Project Arré Voice: Women-first, Audio Platform for the Hallyu-loving Community

Jasmine Khan, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

With the ever-growing presence of Hallyu and Korean-culture loving community in India; Arré, a digital content brand that produces and publishes original content with professional creators across varied genres, languages, formats, and platforms; has launched an invite-only women-first audio platform and application called Project Arré Voice (currently available on Play Store) that aims at simplifying the content creation as well as to provide women a safe space to express themselves.

The platform is currently active with Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, and English content; it will soon be offering multiple Indian and global language options for creating audio-based content, including, you guessed it right; Korean as well! Arré’s content are well received and enjoyed by 200 million people across the world through its website, social platforms, and multiple partner platforms such as Amazon, MX Player, Audible, and Hotstar to name a few. Read ahead to know more:

What is special about Arré Voice?

The key highlights of this application is that the platform offers 30-seconds “Voice Pod” that are perfect for quick and candid conversations. The application also has an interesting feature for live rooms referred to as “Jam Pods” that are great for having live conversations to engage with a like-minded community of users. The users can also create gamified “group pods” and create a wide variety of content from poetry, to music, self-help tips and tricks, language lessons and more! The creators can also share personal and intimate experiences based on mental health awareness and wellness, relationships, and other topics that can thrive in a like-minded, non-judgmental, and supportive community.

What Project Arré Voice has in store for K-fandom?

Arré Voice provides an intimate community for women that is guarded by other women (as the app is invite-only) as well as allows easy content creation process to enable anyone with an inkling to start creating content. It only takes 90 seconds for you to share your hot takes on BTS, or your review of your favourite K-Drama show. You can even share a song or dance cover of your favourite K-Pop songs, or engage and interact with the supportive and welcoming Hallyu community.

On-board Creators

At the moment, Arré Voice is already on board with some of your favourite K-Content creators such as Takshanda (@indokorean_chingu) sharing her insights and latest updates about popular K-Dramas and K-Culture related topics.

Another well-known social media content curator Kritanjali Sinha (@_kritanjalii_rk), who is a teacher by profession and dancer is on board in this community as well where she shares a lot more content related to her job, studies, dance tips, views on K-drama and K-Pop especially BTS.

Well-known K-content creator Arushi (@theinkocouple) is also there sharing her experiences related to dating her Korean boyfriend over the past 5 years and a lot more informational and entertaining K-Content.

Young K-Pop coverists, singers, rappers are already doing covers of their favourite K-Pop songs! India-loving Korean content creator Korean G1 (@korean.g1) will be joining the platform soon as well. The Hallyu loving community on Arré Voice is growing everyday with more creators joining the platform soon.

There is a wide range of topics you can talk or create content about on this app that are related to mental health, physical health, spiritual well-being, nutrition, facts, sustainability, luxury, adventure, friendships, family, relationships, design, writing, cooking, reading, studies, hobbies and more!

Behind the Scenes

In words of Arré’s founder, B. Saikumar, “Project Arré Voice has been our stealth mode obsession for the last 24 months borne out of many lockdown ruminations. And this is now the blueprint for Arré – to straddle the spectrum of professional content creators via our studio and media business and ‘citizen creators’ through our media-tech venture, Project Voice. The world of entertainment and commerce will look very different once the lines between citizen creators and professional creators are re-drawn and that’s the vision that is consuming us.”

On topic of going women-first, Niyati Merchant, Co-Founder and COO of Arré said, “Women are now defining the social, cultural, and economic narrrative of the world and our product is sitting at a vantage to tap into this and give it wings. Project Voice exists to bring the fore many such voices unleashing the potential of the ‘her’ economy even while focusing on providing safety along with an ability to ‘create unguarded.’ The challenges for women in the offline world are only multiplied and hardened in the online world-issues around safety, trolling, stereotyping, etc. continue to abound and grow and it is our endeavour to create a new world, the constitution of which is written by a community of women. Once the guidelines are in place, we shall open the gates to all others. A new, better world is going to be a constant endeavour of Project Voice.”

Future Plans?

Currently, launched as an invite-only application, the people should follow the above-mentioned creators to get exclusive invites (Watch out for Hallyuism-exclusive invite link soon as well!). For now, the application is open to women only, men will be allowed too later.

As the app is currently only available for Android-based devices right now, iOS update is coming soon!

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