K-Album Review: Flight Log Departure by GOT7

Shraddha Gupta, New Delhi

GOT7, a 7-members group comprising JB (leader), Jin-young, Mark, Jackson, Young-jae, BamBam and Yugyeom was formed under JYP, and debuted on January 16th, 2014. The group released their 5th mini album Flight Log: Departure on 21st March 2016 which is also the first installment of their FLIGHT LOG Series. This album aimed to capture the feeling of ‘being free’ and ‘exploring one’s colours.’ The album was packed with a total of 8 tracks with the title track ‘Fly’ and the follow-up promotion song ‘Home Run.’ The album, overall, is fun-filled, quite different from their previous releases, and has its distinct vibe and you won’t regret giving it a shot.


We’re gonna fly, fly

You and I, our dreams are right here blazing inside me girl

Fly, fly, our time is like sunshine after the rain

Fly, fly, shining brightly on you at the end of the tunnel

The title track ‘Fly’ had an experimental twist with a melody-like rap. The song had a melodious flow, written and composed by ear attack. The track indeed attacked the ear with its catchy music and lyrics. The track describes a complete story of breaking all the shackles and being able to fly with their loved ones. This GOT7 track is a trophy winner, quite special to the group and fans. It is a great song and still a bop!

Video Credits: JYP Entertainment


The fellow member, Jin-young participated in writing the lyrics and composition of the song with member Mark in rap making. This song feels like honey to ears as it talks about how the main character blushes whenever he sees his loved one while  hesitating to confess his feelings but can’t stand others being with her. Overall, it is a simple and sweet track.

Video Credits: GOT7

See the light

This track flashes the light on the message that ‘you are perfect’ and being light of their own life  and they want their loved one to be by their side. The track involved Yugyeom and Mark in lyrics and composition while BamBam and Mark participated in rap.

Video Credits: JYP Entertainment


The 4th track is on the line, a quite catchy song with quirky and fun lyrics. The leader of the group, JB as Defsoul, was involved in the track. The song conveys “a story about a girl” where everyone takes a dip in the said fish tank and joins other fishes already in the fish tank. JB smartly employs personification in the track and it lives up to the vibe. It is a creative and colorful song that instantly lifts the mood.

Video Credits: GOT7


The fellow member, Youngjae as Ars actively participated in the 5th track of the album. Ars puts on his creative hat and threads his wish to be able to turn back the time and rewind it if he could to be able to be with his loved one. This track is amazing and perfectly conveys the strong feeling of a lover toward his loved one.

Video Credits: Genie Music

Begging on my knees

The 6th gem in the album had YoungK, a labelmate from the boy band DAY6. This track is a melodious song about a turbulence of feelings which got the main character on their knees. 

Video Credits: GOT7

Something Good

Defsoul and Bambam were involved in the production of this track. Through this song, they successfully cool down the mood with the track’s easygoing lyrics and melody which feels like a light breeze to the ears. Something is outstanding about this song.

Video Credits: GOT7

Home Run

The track ‘Home Run’ hits a perfect home run. A fun and light song which takes us to our teenage years describing sweet affectionate feelings and puppy love where they perfectly sync their feeling to a baseball match and hitting a home run. This track was released as a follow-up title track. It is a cheerful song, that makes you wear your dancing shoes and flaunt your skills along its tune.

Video Credits: GOT7

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  1. Suhasini says:

    See the light is one of my favourite tracks 💚 thankyou for penning down this amazing album in the form of a beautifully written article ✨ missing got7 hours

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    Home run is my favorite track from this album.missing them so much want them back together like before soon ❤

    1. Mamoni says:

      I just love this album🤩✨

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    Interesting songs and an amazing album 💜

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    Lovely album!

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    ‘Fly’ was one of the best song in 2016! I used to listen this song so much ~🥹The Song and the choreography is amazing.. a masterpiece~ 💖

  10. anishanath says:

    I have not heard all the songs but I have Rewind and Home Run. Thank you for describing all the songs so wonderfully, I will surely listen to the album.

  11. unnati bilwal says:

    I love the whole Flight Log Trilogy. I am a huge Aghase. I love all of the songs from this whole album. The title track Fly was such a vibe at that time. My most favourite song out of this whole album is Rewind. Home run was such a cute track yaaar😭😭 bring backs so much nostalgia. And Begging on my knees and see the light still are the best songs you could ever listen to. Guys listen to the whole album yaar. It’s an amazing album. 😭😭❤️❤️

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