K-Pop India Contest 2022: Patna Regional Round Winners

Riya Choudhary (New Delhi)

Patna Regional Round of the K-Pop India Contest 2022 was conducted online on 5th June 2022 at 6:00 p.m. IST on the YouTube channel of Korean Cultural Centre India. Here is an excerpt from the statements of the winners and the Regional Round organiser, King Sejong Institute Patna and Kculture.bihar regarding their experience of this event.

Vocal Category

Vibha Rawat (Winner)

Hi! I’m Vibha, winner of the Patna regional round in the vocal category. Music has been my passion. This year’s K-Pop contest has been amazing. It was a very fun experience for me. I never thought I would be the winner as there were many amazingly talented people. The support from the organizers had helped me a lot. Thanks a lot to KCCI for giving us a huge opportunity through organizing K-pop India contest every year and thanks to all the viewers who supported us. I really enjoyed performing in this contest. Thank you very much!!

Prachi Priya (First Runner-up)

Hello. My name is Prachi Priya. I got 2nd position in K-Pop India contest in the Patna regional round. I really love K-Pop since 2019 that make me so curious to learn their songs and dance and that interest and curiosity take me to K-Pop India contest I discovered about K-Pop India Contest in 2020 so I feel it’s such a cool thing like if you love to sing and dance on K-Pop and want to show you’re talent you should really go for it. So in 2021 I participated in a contest and unfortunately I couldn’t make it so I tried once again in 2022 and I got selected for the regional round. The experience of being a participant of K-Pop India contest is memorable since it’s online. I got to face little complications but in the end everything went well. So all I wanna say is that if you’re into K-Pop and want to show your talent, you should definitely go for it. Thank you ✨

Pragati Singh (Second Runner-up)

Hello my name is Pragati Singh. I’m from Delhi. So in 2019 I saw a post about K-pop contest and it was almost last day of video submission, I quickly recorded a video and uploaded to Delhi regionals and yup I was in…but I couldn’t make it but it was whole another experience then COVID happened I was hopeless then again this year I uploaded video but because I’m student in KSI Patna I submitted my video there, this time I won 3rd position. So I just want to say keep trying, don’t feel bad about losing or anything just enjoy this rollercoaster.

Dance Category

Leona X Baby SGL (Winner)

Hello! We are Leona X Baby SGL representing Patna Region in K-Pop Contest India 2022. First of all we are very much happy that we are getting an opportunity to show our love for K-pop & K-culture through this platform. Thank you KCCI team & every community connected with them in support of this contest. “K-Pop is love, it’s a world of dream for us & it makes us share our interest together” Lets work super hard & we would like to wish all finalists & future participants the best wishes. ANNYEONG!

Purwa and Kritika (First Runner-up)

Hello! We are twins Purwa and Kritika. We are 2nd Prize Winner of K-Pop India Contest 2022 Patna Regional Round. It was really an amazing experience. It’s a little sad that this time also, this competition was held online but was fun. This competition is really a great platform to showcase our talent and also our passion towards K-Pop and K- Culture. It’s been a tough but beautiful journey and was possible only because of K-Pop. We are very happy to see that people are showing more and more interest towards K-Pop. We are really thankful to our audience who gave us so much love and support. And all the best to those who made it to the next round.

Divyanshu (Second Runner-up)

Hello. I am Divyanshu. 3Rd place winner of K-Pop India contest 2022 Patna Regional Round. I had an amazing experience being part of the contest. Competing with such talented people was indeed stressful yet exciting. For future contestants, I would say that it is essential not to stress too much and actually enjoy the process.

Popularity award

Sanya Himalaya

Hi this is Sanya Himalaya. I’m from Bihar essentially from Patna & I got selected for the Regional round of K-pop India Contest 2022. I’m so happy that I won the popularity award. Thank you so much @ksipatna & @kculture.bihar I had a very nice experience. And to the participants who got qualified for the finals of the K-pop India Contest 2022 I wish them all the very best. I know reaching there takes a lot of effort, so a huge shout out to them. I’m so excited to get enthralled by their amazing performances. I’m rooting for all of them. Hwaiting everyone ✨

Regional Round Organiser

King Sejong Institute Patna ~ Ms. Grace Lee

It is always very touching to see the remarkable cultural exchange between the Korean and Indian cultures during the K-Pop contest. The display of the love, support and passion of the fans of Korean culture and their enthusiasm towards K-Pop, is always amazing to see. Especially in the form that brings not just them but us as well, a great amount of joy. Working towards that is always a very meaningful experience. I would also like to add that Indian youth have wonderful potential and I am happy to see that K-Pop Patna round is one of the platform on which they will be performing with great enthusiasm and challenge!

Kculture Bihar ~ Ms.Mohini

I always feel very proud that we (Patna) have been one of the oldest organising regions of the K-Pop Contest India. And to be in the organisers team since a while now feels even more so surreal ~ Yes, it is a tough job organising events of such nature that has a variety of components and doing it online is a challenge on a whole new level, however, at the end of the day, all the efforts feel worth it when I see the happy and enthusiastic participants and audience who are ecstatic to be a part of the K-Pop contest. Then competition is tough, and there are happy and sad moments for all. However, I always encourage all the participants (past or future) to not be disheartened by whatever the result may be and keep up their hard work and good spirit! One way or the other it always comes back to help and never goes to waste!♡

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