K-Album Review: “A Bell of Blessing” by Kim Hyun-joong

Richa Singh, New Delhi

They say that the best of music comes from the pain. Today when everyone is facing their own challenges, the album does come as a blessing to all. The album A Bell of Blessing produced, written and composed by Kim Hyun-joong released in October 2020 along with his first comeback concert is all about counting the blessings that we have and being thankful for every breath that we take and life that we are going to live. The songs in the album touches the varied emotions of Love, Hurt, Motivation, Loving yourself, Confidence, and Letting Go. The album cover presents these feelings accurately. Kim Hyun-joong who has produced 8 Albums and has acted in various dramas, is a well-known artist, an actor, a singer and a producer. He has worked along with the Gemini Band to make the album that we all can look forward to.

What Are We Fighting For

The very first song What Are We Fighting For, shares the emotions of a war. This song makes us ask what it is that we are fighting for and with whom? Is it worth all the pain and destruction we go through? The pain we go through is all because of the decisions we take to walk the path of destruction.

Machinery has tempted us into destroying one another

But it is no other than ourselves who decided to walk this path

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official


Upside-Down has immaculate lyrics with a music variation that takes us on a roller coaster ride which makes us realize, just when you are struck, you need to turn things upside down for a fresh view and lift up the world along.

Boring and boring

When I’m depressed and my head hurts

Look at the world upside down

Say hello to Good Morning like me

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official

I’m a Million

The song starts with the strong beat of electric bass guitar. I’m a Million in its rocking way reminds us the way to love ourselves. Though a person can love you from their core it will never relieve you from the responsibility of loving yourself.

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official

Green Light

This song presents us with the feeling of a guy asking a girl to look at him and give him the green light to be with her is super adorable.

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official

Pure Love

The love at first sight and which is for lifetime is pure love. They may not be perfect but stay till the end. This song describes this feeling in a beautiful way with a perfect ending.

Love you tonight

I will sing to you like an angel


You’re my love forever

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official


The only song in the album which is completely written in English. Oasis, a beautiful place in the middle of a desert is how the way out of darkness was carved. With the help of all the love and support that became the oasis in the desert of darkness is the essence of this song that fills your heart with.

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official

Right About

Right About is a song that describes the changing feelings between the lovers and the process of reliving the beautiful memories that slowly turn meaningless and then the acceptance that the other is gone and shows how we can truly move on from the love we thought would last forever.

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official


This song is about finally letting go of the love that you hold on to that gives nothing more than the pain and hurt. It compares the relationship and life they made together to be the sandcastle. This is the song that covers the feeling of longing that a person feels when the person you love leaves.

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official

This is Love

A song full of love with subtle and steady beats talks about the love that is pure and is blessed by the gods. A love that is showcased as a beautiful dream just like the blue sky and starry night and deep blue ocean.

Video Credits: HENECIA MUSIC

A Bell of Blessing

The name of the album, this song talks about the blessing we have and the blessings we will get once we do everything together. It talks about how the angels from above are watching over us and that there is nothing to worry about. It reminds us of the feeling we have on the day of Christmas.

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official

You Are a Miracle

This song has soft music and is a perfect song to inspire and fill the hearts with love. It talks about opening the eyes and greeting the love that is being sent across. Amid the lies when you feel all alone jump towards the sky and the flowers and fresh breeze will greet you with love.

Someday we can raise the hand

Held together and we’re

Making the miracles together

And forever long

Video Credits: KIM HYUN JOONG.official

With his limited edition, he released the Lyrics Photobook to the songs, the Poster and a DVD that includes the Music Video and the Making of Album Jacket Photos. Every song is special, but the song that the artist connects to the most is ‘You Are a Miracle’ and he mentioned during his live interview in an online concert that he gets overwhelmed whenever he listens to it. One of the special, the highlight of “Bell of Blessing” video is that all the Henecians (the fandom) sent their videos singing the song along with their sceneries of the places they live in, it was used by him as a backdrop making all his fans feel like they are there with him singing at a concert. The album reminds us of the power of being together and doing it all together hand in hand. Another highlight of the album is the release of Music in Korea- Season 1 (Unplugged) version on his official YouTube channel!

Which is your favorite song from the album? What are your thoughts about the album in whole? Let us know all about it in the comment section below!

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