K-Drama Review: The Uncanny Counter

Piyush Mandal, Panvel, Maharashtra

The Uncanny Counter is a K-drama based on the webtoon “Amazing Rumor” by Jang Yi. The drama released on OCN Network comprises 16 episodes. Starring Jo Byung-gyu as So Mun, Yoo Jun-sang as Ga Mo-tak, Kim Se-jeong as Do Ha-na and Yeom Hye-ran as Choo Mae-ok. One of the members is Choi Jung-mul (Ahn Suk-hwan) who is retired from a counter job and appears in an emergency situation or when needed money. He is like a philanthropist who spends tons of money on Counters and he also likes Choo Mae-ok.


This story shows the Yung, that is the boundary line between afterlife and the world of living. There is a group of five people also known as Counters or Demon hunters who catch sinister spirits like a grim reaper and send them to the afterlife which is bad as hell and can’t be reborn in the next life means they have completely disappeared. Every Counter has a Yung partner inside them who has set some rules in which one of the rules is that they cannot use their power to get revenge not more than 5 times. If they do then they can lose their powers as well as their lives. Counters are like the door to the afterlife for souls. Along with Counters job they were also running a Eonni’s Noodles shop. There are a total 4 levels of evil spirit and 4th level of evil is very dangerous in which the host and evil spirit become one in a single body and are so strong that they are able to fight in Yung’s Territory, they are able to do psychokinesis and talk in different voices. Evil spirit take good souls into them and gain more power.

The story starts with a tragic accident in which Mo-tak and So-mun’s parents die when So-mun was 7 years old. He also became disabled with one leg not able to walk properly without his stick. So-mun is a high school student living with his grandparents and has two childhood best friends Woong-nim and Joo-yeon. When he is 18 years old, an unexpected incident occurred when a white flame entered his body. He decided to join the counter on one condition that he wanted to meet his parents in return for accepting the counter job. He practices hard so that he can control his Territory shift (time when abilities of counter increased fivefold). Later on he gets to know that the accident was done by a contract killer not a natural accident and his parents and other innocent souls were taken by Chung-sin and So-mun wanted to free that souls so that they can go to afterlife. But because of rage and unable to control his emotion his powers were taken during Yung Face Interrogation.

Will he able to get his powers back and free the souls that are caged in evil body and who can forever disappear if evil spirit become more stronger?? Will he able to fight with Chung-sin without his powers? How Yung Community take So-mun back in Counter job and what are his upgraded powers?

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While seeing this I was like “ What will happen next?” “Will they also die like Counter Cheol-joong die while catching Level-3 spirit?” Due to which I finished this drama in two days. When this drama ended I was feeling “What if someone is sitting beside me who is evil spirited and could harm me and take away my soul?” “What will be the feeling? Fear or excitement?” 😅 If incase he is able to release his parents soul, will they able to recognize their 18 year old son or So-mun will remain heartbroken? They have expressed the story in such a lucid way, that the environment was surrounded by heartwarming people as it is a mixture of happiness, sadness, fear and Ga Mo-tak’s little psychotic behaviour. You can watch and enjoy it with your family.

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  1. ThatMoleGirl says:

    Wow after reading your review even I am excited to see this drama…it seems like a thriller. Adding to my list❤️

  2. If you love watching Sejeong on screens then this is a must watch kdrama! Well written!

  3. mondalmoumita031 says:

    Wow the story is so interesting .I’ll definitely watch it with my family members.Thanks for this one❤

  4. Sonali Singh says:

    Such a cool drama

  5. Sunanda ghosh says:

    After watching business proposal…. I watched thz drama… It’s a little bit drama bt a good one….

  6. Tirna says:

    The drama seems interesting. Wonderful review

  7. DJ says:

    😍😍 thank you for the review

  8. Amazing review 🔥♥️

  9. Mamoni says:

    Thanks for the recommendation 😍✨

  10. Deepshikha Sinha says:

    I didn’t know about this drama, the plot looks interesting… Thank you for the review 😊 💙

  11. anishanath says:

    Thank you for writing this review and recommending this amazing drama.

  12. Jubby Kumar says:

    The concept of the drama is cool 🙂
    Thanks for the review 😊

  13. A really refreshing take on an old formula. Character development is excellent throughout the series you learn about their past and motivation. Simple VFX means that the action scenes don’t overwhelm the plot but simply enhance the story.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thanku for the recommendation

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