K-Drama Review: How Are U Bread

Suparna Mitra, Kolkata, West Bengal

How Are U Bread‘ is a South Korean-Chinese web drama released in 2020. It has a total of 5 episodes and the main genre of the drama is romance, fantasy, and food! The main cast includes EXO’s Suho (Kim Jun-myeon) as Han Do-woo and Lee Se-young as Noh Mi-rae.


Han Do-woo is a genius Patisserie in the world of Pastries. He is also the master-chef of his own bakery named ‘Aurora Bakery’. It’s said in the drama that if anyone is lucky enough to enjoy his mysterious and magical pastry, their wishes will come true for sure! So, as a result, within a small interval of time, Do-woo and his bakery becomes the talk of the town. No Mi-rae is a scriptwriter for a variety show, ‘Top 3 Bakery King’. It’s her first show as the main writer so she is very much determined to complete it successfully as a top-rated variety show, but it would only possible if she would be able to convince Han Do-woo to take part in this show which won’t be easy as Do-woo is a total introvert and doesn’t like attention. But Mi-rae’s tenacity doesn’t allow her to give up and continuously tries any and every method to get his consent. As time flies, her desperation and attempts towards Do-woo leads her heart to flutter for him. But they are not the destined couple per God’s choice so they have to be apart always. We can see this when Mi-rae loses her memories of the relationship between Do-woo and her, after the accident in France. Han Do-woo tries hard not to get close for Mi-rae’s sake. Through this variety show, she regains the memories of their past and for the second time, they fall in love with each other without God’s will. But they are apart again and reunited again and so on and so forth.

Why I liked this drama and why everyone should watch it?

Firstly, the two amazing soundtracks, ‘Sedansogu’ by Suho and ‘Loved’ by Elaine, are still lingering in my ear! Secondly, romance and fantasy in the drama have such a great balance and are fun to watch. K-drama lovers who are crazy about romantic and fantasy dramas, must watch this 5-episode series which narrates a beautiful story of love.

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This short drama also tells us how important confidence is for everyone, whether it’s for loving someone or fulfilling our own dreams. If we have a strong determination in our hearts, we can even change God’s will!

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Have you watched the drama? Did you love it like us? What is your favorite part about the drama? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. Sonali Singh says:

    I didn’t know that suho has h drama too,
    Thank you for this article, I am going to watch this

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    The plot of the drama is very interesting and gripping. I would love to watch it. The article is written in a wonderful manner.

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    Guys Suho in the house…. I have seen thz drama already nd it was good… Suho is my favorite so i have seen all of his dramas nd it was little bit different… So again I’m gonna watch it..

  9. unnati bilwal says:

    I really REALLY!! want to watch this drama. I have seen a lot of videos of this drama and have it in my mind for a while to watch it. And of course one of my favourite actress is in this drama Lee Seyoung😁😁 and also Suho 🥺 he rocked this drama. I really love the plot line of this drama. Really going to watch it soon.

  10. I loved the chemistry between suho and lee se young and it’s heart touching osts.

  11. Suho did a great job in this drama. Thankyou for writing its review

  12. anishanath says:

    I would love to watch this drama after reading this article, thank you for writing a review and letting us know about this beautiful drama.

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