K-Album Review: TREASURE EP.3: One to All by ATEEZ

Preeti Pravin Patil, Mumbai

ATEEZ is a new Gen Z boy band that debuted on 24th October 2018 under KQ Entertainment with their first mini-album ‘TREASURE EP.1: All to Zero’. The group consists of eight members that are Kim Hong-joong, Park Seong-hwa, Jeong Yun-ho, Kang Yeo-sang, Choi-san, Song Min-gi, Jung Woo-young and Choi Jong-ho. They have named their fandom ‘ATINY’ (a combination of ATEEZ and DESTINY). Ateez captured the hearts of everybody and won the ‘Worldwide Fans’ Choice’ award for two consecutive years, 2019 and 2020 and won the ‘World Rookie of the Year’ in the year 2021. Ateez is recognised for their Hip-hop music and they have also been adding new styles to their upcoming studio albums. Additionally, they are renowned for their great vocals and energetic performances.

Ateez’s third mini-album “Treasure EP.3: One to All” was released on June 10 in 2019. The album consists of six tracks that are very much energetic and give off a very frenzied vibe. The album is filled with Hip Hop music along with some moombahton genres. The album secured 2nd place on the Gaon Album Chart in South Korea and also positioned on the 9thplace in the Billboard’s Heatseekers Album Chart and 8th place on the Billboard’s World Album Charts. The album also gained the first win for the group at the Mnet M Countdown and SBS MTV’s The Show.

So, here’s a review for the tracks included in the album:


The meaning of Utopia is an imaginary community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its members. ‘UTOPIA’ is also the first track in the mini-album and is filled with emotions, a powerful chorus and upbeat music. So, in the song, the members say that Utopia is their dream that they never thought could be real. The song is vibrant with cool beats in the background along with pianos. Not only the chorus but its pre-chorus is pretty much addictive. The song is perfectly maintained as it is energetic but somehow slows down at the end making it calm. The song also has its Japanese version which is similarly addictive. The best part about the song is that it doesn’t only talk about themselves but also how they want their fans to reach Utopia with them.

Video Credits: ATEEZ


‘ILLUSION’, the second track on the album, is quite quirky and humorous. With hip-hop rhythms and fabulous vocals of the members the song harmonizes a perfect party tune. Illusion talks about how the boys are trapped in a different imaginary world where they question themselves where they are and who they are. In the imaginary world, they see the blue sun, purple stars and flowers dancing and whenever they open their eyes, they find unbelievable and unimaginable scenery. They compare them to Columbus, a man who discovered America through navigational routes as they discover their imaginary place is an illusion. To the members, everything seems like an illusion that they dream of having more and are scared and anxious for the future but they want to keep going. The song is very chill and the main focus of the song is the vocals and the rap. Having such deep meaning, the song can be great as a travel playlist.



‘CRESCENT’ is nothing but a mixture of tunes in which the only thing that is said in the song is “Open your eyes”. So, this track means that the boys have to end their illusion and start waking up in the real world. This track is a mix of many instruments like the cellos and violins along with pianos playing very delicately in the back which is only 46 seconds.



‘WAVE’, the fourth track on the album, is a very energetic and addictive type of song. It gives out a cool summer beach vibe with the message that an adventurous moment should be enjoyed. The song further continues after the illusion when they wake up, the song is about how they cheer up, throw away their worries and hesitations and have fun. The song also tells how they want to be together with their fans and both Ateez and Atiny are enough for them to reach their higher peak. The song gives out a beach party vibe and the vocals along with the rap are in a perfect balance. The chorus, that is, of the funk and rock genre, sure can make any person groove on it easily.



‘AURORA’ the fifth track on the album is a kind of melodica and tuneful song. According to the song Aurora is like the light in the night. As the album is full of dreams and illusions this song talks about the colourful dream in their night. It is a song about their doubts and bad feelings that is overwhelmed because of the aurora as it gives them hopes and opportunities that make them keep going. The song is calmer throughout, which gets a bit heavier in the chorus part. The chorus is instrumental along with the fabulous vocals of the members which make the song truly addictive for one. The best part about the song is that it was composed by the leader Kim Hong-joong itself when they were on a tour and said that they experienced their aurora while on tour.


‘DANCING LIKE BUTTERFLY WINGS’ is the last song in the album filled with fun and cheerful tunes. The whole song is about being a butterfly, graceful and perfect. They are reaching out to the sky and as they reach the top they wait for their fans till they come up the same height. The song talks about motivation to reach one’s dream. ‘Dancing Like Butterfly Wings’ is of a rock style genre with their hip hop beats, the electric guitar along with their powerful chorus makes the listener move to the beat. The song gives out a cheering vibe and can make a person’s mood light up.

Video Credits: M2

Ateez’s third album wholly talks about dreams and aims, the songs are beautifully put up from an unknown place like a utopia to the sky where one meets their dream. The album is filled with very fun-loving music with really deep meanings which show the team’s hard work and messages through their songs. Overall, the album is a work of art that should be appreciated by many.

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  1. Wave is my favourite title track by Ateez. I will listen to the bsides now💖

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love Ateez, their music and members are so much fun to watch, proud atiny 🤜🤛💘😌

  3. kylemyoxin78 says:

    Halla Halla is one of my favourites 💜

  4. ATEEZ has been doing their best since pre-debut and they outshine themselves with every comeback. This album with song Aurora, Wave, Illusion, Utopia, Dancing like butterfly wings, is one of my fav concept and album of theirs. These songs are go-to songs in my playlist. Thankyou ATEEZ for always working hard.

  5. I haven’t listened to the album yet so will go and check it out after reading this review😍❤️❤️

  6. Such an amazing album. Favourite song from this album is Wave and Utopia.

  7. suhasini17 says:

    Wave era was my start with ateez!! so this particularalbum is close to my heart!! I really love all the tracks!!Wave is a total bubbly, joyful summer vibe !! Would 1recommend every kpopper to ones liste and vibe to ateez and their amazing music

  8. I listened to this album after reading this review and really liked Aurora!

  9. mehaksharma2803 says:

    One of the best ateez albums 💕

  10. anishanath says:

    This article was really helpful for me to go and listen to all those songs, I am gonna go and listen to the songs. Well written.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Really enjoyed this article!

  12. chandrasep11 says:

    their music is always full of energy and amazing dance skills.

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