5 YouTubers to Know For Korean Vlogs

Aanchal Tekriwal, Godda, Jharkhand

My enthusiasm was engendered in South Korea with BTS. Soon enough my curiosity got the better of me and led me to some YouTube channels where vloggers focus on the minutiae of daily life. These videos take you through the little things in life, be that cooking, reading, travelling, or tending to a garden, elevating boring days into something wonderful. The washed-out colours and soft soundscape transform each clip into an oasis of calm. Here are my 5 favourite vloggers you should know if you love watching Korean Vlogs. Each offers different points of view of their life in South Korea.

1. Joanday

Joan Kim is a Korean-American living in Seoul. She was born and raised in Southern California then she moved to Northern California for college. She shifted to South Korea six months after graduating, where she was an English teacher for nine months, and also a host at a radio broadcasting station in Seoul. Joan Kim has two YouTube channels: one is Joan Kim, where she shares her skincare; a space for her vlogs. Her name sounds like the Korean word Joh-eun which means good- you bet we are having a good day every time we watch her videos.

Joan is famous for creating videos on frankly everything from makeup videos to skincare advice and travelling vlogs, manicure, wardrobe inspiration, and whatnot. Being based in Seoul, she is constantly in touch with what’s currently trending in the city and then puts her own spin on it. From her international trips to her daily adventures around South Korea, she carries that cute likeable personality with her everywhere. Her vlogs are enjoyable and fun to watch and show a taste of what life in Korea looks like.

2. Zoe’s 

Is there anything more gratifying than mindlessly watching someone do productive tasks in a calming atmosphere? If that’s the vibe you’re looking for, you definitely need to check this YouTuber out. This YouTube vlogger works at her mom’s café and is known for her Korean café vlogs. She started her YouTube channel in April 2019 since then she attained around 21.5 lakh subscribers.  She started this YouTube channel to promote her mother’s café in Pyeongtaek City in Gyeonggi province. She got a name for her subscribers too “The One”. She uploads a café vlog once a week and her daily life vlogs as much as she can make where she shares her secret recipe for baking cakes and cookies. Watch  Zoe creates drinks, whip up desserts, and cook her meals at home. It’s always so eye-pleasing and mouth-watering to watch her vlogs. Her videos will make you want to hop on a plane to South Korea ASAP for a cup of coffee and a slice of cake, because seriously; you will be obsessed as much as we are.

3. Cari Cakes

Cari is a vlogger, and blogger who loves to share her addiction to travelling with the world and to people who love to travel around that is to say who have wandering feet. A native of California but now residing in Seoul, Cari is well-versed in bringing into the light many hidden finest glory South Korea and its culture has to offer. The first YouTube video she uploaded was in 2016, which was named My YG Entertainment Internship in Seoul. Cari has lived in Korea for 6 years now and her videos pretty much cover everything. Whether you are looking for the next novel to hop on your list let Cari helps you with that as she loves talking about her first love i.e., reading books.

Her life in South Korea vlogs and her travel vlogs proffers such a detailed look at what it would be like to live in Korea. Also, you will find some of her videos named ‘Thrift with me’ which are in trend these days. I would like to elaborate the term in simple words thrifting means going shopping at a thrift store or flea market where you’ll find gently used items at a discounted rate. You will be a little bit less lonely after you follow her channel and watch her experience in Korea.

  4. Seoul Walker

Seoul Walker is a YouTube channel relevant in showing an approach to getting to know the city of Seoul and other places in South Korea via splendid videos shot in high quality. It takes you on a tour of some of the most popular attractions in Korea. There is no talking, no subtitles as well as it is a first-person view of tourist attractions from all across Korea. The steady camera work is done so flawlessly. It feels as if you are walking via the camera lens through the streets of the city as if you were passing through the streets by yourself. There are tons of videos on the channel so don’t worry you won’t get bored of any specific location. So choose according to your mood whether you want to watch a rainy evening or a busy morning in Seoul with natural sounds, choose whatever content suits you, and get on a virtual trip to South Korea. 


Lastly, a vlog is completely dedicated to k-food because why not? Honeykki is a great ASMR Korean cooking channel that features a variety of different cuisines, desserts, and pastries. It also shows many complicated and exotic Korean recipes such as cheese dakgalbi, chicken gizzard, and many more dishes which are surprisingly easy to make at home. The filming style of this channel makes it looks as if the dishes are prepared for advertisement. The owner of the channel doesn’t show- up herself on camera but makes it to the point that shows every step in little detail and even includes both English and Korean subtitles for easy reference. The clean and elementary presentation makes her videos both virtually and pleasingly calming to enjoy. ​

Links to the YouTube channel:

1. joanday: https://youtube.com/c/joanday

2. Zoe’s:https://youtube.com/c/Zoe%EC%A1%B0%EC%97%90

3. cari cakes: https://youtube.com/c/caricakes

4. Seoul Walker: https://youtube.com/c/SeoulWalker

5. 꿀키honeykki: https://youtube.com/c/honeykkicook

Do let us know in the comment section about your favourite Korean vlogger!

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  1. You have literally mentioned my favourite youtubers in this, their vlogs bring me so much joy 💗🫂

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    I have also been watching vlogs about Korea since a few months and they are extremely calming and peaceful to watch. I will watching the vloggers recommended here.❤

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    I also watch “Seoul Walker” whenever I have free time.. 😄 I love watching their vlogs..
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  9. I really love watching Korean vlogs. It’s my healing time, my self time where I enjoy watching people do the daily life things. I love how they portray all these videos so aesthetically, that always leaves me in awe. Thank you Hallyuism India for giving me this opportunity.

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