K-Drama Review: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo

Meghana Jayaraj, Kolkata, West Bengal

A Worth Watching Romantic Comedy

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo is a K-Drama of the sparkling romance between two Olympic athletes of different categories, completing their journey with lots of struggles and tough competition. The drama comprises 16 episodes and the main casts starring Lee Sung-kyung, Nam Joo-hyuk, Lee Jae-yoon, and Kyung Soo-jin. This K-Drama has shown various emotions based on real-life that most teens go through during their college life. The excellent cast makes everything look so amazing, especially when we get to see actor Nam Joo-hyuk, making us go gaga over him by his cheerful character.


Kim Bok-joo is played by Lee Sung-kyung with an amazing personality and a naturally gifted personality. She has two friends with whom she always sticks up no matter what and also stands up for injustice. In short, she is hardworking, confident enough to speak up but hides her insecurities which eventually come out after you watch few episodes. Soon you will get to see that Kim Bok-Joo accidentally meets her childhood friend Jung Joon-hyung played by Nam Joo-hyuk. Both Kim Bok-Joo and Jung Joon-hyung don’t recognize each other but soon get back all the memories after they go through an incident.

Jung Joon-Hyung played by Nam Joo-hyuk is a talented swimmer with a cheerful personality but faces a lot of problems which also affects his swimming competitions, ending up getting complaints and taunts from his senior. In between the scenes, there is a special appearance of Lee Jong-suk as Jong-suk as a customer of a chicken restaurant owned by Bok-Joo’s father. Bok-Joo’s father is proud of his daughter and always wants to see her winning the competition. 

Song Shi-ho played by Kyung Soo-jin is a rhythmic gymnast who is also Kim Bok-Joo’s roommate and Joon-Hyung’s ex-girlfriend. She shows her negative attitude towards Bok-Joo but also stays under constant stress about her weight and skills, which causes her to behave weirdly in some situations.

Jung Jae-yi role is played by Lee Jae-yoon who is Joon-Hyung’s cousin and elder brother. He is a doctor who helps people to lose weight and also balance their diet. Book-Joo meets him out of nowhere and he also helps her out. He has an amazing personality, being well-spoken, kind, and gentle. Eventually, Kim Bok-Joo falls in love with him.

Why you should watch this?

This drama shows how in real life we go through difficulties, win and fail situations that make us feel demotivated. Here, I noticed that Bok-Joo goes through the same phase. Her interest in weightlifting suddenly starts fading away, which makes her father and others furious without knowing the reason behind her demotivation.

Joon-Hyung always faces some issues during his swimming competition, where his elder brother tries to help him out by appointing a therapist to make him realize his problems and overcome them.

I watched this drama on loop, not getting over how these two athletes fight for themselves by going through such hard face and their friends and professors are the most supportive gems which eventually make their life more amazing. Whereas Song Shi-ho gets her energy drained day by day, making her mental conditions and her health unstable and ending up behaving weirdly, which makes her character negative. On the contrary, Joon-Hyung’s elder brother faces a problem for being too good and kind-hearted.

My most favorite part of this drama is when it takes a beautiful turn that will make all the viewers go crazy over and make them more excited to look forward. In this drama, the characters have their uniqueness, which we can relate to ourselves. I completed this show by binge watching as because I could not stop myself from watching further episodes.

I would like to suggest this amazing series to all K-Drama lovers that you must watch it because this drama defines friendship, love, relationship, jealousy, family love, motivation, hard work and all ups and downs of life and how do they overcome through all the situations, managing themselves to stick to each other no matter what. This is one of the best dramas in this genre showing us the reality which we have or we will come across in our lives.

Have you seen this K-Drama? What do you think?

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      Nice article. This drama is must watch

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    This drama is really inspiring, it has comedy, romance and so much more about sports. This article is a perfect if anybody wants to start the drama as this article has everything which will lead someone to watch this drama. Well written.

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    Wholesome ❤️

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  5. This review is perfect for those who wish to see this drama.

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    this drama is such a therapy!!! love the plot, the cast and their chemistry!!! thankyou for this articleee

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    cutest drama ever

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