K-Drama Review: Team Bulldog – Off-Duty Investigation

Krishna Kishen, New Delhi


How beautiful the world would be if every police officer around the world saw the world with such a point of view? Wouldn’t the world become a better place? This is exactly what you will find in the action and comedy packed Korean Drama “Team Bulldog: Off-Duty Investigation.” A police officer named Kang Ho (Cha Tae-hyun) crazy about bringing justice to people no matter what or who tries to stop him; a producer of a low rated investigative program Moo Young (Lee Sun-bin) who is very passionate about her work; CEO of a bar and a legendary fist fighter, Teddy Jung (Yoon Kyung-ho); a former famous profiler Tak Won (Ji Seung-hyun); a very popular funeral director Lee Pan-seok (Jung Sang-hoon) that used to be in the ace autopsy team in NFS; team up together to form Team Bulldog and to fight off the bad guys. The show was aired on May 23rd 2020 and comprises 12 episodes.

This newly formed team stops at nothing to bring in the criminals and provide justice to people no matter who tries to stop them and I believe that this is the most beautiful aspect of the show. Yes, there are many crime fighting dramas that are way popular than this one, but what really catches the eye of the viewer is the fact that the main characters are neither superheroes nor they are actually shown that way. None of them really has a huge status in the society or are considered being powerful in any aspect. They are just a bunch of people that are hell bent on making this world a better place, even with all the obstacles that good-hearted people usually face in this world of powerful people.

The characters are, of course, unique in their own way and the story is written that each of them gets enough screen time for us to actually bond with them over the drama. From the crimes that are shown to the end when the criminals are placed in jail; the execution of the drama is superb. Romance is not considered as a genre in this drama, but the petty squabbles between Kang Ho and Moo Young are worth seeing at least once. It is, of course, quite refreshing to watch a female lead that knows how to take a stand for herself without being rude.

Comedy is for sure a major genre in this drama. Even in scenes that are supposed to be serious, we can find ourselves smiling and laughing. The drama is by no means considered as ‘slow’ hence every character and scene are carefully placed and developed throughout the whole show with lots of comical scenes in between. If you are thinking whether this is a ‘roll on floor while laughing’ kind of drama, then you are absolutely right! As much as it is an action drama, it is also fully loaded with comedy and sarcasm that each character contributes to in their own way.

Reasons YOU should watch this drama right now

1. Strong female lead: Yes, I know everyone loves a good K-drama with a good story and strong female leads. Although in the drama’s starting she gives off a little of anxiety to viewers by going to random places alone without knowing how to fight but as the story went by she came around to be independent, quite intelligent and even learnt how to fight and I obviously love it.

2. Impressive fight scenes which will lead the viewers to watch the show on the edge of the seats rooting for their favorite characters and lovely friendships.

3. Very detailed in every scene along with never seen beforecrimes.

4. Comedy on POINT!

5. Each character’s personality was super goofy yet smart and ultimately good natured, which just clicked when they were together as a team.

6. Underrated but amazing supporting characters in the show whom I know everyone will fall in love with by the end.

7. I do not want to be a spoiler queen but I know many people search for shows with a happy ending (including me) so I am just going to add this here with no spoilers from the show, “Go on, watch the show; not only it is a blockbuster hit ending, I also promise it’s a happy ending!”

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