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Ishika Gupta, New Delhi

The term K-Pop includes many musical genres under its umbrella. Every group is capable of excelling in a variety of different styles and genres. From SeoTaiji in the 1990s to the Girls generation in 2007, the industry has seen many amazing talents. Groups like BTS, Blackpink, EXO, Got7, are immensely popular across the world, but there are some other groups too who haven’t got the glory they deserve. Astro is one such underrated group. Read more to know about them:

ASTRO (also called iteen boys) is a South Korean boy group that comprises 6 members: Jin-Jin, MJ, Cha Eun-woo, Moonbin, Rocky and Sanha. The group debuted on February 23rd, 2016, under Fantagio Entertainment. They debuted with the theme of ‘soft and cute’ in the album ‘Spring Day’. Their latest and most awaited album was Drive to the Starry Road in 2022 and All Yours in 2021. “All Yours,” was a follow-up of 2019’s “All Light”.

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They’re extraordinary in their own ways. From debuting with the album “Spring Day” in 2016 to their album “All Yours,” these guys have grown up in age. They’ve been praised by choreographers for their remarkable dance performances and their synchronization since their debut. Their love for the fandom named ‘Aroha’ is heart-melting. To show their love, they even released an entire album without promotions just for them. ASTRO’s diverse genres make their music up for everyone.

Every member is multi-talented; they can act, sing, choreograph, compose, produce, and also write lyrics. All of them have unique positions in the group. The older members like ‘Kim Myung-jun’ (known as MJ), the main vocalist, ‘Park Jin-woo’ (known as JinJin) is the main rapper and dancer and ‘Lee Dong-min’ known as Cha Eun-woo is a vocalist, visual, and the actor of the group. Whereas, the younger members like ‘Moon-Bin’ is lead dancer, lead vocalist and the center of the group, ‘Park Min-hyuk’ (known as Rocky) is the main dancer, lead rapper and vocalist and Yoon San-ha (known as Sanha) is lead vocalist of the group.

Video Credits: fantagio

Astro was named by billboard as one of the best new K-Pop groups of 2016. Along the way, they have released many songs that showcase everything from their strong vocals to their love for their fans (AROHA). After getting their first win in January 2019 with “All Night,” ASTRO is growing in popularity. In 2019, ASTRO released their very first Japanese album, VENUS. It was released on April 3, 2019, with “Hanasakemirai” as the album’s title track. Most fans know their title tracks like “Crazy Sexy Cool” and “Hide and Seek,” but for those who are new to fandom, all their songs deserve just as much love as others.

Video Credits: fantagio

We want to showcase the different sides of this group and help all their newer fans get a feel for what ASTRO has to offer. What do you think about Astro? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. Sunanda ghosh says:

    Previously i used to listen BTS nd EXO only but one day everything changed… I saw cha eun woo in drama nd I fell in love with him… From that moment I started searching about him nd got to knw about thz brand…. That’s how they came to my life nd they r really good… People should listen to their songs….

  2. mondalmoumita031 says:

    So tbh I knew the group name but not the members then I watched the true beauty drama and searched about cha eunwoo then got to know that he’s one of the member of astro and since then I started to listen their songs which is really good .everyone should listen to it once ❤

  3. Sucheta sen says:

    Cha Eun woo is everything for me…thats why I like Astro…whenever I feed sad I listened their songs whenever I feel alone watching their vlogs on YouTube…(though I dont understand their lang)…I also want to do suicide for some personal lose…after watching their video…I cant do that!!

  4. My introduction to Astro was through Cha Eun-woo. I love their songs and they are so entertaining 😍♥️

    1. Mamoni says:

      I really love their songs❤✨.

  5. SHAZIA says:



  6. Anonymous says:

    Earlier I knew Cha Eun Woo from astro band so I started listening to their songs and I love them ✌🏻

  7. Muthudesi says:

    I love astro through sweet revenge. To know more abt cha eun woo, i found them. it was most precious day of my lyf. I love each and every member in the group. MJ, loud & naughtiness. Jinjin, face when others teases. Eunwoo, shy & care. Moonbin, scratches & nag. Rocky, funny & sound while making dance practice. Sanha, maknae things especially bulling members and his agyeo. Whenever I feel sad/lonely i look into their utube videos and their AROHA song (u&me), which makes me to think, yes iam worthy & lucky.🥰 Sometym i felt sad why i found them so late. Wish to see them in person.💜 Luv from India 🇮🇳

  8. Sonali Singh says:

    I got to know about them through the drama called revenge note , such an interesting group, I adore all of them 😍

  9. I really like Blue Flame, really one of Astro’s most underrated singles.

  10. Deepshikha Sinha says:

    ASTRO is one of the nicest kpop b-group~I like Moonbin, he is so Cute ~🥰 And I love Aroha too~💜

  11. Tirna says:

    Astro is a wonderful band. The article is wonderfully written

  12. unnati bilwal says:

    I have been a ASTRO fan since I came into KPOP back in 2016. They debuted in that year and I remember their both debut and comeback songs playing on ARIRANG all the time. The first ever K-drama I watched was their drama TO BE CONTINUED… That’s how I found ASTRO. These guys really have grown so much. They are loved both in and out of Korea. Their songs are really amazing. Hope to see them shine even more 🥺

  13. anishanath says:

    They are just amazing artists, I love listening there songs. Not all but I have listened most of the songs and I love it. This article is just the best way to know more about Astro.

  14. I really love listening to Astro. I fell in love with them more when i heard Moonbin starred in Boys over flowers

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