted by KFanzz Entertainment was sort of like coming a full circle . I had sent in my submission for the online round minutes before the deadline. I wasn’t really intending on participating, until something clicked and I thought, why not give it a shot? And I’m so glad I did.

DVINE (2 nd Runner Up)

Hi this is DVINE, Tejashree and Deepika, we won the second runner up in this year’s vocal category from Hyderabad Region. We are delighted and slightly disappointed as we had high hopes set and this was a little bit shock but we are satisfied with our performance and hopefully we get to participate in the coming years on the same platform after improving ourselves and return as a better version of us. The inspiration to participate always comes from the love we both have towards the world of K-Pop, we can all agree to the fact that this is a new world in itself and we got introduced to it and fell in love about 5-6 years ago all this started from K-Pop to K-Drama and so on, hence, we wanted to do what we do best that is singing and show the love we have for both K-Pop and ourselves.

Regional Round Organiser

KFanzz Entertainment

안녕 this is Miss Jae aka Simron – Creative Content, Assistant Manager & Safiyyah – PR Manager of KFanzz Entertainment. I’m glad Hallyuism has given us this opportunity to express our experience during K-pop Contest 2022 Hyderabad Regionals.

Firstly, it was an honour and a privilege to be able to organize the regional round of K-Pop Contest India in Hyderabad once again. The best part of organizing would be working with my team at KFanzz. Through these experiences our bond grows stronger. Whenever we are presented with the opportunity to organize K-Pop contest with KCCI, we like to showcase our participants talents in a very unique and innovative way. We would love to keep doing this as much as we can and make this experience the best for everyone.

Lastly, a huge thanks to Hallyuism that has been a part in collaborating with KFanzz now for our online events. We are glad & would love to work together for our future events as well. Thanks a loads from the whole team of KFanzz Entertainment.

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