K-Song Review: Moonchild by RM of BTS

Ojasvi Peer, Hyderabad, Telangana

Have you ever been fascinated by the brisk winds? A little rain? A starry night or your time alone that you spend with yourself? Does it make your eyes smile, relieving you from all the stress that keeps you bothered when your “Soulmate” isn’t looking at you from above? If your nod is affirmative, then you belong to those few introverted yet strong souls entrusted with their comforts in the night, or more specifically, in the beauty of the moonlight.

Moonchild, an enigmatic song from his self-produced Mixtape “Mono” that gives you pure bliss and provides you with comfort as if you are being embraced, is one of those few tender hugs that Kim Nam-joon aka RM, member of the Korean Boy Band BTS, wrote while he felt the liberty during the night-time. Kim Nam-joon is a person who visualizes the world, profoundly, and puts everything he imagines, encounters, and feels into words of comfort. The words, at times, might sound harsh or cause goosebumps, but that’s when the truth emerges because the truth isn’t always as soft and tender as a rose petal, but is sometimes more painful and sting like the thorns which keep on hiding beneath the colorful life. He starts the song by addressing all “Moonchild”, those souls who seek happiness, love, and acceptance during the day in bright sunshine, in a world full of thorns but ultimately find their peace at night. He says that we are all full of pain and sorrow but instead of delving into these negative emotions and tearing ourselves completely, we can shed tears until we run out of them, get rid of emotions that cease us in the torturous sunlight, and turn them into positives as soon as the night falls by gazing at the moon that was lost during the day. It’s the warmth of moonlight that serves as a bridge to a satisfied heart. Nam-joon also focuses on the times when we try hard to live this life and encourages us to keep on imagining, creating, and thinking because even if a moment comes when we want to quit everything and die, we must know that we have to live that much harder.

A Moonchild is all eccedentesiast, you can’t figure out what their true emotions are at the moment. They seek love and create magical moments for themselves at night. Whatever happens in life, we have to face it and if we don’t approve of what’s approaching us then we must stand strong and create a different path for ourselves instead of turning a blind eye to our happiness. Even if we don’t want to think anything because of our anxiety, loneliness, and fear to get lost in the extreme brightness, we must look at the brighter side that the thought “don’t think” is itself a thought although negative. We must learn to create opportunities and stories even from something like “don’t think” because we are the ones who found our way through the dark and silent night. The ending he wrote is crisp and clear; he asks us to look at the night with the eyes of those who admire and find their peace in it, saying that the night isn’t cruel or dark, and is just a little escape from the cruel world to think out of the box.

If you can reduce the sufferings and pain of a beautiful soul to even a small extent, you can be each other’s nightscape or each other’s moon, comforting and believing together, because in the end you are all born in the moonlight!

This song is a masterpiece. Every time I listen to it, it feels as if all my worries are slowly fading away. Although Kim Nam-joon is a rapper albeit his voice holds selflessness, purity, and clarity. There is no definite way of explaining his raspy voice but the way it fits into a song as if telling us a story that he has been living for years makes it heart-warming and emotional. All of his songs from his mixtape ‘MONO’ are my go-to songs whenever I need motivation and want to give a little relaxation to my heart because there is always something or the other to learn from his lyrics. Just like-

“This is our destiny, you know?

Smiling in endless pain, you know?

There is no ‘Freedom’ when you say ‘Freedom’ out loud, you know?

Do you know?”

Every single word depicts the depth of his thinking. This is something that we all are aware of but have been neglecting or forgetting due to the complex and intricate maze of our unorganized minds. This song will make you introspect yourself and possibly bring you and your long-lost peace and warmth.

“Moonchild, don’t cry

When the moon rises, it’s your time.”

Video Credits: HYBE Labels

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  1. Sunanda ghosh says:

    Bts is my all tym favorite nd he is my bias….. So I love all of his songs nd thz song is little bit different than other songs nd it’s really close to my heart…. Thank u fr d article nd now I’m gonna listen to thz song once again

    1. ojashreya27 says:


  2. Deepshikha Sinha says:

    This article is written as beautiful as the song ~ it really comforts me..🥹 Thank you so much ~💜💜

    1. ojashreya27 says:

      Thanku sm💜

  3. Sonali Singh says:

    IT is such a great song

  4. Tirna says:

    I have heard the song, read the translated lyrics. However, I never gave so much thought about the song. The article beautifully traces the various elements of the song. 💜

  5. mondalmoumita031 says:

    BTS is my ultimate KPOP group so I listen to their each and every song and this song is undoubtedly a masterpiece from our great leader joon .The way he express his thoughts everytime is one of the reason why I respect him a lot .Thanks for writing this so beautifully💜

  6. Mamoni says:

    He is the most comfort person to me as well as his “moonchild”💜

  7. AYUSHI VERMA says:

    Thankyou for such amazing article ✨♥️Bts all songs are always beautiful and it’s lyrics are remarkably amazing. I love this beautiful song too. 💜

  8. Moonchild is my comfort song 🥺💜💜

  9. Smriti. L says:

    The lyrics of Moonchild🫂🫂💕 — Moonchild, don’t cry
    When moon rise, it’s your time🌛💫 is so comforting 🌸

  10. DJ says:

    😍😍comforting song by comforting man 💜💜

  11. Anonymous says:

    Love this song ❣️

  12. anishanath says:

    This song is just so wonderful and comforting. Thank you for writing this article and I just remembered I didn’t listen to this song from a long time so I am gonna do it right now.

  13. “It’s okay to shed the tears
    But don’t you tear yourself”, this hits so freaking hard.

  14. unnati bilwal says:

    Moonchild is a very beautiful and meaningful song. I really want everyone to hear it. The lyrics, the music everything is very wow. Thanks RM for making such an amazing track. 🥺❤️

  15. Thankyou for beautifully reviewing this

  16. Jubby Kumar says:

    RM’s songs are deep, beautiful and meaning ful. Love this song

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