K-Drama Review: Shopping King Louie

Chandra Joshi, New Delhi

A romantic South Korean comedy series ‘Shopping King Louie’ also known as ‘Shopaholic Louis’ starring Seo In-guk, Nam Ji-hyun, Yoon Sang-hyun, and Im Se-mi written by Oh Ji-young aired every Wednesday and Thursday at 10 P.M. (KST) on MBC from 21 September to 10 November 2016.


Seo In-guk played the male lead role of Kang Ji-sung known as Louie/Louis in the drama. Nam Ji-hyun played the female lead role of Ko Bok-shil. Yoon Song-hyun played the second male lead role of Cha Joong-won and Im Se-mi played the second female lead role of Baek Ma-ri in the drama.


Shopping King Louie is a story about a rich heir named Louie who is an extremely adorable and pampered guy. He loved to shop and lived in a palace in France. He grows up alone in a foreign country so he always feels lonely, to cure that loneliness he started shopping and is now famous as shopping king Louis. One day, Louie decides to go back to Seoul but ends up being homeless on street with amnesia.

Then, he meets up with a sweet country girl named Ko Bok-shil, who takes him in and they start to work together to learn about Louie’s lost memory and survival in the city. Every episode of the drama will leave laughter on your face, you will just love it so much. It’s a common romance story but still so unique. The drama is packed with fantasy romance, fun, and heartwarming moments, and sometimes it makes you sad too. You will see the perfect bond between Louie and Bok-shil, their chemistry, their adorable romance, their care for each other, their stupidity, and their tearful moments too.

Louie’s role was perfectly played by Seo In-guk and I became his fan after this drama. His expressions, modulation in his character, and his comedic abilities fit with the role perfectly. A completely spoon-fed brat who can make people work around him. He spends Bok-shil’s money recklessly and doesn’t know how to do anything right. Always gets in the trouble and is misunderstood by people. He is the definition of being pitiful in the drama and even you can’t help yourself from feeling sad about Louie. But, other than these things he is a completely adorable, cute, and lovable guy.

Ko Bok-shil’s sweet and kind role played by Nam Ji-hyun was perfect. A girl with a good heart who is always positive even in difficult situations and always find goodness in everyone around her. A girl who is innocent but still strong to fight in every situation. She takes Louie with her and helps him to regain his memory so that she can find her missing brother for which she came to Seoul. She is a girl who knows how to care for others and she has done the same for Louie.

Yoon Sang-hyun played the role of Cha Joong-won a director with a rough and easily annoying personality. And he did an amazing job with his character. His love-and-hate relationship and bromance with Louie are so good. He also likes Bok-shil, so he helps her to survive in the city.

Baek Ma-ri’s role played by Im Se-mi is also good. She wants to marry Louie because of his status and work in the company of Louie’s grandmother. She has done some bad things but is still not a dislikable person in the drama and you are not going to hate her.

Every supporting character in the drama did their job perfectly. A perfect grandmother who loves her grandson so much, a perfect butler who always cares for his owner who is more like a son to him, a perfect friend who lives in the same apartment below Louie and Bok-shil, and who is jobless but honest about his friendship with Louis. You will find many scenes with hilarious comedy that will make cramps in your stomach and some tearful moments that will make you cry at the same time.


Also, the OST of the Drama is so good. This drama has a total of 8 OSTs in it but my favourite is ‘The Tiger Moth’ by K-Pop Group MONSTA X and ‘Navigation’ By Kim So-hee (I.B.I.).

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Why I love this K-drama?

I love this drama so much, a drama with no revenge, no anger, and no resentment for each other. A pure romantic comedy with a wonderful and adorable relationship between Louis and Ko Bok-shil. Their true romance and how they care for each other in difficult situations. Sometimes get annoyed because of their own stupidity but still have a sense of responsibility. And also How did Louis lose his memory and ends up on the streets and how are they both connected to survive and search for Bok-shil’s brother? It’s a whole mystery of the drama. To know this you have to watch it (No Spoilers).

I have found so many emotions in this drama love, laughter, fun, heartwarming, hilarious comedy, and sadness at the same time. So if you also want to watch a unique love story with such emotions and are bored with revengeful stories, this drama is perfect for you.

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