Webtoon Review: “Eleceed” A Must Read Series

Sameen Murtaza, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh

Are you someone who likes cats, action and supernatural elements in stories? Then this is the webtoon to checkout! Eleceed is an ongoing action fantasy webtoon written by Jeho Son, author of the hit webtoon Noblesse and illustrated by Zhena,  artist of another great series named Girls of The Wild.


Like Son’s previous work Eleceed blends slice of life with action perfectly. The MC Jiwoo is an adorable and kind-hearted lad. He adores cats and also has the superpower of speed. Jiwoo lives as an ordinary school student hiding his powers and only ever using them to protect others.

Then a fated encounter with Kayden, an awakened powerful human changes his peaceful life. Coincidentally, Kayden for some reason is stuck in the body of a really fat cat and it’s hilarious to see his reactions as a cat throughout the story. Kayden needs a safe harbor till he figures out his issues and being the softie he is Jiwoo allows him to stay with him. In a heartwarming order of events, both of them develop a bond between them. Kayden teaches Jiwoo all he needs to know as an “awakened” while Jiwoo takes care of him when he’s in his cat form. Kayden’s human form is revealed quite a few times but he’s mostly seen in his cat form. Seeing him adjust to the cat life as well as the resident cats in Jiwoo’s home is a source of constant entertainment and cuteness overdose.

Though being an awakened one comes with a cost. But Jiwoo’s innate kindness makes him a very likable character and soon he wins over quite a few pals including his former enemies. Jiwoo’s growth is shown in a very realistic manner. He does not start with any flashy victories but rather slow and steady progress. He is looked down upon by the stronger opponents but instead of letting it bother him, he makes it his motivation to become stronger. With some good old-fashioned hard work, Jiwoo manages to do the impossible leaving many impressed as well as dumbfounded. Of course, his mentor, Kayden is on cloud 9 though seeing Jiwoo’s growth as well as admitting to himself that he is an amazing teacher.

Apart from the obvious villains, Eleceed has a good set of responsible and good adults. Be it Jisuk’s sister, her assistant or a few others their presence beside the kids and the way they protect them is appreciable.


The plot follows Jiwoo and his newly made friends Woo’-in and Jisuk as they make their way through the world of awakened humans. Like in any other fictional world the so-called awakened humans (mutants) that are humans with powers are governed by an organization, here named Union. Then further division takes place with the strongest humans getting areas strictly under their control.

Thus, enters the phase of politics, rivalries, power games and the pressure of being affiliated or not to a group. But Jiwoo & Co. are not the ones to give in they continue to persevere and improve themselves. Not only do these boys beat all odds and win against some of the toughest opponents but also protect their comrades valiantly.

There is also the entire backstory of Kayden which is without a doubt going to be an extremely angry one. But it is nevertheless necessary to understand the gravity of the situation Kayden is in! Is he injured so badly that he can never fully stay human or his cat transformation can be changed? Who are the ones who did this to him and now since he has a disciple is his life in danger too?

Apart from a stable plot line, good character development and gorgeous character design the action sequences are very well made using a vibrant color palette.

Last but not least it has the gold standard of comedy! As seen in the writer’s previous work the way humor is poured into some of the most intense scenes is impeccable. It is just impossible not to fall in love with a series with such satisfying battles, peak humor, bromance and adorable cat scenes.

So what are you waiting for? Head on to Line Webtoon’s official site and read Eleceed. With over 180 episodes out (ongoing) it is the perfect story to enjoy in these troubled times.  

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