Boba with Blinks & Brunch with Blinks Events organised by thehallyustore and Blink India Official

Smiti Iyer, Ayushi Saxena, Sanskriti Saxena (New Delhi); Anisha Nath, Suparna Mitra (Kolkata)

The Indian Fanbase of the K-Pop Group BLACKPINK, Blink India Official and the India-Korea based verified Korean album and merch store thehallyustore organised a three-city offline event for the Indian Blinks starting with ‘Boba With Blinks’ in Mumbai & Kolkata and ‘Brunch With Blinks’ in New Delhi.

Hallyuism was invited as a media partner to cover this event, and here’s an excerpt from the organisers and a few attendees themselves about their experience of this event. Take a look:

Boba With Blinks

Boba With Blinks took place at Mongoose Bandra in Mumbai and at Bom Asian Bakery in Kolkata. It was an ongoing cup sleeve event served along with a Boba drink, freebies and exciting prizes.

thehallyustore (Mumbai)

Ms. Naaz & Ms. Navsheen Shaikh (Organiser and Sponsor): We always wanted to do a BLACKPINK event in Mumbai, and Boba with Blinks was our first minimal BLACKPINK event, even though it was at a minimal scale event, we believe it was a successful one! The theme of the event was a cup sleeve event, where in, the blinks have to collect their boba, cup sleeves & freebies.

It was really fun at the event! We really enjoyed seeing so many blinks joining us for the day and also not forgetting the pop up! It was so fun meeting new K-Pop fans and we could totally relate to their tempt to buy everything at the pop-up T^T my favourite part of the event was the jamming session as it was so much fun to sing along with fellow Blinks and also a big thanks to the staff of Mongoose cafe; the event could never be a successful without their co-operation until the end of the event! Their boba really is the best one I’ve ever had. We would totally recommend their taro bubble tea.

thehallyustore (Kolkata)

Ms. Sufia (Organiser, thehallyustore Representative): I represented thehallyustore in Kolkata for the first ever pop-up in Kolkata along with the Blink Cup Sleeve event. I was very nervous about it. We were not sure how it was going to go as this was the first time but it unexpectedly went really well. People came in and all the merch sold out so fast that it became a bit difficult for me to handle but it was fun. We will be doing more pop ups in future in Kolkata like this as the response was really amazing. We would love to thank Hallyuism India as they were the media partner and they promoted us so well in all the social media platforms and also for covering the whole event. And lastly as this event was organised in collaboration with Blink India Official, though they were not physically present, they were with us in organising it virtually, so thank you to them for collaborating with us. Thank you.

Attendees’ Experience

Ms. Aayushi (TXT Bengal Representative): I came here to look for some TXT merches and other than that I also stan Seventeen, so I bought some Seventeen merches which include official photocards as well as unofficial photocards of Xu Minghao. The ambience of the event was really bright, the pop up also went well as I saw most of the merch was sold out. We had a BLACKPINK event too which was also good, they were playing very good songs. The overall experience is really good and I hope to go back there in the future. Thank you!

Another fan stated, “Hello! I am a fellow Blink and I attended the Boba with Blinks event and I think the atmosphere was really good. I came with my school friend who is also a Blink and we enjoyed this event a lot. We bought some merchandise from the pop up. I wanted to buy the Rosé Album but I did not get but it’s okay. I got the official sticker and I am really impressed with their photo cards and all. The food was good and of course the Boba was awesome. Thank you.”

Brunch with Blinks

Brunch with Blinks took place at The Nerdy Indian Cafe in Delhi. It was a Blinks’ get together with food, drinks, freebies and exciting prizes. We played Bingo and did karaoke sessions to STAY and LOVE TO HATE ME. We also got a chance to witness special dance performances by K-pop cover groups SAPPHIRES and ETERNALS and had GIRLCRUSH and OUTKASTS as the guests for the event. Towards the end of the event we did BLACKPINK Fan chant and showed our BLINK POWER. They also had a pop-up stall by SHOPKARNIVAL which had a wide variety of unofficial K-pop and K-drama merch collection on display.

Blink India Official ( New Delhi)

Ms. Shruti (Admin) Hey, this is Shruti, the admin for Blink India Official. This event as the host and as a fan myself was remarkable. Ever since I’ve become a Blink I always dreamt about attending a fan event of blinks but I’d never thought that I would myself be hosting one in the future. I’m glad that Blinks enjoyed the event. It was so amazing to see their happy faces. Since the event date I had a busy schedule in arranging the place and all sorts of stuff that are behind the scene. I wanted it to be memorable for blinks and so that they would wanna come again in our future events as well. Even till now I’ve been thinking if I did everything well and whether Blinks loved the event or not. There are still a lot of questions in my mind. But yet it is great to see how happy and excited they were at every moment. Their enthusiastic voices said it all. Missing them already. Hope we could get to meet again in the coming future. 💕

thehallyustore (New Delhi)

Ms. Aaliya (thehallyustore Representative): The experience was amazing and the day with Blinks was sooo wonderful and obviously unforgettable for me…This is the first time that I’ve attended or hosted any k-pop event but literally all the things turned out so beautifully and the way blinks enjoyed each and every moment that was sooo beautiful… I hope in future I can be part of these again.

Performers and Guests’ Experience


We really enjoyed the event. We were not expecting to immerse ourselves so much. It was a big day for all of us, As it was our first live performance. And the crowd was really very cheerful and comforting. The environment turned out so energetic that we couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

Secondly, meeting other blinks and groups was really special. We made new friends and the organisers were really sweet too. They helped us with everything from  letting us decide the place, time etc. It was a really special and a good day.


Yess, It was amazing! Me and my teammates enjoyed so much and thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to perform, everyone was so sweet…. we’ll love to stay in touch ❤️


Hello, we are Girl Crush~ we would first like to thank @the.hallyustore and @blinkindia_official for inviting us to this amazing event. We had a wonderful time interacting and playing games with other beautiful blinks. Most of our members have been stanning BLACKPINK ever since their debut, and some have been following them since pre debut as well. Seeing everyone come together, singing along to BLACKPINK songs and just vibing together was such a beautiful sight to see. We enjoyed every bit of it!

It was a really good experience! We had loads of fun thanks to the little games and the great food. It was great to meet blinks and our mutuals, and have a cute bonding experience with them! – Ms. Nikki 

The cafe was perfect for us blinks, we had a good time bonding with other groups; food and games were so much fun I really enjoyed the drink. Thank you for this experience. – Ms. Somi 

Being a part of such an event gives me so much joy! Everyone present there was a ball of sunshine, such cute blinks everywhere! The performances were top notch and the food was amazing. Although I had zero luck in the Tambola game, I had a blast! Hoping to have more events like this~! – Ms. Sarah 

It was such a great experience, one of the most fun K-Pop events I went to. The organisation of the event was so good, the games, the interactions. Everyone could enjoy it together. The cafe was so pretty and the food was so yum😍 Thank you for inviting us, we had a great time🖤 – Ms. Jaggi


The event was the best time our OUTKASTS family has had in a while. It was so well organised and the respected coordinators made us all feel so welcomed. Our highlight was definitely the ‘Tambola’ game, two of our team members even won freebies by the end of it. It was everything a true blink could have asked for. From good food and refreshing drinks, to spectacular performances by our fellow girl groups, all of it made the event so much more enjoyable for us. The ‘Blink’ quiz was in particular a rather tough one for some of us, but we managed to get most of the answers right. We had a blink who had come all by herself for this event, and our team made sure to give her company and it ended up being a really nice time with her. Also, meeting our sister girl groups at this event gave us a really nice opportunity to interact and plan potential future collaborations.

Kudos to all the organisers who made sure we were taken care of, we really appreciated that. The ‘Brunch with Blink’ event is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind event which is worth the money and time spent. Our crew could not perform this time but is looking forward to doing so at such future events. A big thank you to all the organisers of the event for sending us an invite and making sure we had a wonderful time. We are looking forward to being a part of more such events and showing what our team is all about.

Attendees’ Experience

Mr. Aakarsh (Bingo Winner): Hello, It was quite fun. I originally came along with the Sapphires and didn’t particularly know a lot about Blinks except the fact that they are BLACKPINK’s fangroup and only knew a few of their songs. However the games and interactions were certainly fun.

Ms. Karuna: I just love today’s BLACKPINK event . The organisers are really kind and cute . Even the guests are really so nice like you and others. The event is so cozy and really gives me BLACKPINK in your area vibes 🤩 The place… Ahhhhhhh has my heart. And the food really so yummy 🤤 and wanna i love the game 😂 really 😄The performance was wow. I just love these cute beautiful girls’ performances. All of them are so amazing .😍✨I really enjoyed today’s event a lot . Really wanna attend the next BLACKPINK event and more. What a good day with blinks ✨Thank you for this event 😻

Hallyuism’s Review & Experience

The Boba with Blinks and Brunch with Blink event was a successful event organised by thehallyustore and Blink India official, the Pop Up by thehallyustore also went well. All the merch was sold out by the end of the event. There were no performances but people came and enjoyed themselves. They liked the Boba and made some new blink friends at the event. Overall everything was good and people enjoyed it. The Brunch with Blinks was also a success. Blinks got to meet one another and enjoy their time given that we are still waiting for the BLACKPINK comeback.

Thankyou for inviting us and giving us this opportunity to cover this wonderful multi-city event and share it with fans who were unable to attend. We look forward to more such events in the future for our K-community till then let’s keep blinking like we always do.

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    I was happy to cover the event on behalf of Hallyuism, happy to that i got the chance to go. Way to go team!! 🖤💖🖤💖

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    What a fun event!! Hope we can all attend events like this together <3

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    It was really fun to join the event on behalf of Hallyuism, I really enjoyed the event. Meeting so many new and good people was really a good experience.

  5. This is very first time attending a kpop or k- related event and I had a blast! I enjoyed a lot. We all were having fun together. Made so many good memories and met so many good people.

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    wow you guys got so lucky to attends this awesome event.

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