Ji Chang-wook’s Birthday Project by Ji Chang Wook Love India Fanbase

Ayushi Saxena & Krishna Kishen, New Delhi

Born in 1987, the 5th of July is celebrated around the world as the well-known and amazing (might I add, good-looking wink) South Korean actor and singer, Ji Chang-wook’s birthday. He began his career in musical theatre and rose to fame through his phenomenal acting for playing the lead role of Dong-hae in Smile Again and went on to deliver his great acting skills in various K-dramas and K-movies such as Healer, Suspicious Partner, Backstreet Rookie, Fabricated City (psst hey! Go check out reviews for some of them on our website!), and most recently in The Sound of Magic. He has won Asia Artist Award for Best Actor and Asia Celebrity. He was also nominated and won KBS Drama Award in various categories for Smile Again and Healer. He was also nominated for Baeksang Arts Award in Best New Actor – Film category for Fabricated City and SBS Drama Awards in various categories for Suspicious Partner, Backstreet Rookie and so on. Read on to know how his fanbase from India “Ji Chang Wook Love India” celebrated his birthday this year.

While he has fans from all over the world (Team Wookie forever!); the Indian fanbase, JCW Love India, definitely left no stone unturned in showering love upon him on his birthday. From helping the wildlife and underprivileged kids to even purchasing land in Scotland making Ji Chang-wook a ‘Lord’! Here, we have compiled all the details you need, to appreciate these compassionate and meaningful gifts given to Ji Chang-wook on his birthday by the Indian fanbase and hope that it encourages everyone to carry out such inspiring initiatives that can help our nature, wildlife and the community.

First off one of the jaw-dropping gifts to Ji Chang-wook was an sq ft land of Scotland under his name! The land is on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve which is just south of Duror and Ji Chang-wook is now the Lord of the very beautiful Glencoe Wood. And the most inspiring part is that the money from selling these plots is being used to reserve and help protect wildlife around the estate such as Black Grouse and many more. This is also to encourage the introduction of new species in the area. An official sale deed is available on the official Instagram page of Ji Chang-wook’s Indian fanbase, JCW Love India. This gift has to be one of the most extravagant (and very much deserved) gifts we have ever seen. Isn’t it so igniting and reassuring that we have such incredible and thoughtful fans across the globe?

Another splendid gift to the lovely actor was a donation to Charitism, an online donation platform, and a wonderful birthday celebration party was thrown in honour of Ji Chang-wook in the slums of Chawri Bazar, New Delhi. To make the underprivileged kids happy, the fanbase provided food, cake, gifts, balloons, and party hats to almost 40 to 50 children and even organised a dance party to spread the joy. The Indian fanbase has made such a huge difference to society that it brings happy tears to my eyes. Imagine how happy the kids would be.

It doesn’t end here! The Indian fanbase adopted/planted 100 trees for the “Trees for tigers” project at community lands of Dulara village on the buffer zone of Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra. Trees like custard apple, lemon, pomegranate, tamarind etc. were planted that’ll not only help the tigers and wildlife but also the natives for the forest-based livelihood. It was a thoughtful gesture by giving back to nature and wildlife and opening new means of livelihood for the people. Ji Chang-wook would be so proud to know this generous deed done by his fans.

They also made a small donation to an orphanage Vani Vidhyashraya in Bangalore’s rural area where they celebrated his birthday the entire day. They cut his birthday cake and a lovely lunch was served to the kids, they also did Puja for him. There were around 50 kids (10 specially-abled) and 5 staff members. They provided the fanbase with a list of groceries they needed, this is what they sent them: 40 kilograms of Rice, 5 litres of cooking oil, 2 litres of coconut oil, 8 kilograms of washing powder, 120 Shampoo satchels, 1 kilogram of mustard seeds, 20 kilograms of Wheat flour, 1600 grams of Parle G biscuits. At this point, we feel so proud to be his fan. Truly Team Wookie Forever!

This is not the first time that the fans of actor Ji Chang-wook have joined hands to support such noble causes. The thoughtfulness, care, love and gratitude reflected by these projects truly depict the positive influence Ji Chang-wook has on his fans from around the world. And we at Hallyuism take immense pride in the actions taken by the fans from around the world to improve the quality of life and impart happiness to the people. Through the support the artists receive from fans, we can do so much to improve the communities we come from and at large for humanity.

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      This is really well articulated. Must say for even a non-ARMY(Don’t kill me for being wrong here) this kind of gift makes me happy. A kind of gift any fandom would be proud of. Keep the good work, loved the article 👍

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    It was fun writing the article, i felt happy knowing all of this 🥺💖

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      Well articulated…Fan base Fan following !
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    Loved how you described the event so beautifully!! Amazing initiative taken by JCW Team India!!

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    The event looks so amazing, if only I could be there. Such nice woks you have done. This article is really nice, he will be very proud if he comes across this article.

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