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My experience with learning the Korean language has been very easy-going, with lots of fun and excitement and no hurdles! Unfortunately, this is not true at all, and I hope it will be easy for others to learn it. As per the popular imagination, Korean Language at the start may seem very easy to understand after obsessing over watching a K-drama like Descendants of the sun, Crash Landing on You, or even listening to your favourite BTS or Blackpink Songs. But the Korean language is more profound in-depth and broader in scope. To start learning a language may seem very exciting at the start, but it is a consuming process that takes a lot from you. Being a student, it’s a lot more difficult to manage between your studies and your passion. But it needs not perfection in time management, but a little effort of more dedication and passion for continuing.

At last, what will make you go the extra mile, will be only your love to learn this beautiful language and my experiences with learning the language. I learned three things from my Korean language learning journey, which I would like to share. First that the process demands a lot of your time, emotions, and even your concentration. It was initially a very soothing experience learning about the Korean language and starting with all the Hangeul pronunciations, like making a connection with a new identity that I am creating for myself. To write your name in Korean gives a sense of a new identity, which you feel very proud to report. But behind reaching what it truly takes to embody that Korean Name is not as people believe just sentences and vocabulary. The Korean language embodies the culture and the peninsula’s history. You learn about the Formal and Informal ways of addressing others and how to differentiate when you talk with a person of your age or with someone old/senior. This gives you insight into the Korean people’s culture and the respect and love with which the language is structured with. And the Hangeul brings you up close to the history of Korean people in creating their own identity through a unique language. Understanding this is an essential part of this process, if not less. So, it is crucial to pay attention to making yourself used to the nuances of the language to tap into its soul.

The second thing I learned through this journey was some curious observations. I found it very interesting that learning the Korean language made me realize my dilemmas with the language I speak. The constant battle between the Hindi and English language. I tried to learn the Korean language from the English perspective. Still, later I realized that Hindi is a better way to learn the nuances of the language, like the structure of the sentences, and even better for Native Tamilians who can find some shared vocabulary. Usually, young people nowadays think in English, which also influences our way of understanding an alien language. It’s always good to unlearn how to understand new things when we come across a unique experience. We mostly compare it with our vocabulary or understanding of particular instances. This is not an ideal way to learn the Korean Language. It’s better to mix learning with new methods, especially when immersing yourself within a language. Also, this process made me more conscious of my mother tongue. I am now more aware of my native language, which has helped me feel comfortable. Rather than only using English as a way to learn the Korean Language.

And lastly, it allowed me to interact with a community of friends built through this journey, who find and connect with your hardships, obstacles, and experiences as they share the same passion for the Korean language and its culture. It’s an overwhelming feeling to communicate with strangers you don’t know through a different language. And in this pandemic, this community has helped me in small ways. Finally, I would like to say that Learning the Korean language may seem intimidating at the start, but it gives you far more than you ask for. It is an adventurous journey that you would not want to miss. So, don’t think twice and join this ‘Hallyu’ of learning Korean and entering a world that is exciting, entertaining, and full of happiness.

Do share your experience of the Korean Language in the comments section.

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  1. The korean language is actually easy to learn compared to other languages. I’m still in the learning phase now so let’s hope I’ll be able to converse in korean later on🤭

  2. Sunanda ghosh says:

    I have completed my basic korean couse nd it was an amazing experience… I found so many people trying their best to learn the language …. I love that… Nd my classes were really awsome

  3. Sonali Singh says:

    This is so true . I can relate,at first you would feel like Korean is easy but it is not, you have to feel the language in order to understand it’s true meaning.

  4. Deepshikha Sinha says:

    I’m learning Korean language for over a year now and through learning this language I am able to understand the Korean culture well and accurately~ It’s nice to read the experience of fellow Korean language learner. 🥰 I wish you all the best in your Korean language learning journey ~ 화이팅!! 👍

  5. mondalmoumita031 says:

    I’m currently learning the level 1 from King Sejong Institute and it’s super fun for me like I realize if we practice daily then we can learn it quickly.thanks for sharing your language experience with us ❤

  6. DJ says:

    I love korean language so much, really very easy, i completed basic level, learning Korean language is exciting and fun, thank you for this article..

  7. Mamoni says:

    I’m still in learning phase and can relate. Thanks for sharing your experience ❤✨.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Korean is an interesting and I think more of a scientific language and I love this process of learning Korean 🙌

  9. You are very right Korean language might seem easy at first but it is more profound in-depth and broader in scope. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  10. Tirna says:

    I have always wanted to learn Korean language. Most of the dialogues in kdrama cannot be completely understood with the English subtitles. Also sometimes BTS leader RM posts snapshots of korean stories or poems. I really want to read them as well. Thank you for inspiring me.

  11. unnati bilwal says:

    In my opinion Korean language is very easy to understand really easy to learn. It took me one month to learn all the alphabets Ane I do can speak Communicable Korean and read and write as well. I even understand Korean fast. And for me I learned Korean myself.

  12. anishanath says:

    Learning a language seems really fun but there are ups and downs. This article is the perfect example of that,Thank you for sharing your experience.

  13. It is fun learning Korean. I really had a fun time remembering the vocabs and grammar.

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